Jun 22


At the end of last week, I was really struggling.  It was a recovery week and I just wasn’t feeling at all recovered.  I was hurting before, during, and after my workouts.  No matter what, I just never felt like I could catch up.  In a sense, I had hit my first wall.  Finishing up a weekend of workouts has always been pretty tough because my training schedule.  Both Thursday and Saturday are bike/run days that usually end up being brick workouts.  Friday is a medium distance ride usually with hill or speed intervals and long straight swim.  And Sunday is a long run and swim day.  Those four days are the most draining days of the week for me and it all builds up to a full sufferfest on Sunday.  This past Sunday, however, I was struggling more than usual.


So, I reached out to my team of bloggers.  I got an some amazing feedback and support from each and every one of them.  It was an awesome reminder of why I love blogging and all my blogger peeps.  You guys are the best!

Basically, I was reassured that everything I was feeling was completely normal, but that I was not alone.  Colleen reminded me that, “You aren’t doing anything wrong.  And it will get better.  And it’ll probably get bad again.  This is where mental toughness is built.  Be smart.  If your body is slugging through, ask yourself if you are getting better with each workout or do you need the rest.”  And Jon, who is a few weeks further along in his IM training (32 days), shared that he was going through a lot of the same issuesJeff, the Texan and recent first time Ironman, warned me that while this feeling will pass, it’s going to creep back up on me.  I’m guessing it will probably happen every 4 weeks or so when the toll of 3 weeks of intense training catches up to me.  And Mandy was more to the point and reminded me that I was being my “usual stubborn self” in not wanting to take a day off when in the grand scheme of things, a single day off is not going to affect overall performance. 

So, I listened to them (yes, I know, shocking).  I backed off on my training.  Rather than ramp it back up on Monday and go full force into another week of training, I treated the beginning of the week like a recovery week.  I traded in the tempo bike ride for an easy Z1/Z2 leisurely bike ride.  It was so nice and refreshing to just go out and ride without a planned route or an intensity level that I was targeting.  I honestly felt better after I got off the bike than when I got on.  Tuesday was my off day, but I still ran.  Before you jump all over me, hear me out.  haha.  I had taken my car into the shop for some repairs and when it was ready to be picked up, Jennie and ran 2.25 miles up there together to pick it up.  It was either that or walk up there and with a storm on the horizon running was the safer bet.

Today I feel back to my normal self.  I took it easy on my swim this morning and run this afternoon still to play it safe though.  The combination of lighter workouts and some extra sleep made all the difference.  I am refreshed and re-energized which is right where I want to be heading into my WIBA training camp this weekend. 


The WIBA training camp is in Madison (obviously) and sounds pretty awesome.  SteveInASpeedo had posted about the event in the past and it sounds like a good time.  On Friday, there is a welcome dinner. Saturday starts off with a swim in Lake Monona – I’m hoping to swim the full two loops, but may shorten it up depending on how I feel.  This is followed up by a bike ride.  They have a variety of options available from 75 miles to the full 112.  I plan on doing the full 112 as long as there are enough others riding it as well.  Not knowing the course, I don’t want to be out there completely by myself.  There is an optional run off the bike which I will probably pass on unless I am feeling really good.  Sunday morning kicks off with a long run and I am hoping to do one full loop of the course.  It should be a blast – especially now that the body is rested and ready to kick butt!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jon

    Good to hear you are finally coming around. Hope you can do the full 112 miles. Its more mental than physical to know that you can do 112 in one go. Have fun with the camp! It should be a real big confidence boost for ya.

    Just remember, don’t nuke yourself so bad that you go backwards in recovery.

  2. Mandy

    Ha ha see, you can count on me to be blunt. 🙂

    Glad to hear that you took a little break. I have found that recharges me better than anything.

    That camp sounds like a blast. I hope you do the 112, for me mentally, seeing the whole course was a really good thing. Except for my crotch, but that is another story. ha ha

  3. Tim C.

    I’ve been feeling the same way Kevin! Aches and pains before, during, and after workouts. Been wearing compression sleeves a lot, taking ibuprofen, icing as needed, and back to 2 rest days a week. I’ve got 3 weeks till AA Duathlon and I know I’m ready, so no reason to overdo the training. Get rested and get back at it when its time.

  4. Derek

    well if the Gear West guys got lost on video and they know the course….you would be SURE to get lost!
    that camp sounds awesome

    keep plowing thru
    dont worry…it will get worse and you will have certain lower spots:)
    good job listening and backing off
    Im having a hard time get fired back up myself


  5. Jeff Irvin

    Good to hear you are over that first hiccup. Just keep on putting in the work and you are going to beat the hell out of IMWI.

    Sometimes when the alarm goes off at 4am and I feel like ass I always tell Annie if we only trained when we felt great we would not get much training done! I say it all the time and it always gets me out the door!

    Have fun at the camp!

  6. Matt Smith

    I feel like hitting a wall is going around like a sickness right now. I’m glad you took it easy and are back to the normal rockstar level. This weekend is going to be awesome. You’re gonna get a close up look at the course. I but you are gonna be pumped!!! Have a safe trip up there, and be careful as you train.

  7. kc

    Bravo for listening to your body and especially your blogger buds. They would never steer you wrong. I’m hard headed too when it comes to taking a rest day but I have gotten much, much better at it this time around and can see the difference when I do. Totally worth it! Glad you are feeling stronger and when it comes back around next time, you are ready!

  8. Beth

    That camp sounds kind of awesome… Glad you’re feeling a little recovered from the high intensity training!

  9. Matt Oravec

    High five on listening to your body. My thoughts are, some days you have to just go through the motions, if you can’t hit the intensity required, at least you still got the workout in.

    Remember, all this abuse gets you to the start line. Race day will definitely be enjoyed 🙂

    Keep on training smart man. Ups and downs, we all have them. Great adjustment though!

  10. Chris @ Tri4Success

    Sounds like you’re ready to get at it again! Enjoy the camp – should be fun.

  11. BDD

    I just wanted to say “I HATE IM TRAINING” thats all

  12. Colleen

    Glad that you got to the wall and were able to break through! 🙂 It’s good to have friends that are going through it too! You aren’t alone!

    Have fun this weekend!

  13. Running Jayhawk

    Fantastic job out there, darlin’!! 🙂

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