May 31

Relive My Ride of Nowhere

I had hoped that this would have been ready to go in my actual 100 Miles of Nowhere Race Report (follow the link or scroll down if you haven’t read that yet).  Unfortunately, it took longer than planned to prepare.  First, I botched up recording the video.  Then it took 2 hours to convert the video.  And then another 2 hours to “Deshake” the video.  And then, after all that, I uploaded it to Youtube only to have the audio disabled for “violating copyright.”  What the hell ever happened to Fair Use?  Ironically, all of the music I used came from other Youtube videos. haha.  Any ways, Vimeo came to the rescue this morning and I was finally able to get the video uploaded.  Enjoy!

PS: No, I don’t really bike that fast.  I sped it up to double speed for your viewing convenience.

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  1. Matt Smith

    That’s a nice litte route. Thanks for taking us with you!

  2. Matt Oravec

    LOVE IT! I always wanted to do that but feared the shakiness of the bike and the road. Wonder if there is some dampening system or spring isolators that would be cheap.

  3. Jon

    How did you mount the camera? On your helmet or bars? What kind of camera was it?
    Jon recently posted..Decoding the Menu- What I did this past sadistic weekend

  4. Jeff Irvin

    Nice little route there – looks like a great place to run too!

    You showed all those beach cruisers who was boss too … dont be messin’ with the black rock!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Random Thoughts

  5. Lisa

    very cool. i’m intrigued as to how you managed to capture that on a video. do tell.
    Lisa recently posted..Day 8 &amp May Tally

  6. Derek

    this is so cool!!!
    great route
    howd you “get the tunes from other youtube vids” ?? you got skillz

    but you didnt stop at the stop signs:)

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