May 16


tgirwThe RW stands for Recovery Week.

I am glad that week 7 is in the books.  It was my toughest week so far.  Yes, I know they are going to get tougher.  I’m not complaining by any means.  It was all fun, but I know that my body needs a rest week before ramping it up even more.

Before I get into the details of my weekend, I just wanted to say both “Congrats” and “Thank You” to all of you out there.  Whether you were racing or just logging some serious training this past weekend, your posts on both Facebook and Twitter were the inspiration I needed to keep me moving.  It really brightens my day when I log in and see things like the following:

  • “Memorial Day weekend – 100 mile ride on Saturday and 100 miles on Sunday.” (KC)
  • “Dear horrible, shitty-ass weather: F-you. I rode in you yesterday. I had my best 3 hour run ever today. You can’t stop me.” (Alexa)
  • “What an awesome AWESOME day! Official marathon time 4:10:31….that’s a 27 minute PR!!!!!!!!” (H)
  • “Blogger meetup, fun 27 miles that turned into 39” (BDD)
  • “Yesterday, 90 mile bike. Today, 18 mile run.” (Mandy)
  • “A bit jealous of those racing today. So I will make that up by running for 1 hour and 20 minutes then swim for at least 1.2 miles maybe more.” (Jason)
  • “Done! I finished my first 25k!” (ST) Followed by: “Owwww” the next day 🙂
  • “90 days completed today…..P90x done….28lbs done….topped off with my first 10k in under 1 hour time …..did, done, deal…happy camper :)” (KD)
  • “MARATHONER!!!!!!!!!!!” (Beal)

And the grand daddy of them all:

  • “Kicked in the head on the swim, black eye. 30 MPH into the bush on my bike, crazy scrapes and bruises. S**t my brains out in T2. Puked on the run at mile 4, fluorescent orange with chunks of banana. But I finished that f***ing race!!! H T F U big time today 6:07:07” – ALL by RBuike

You all kick butt!

After reading all of these comments, there was no way I could skip out on my workouts.  The schedule called for a 30 minute run and 3.5 hour bike ride (not necessarily as a brick).  As you know by now, the River Bank Run was on Saturday so I used that as my run.  Obviously a little bit longer than the 30 minutes called for, but I figured it would make for a great workout.

After the race, I rested and refueled for a couple hours before heading out on my ride.  I almost didn’t go on the ride and chickened out on the trainer.  I went as far as to bring my bike into the house before deciding to HTFU and head back outside.  I was most concerned with the weather.  It was in the 50’s which is generally good biking weather, but there was an 80-90% chance of rain all afternoon.  I really, really didn’t want to get soaking wet for a second time.

I toughed it out and took off.  Only to turn around after a block.  The wind was a bit chiller than I thought so I decided to throw on a long compression under shirt and my calf sleeves.  After the delay, I was back at it.

2011-05-14 14.14.40

The wind was out of the NNE, so I decided to head that direction first in order to get it out of the way.  I ventured over to Ada and rode part of the Grand Rapids Tri 70.3 course that I will be racing in less than a month.  I made it out past Saranac before deciding to head back.  There was still about 8 more miles of the course before the actual turn around, so I still haven’t ridden the whole thing.  Regardless, I absolutely love the portions of the course I have seen.  It is relatively flat, smooth, and fast.  I was able to stay aero for nearly the entire ride and didn’t even have many corners to slow down at.  I did notice that my wrists started to hurt a bit after riding aero for so long.  I realized that I was probably gripping the bars a little too tight and just need to try and relax my arms.

My nutrition for the ride was spot on.  I actually felt better nourished after the ride than before it.  I carried to bottles of Gatorade, 2 packages of Cliff Shot Blocks and a single serving bag of peanuts.  The peanuts were an absolute lifesaver.  There is no substitute for real food on the ride.  I took the shot blocks at 45 minutes, and 1:30, the peanuts at 2 hours and more shot blocks at 2:15 and 3:00.  I coupled that with liquid every 15 minutes.  The peanuts were the most challenging to eat on the go as I had to pop out of aero, but I was at least able to keep moving.

I ended up riding 67.5 miles at 19.5mph.  The best part is that I felt great the entire time.  Ok, there may have been a 2-3 mile stretch that sucked, but it was because I realized I missed a 15 minute hydration break.  In the end it was a huge confidence boost.  (And Jon, I hope this was an ugly enough workout for you.  The last thing I want to do is another “cute” workout – haha)

I finished off the weekend on Sunday with a 2400 swim and a 6 mile run.  The swim went great, but the run was tough.  I struggled through the entire time.  My legs didn’t really hurt, they were just out of energy.  It felt like I was running through quicksand or something.

Overall, an awesome weekend and a great way to transition into recovery.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race

    Great job brother. Great F’N Job. Man that fires me up to read.

    Can’t wait to track you at the 70.3 that you are just going to obliterate. I mean completely obliterate.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Brad’s Raw Chips Video Review and Giveaway

  2. Tim C.

    I feel ya on the TGIRW! Congrats on your sub-2 VIP at the 5/3 25K and the killer ride later that day! You are a beast!
    Tim C. recently posted..Mason State Bank 5K Recap

  3. Matt Smith

    Way to go, man! That is crazy fast! You’re the man, and I’m glad the Black Rock is working out for you. Nice job with all the nutrition. It sounds like you’ve got it dialed in. Seeing that Steelhead jersey never gets old…
    Matt Smith recently posted..Sunburn and Sore Legs

  4. Jon

    Nice ride! NOT cute @ all! haha! 19.5 for 67 miles is hauling. You are in a good spot right now.

    Everytime I see that bike the Darth Vader theme song kicks on in my head. You gotta attach speakers with Tie Fighter sounds coming from it on race day.
    Jon recently posted..Chug-A-Lug-Chug-A-Lug-CHOO-CHOOOOOOOO!!!!

  5. kc

    I couldn’t agree more with you about when I read other people’s workouts it motivates me. It makes we want to get out there and train even more. 3 cheers for real food on the bike too! After a while shot blocks and gu’s just don’t cut it. Keep up the awesome training and enjoy your RW!
    kc recently posted..im done hiding

  6. Scott

    Your fast!! nice weekend of training

  7. Matt Oravec

    holy shit. That’s all I got lol. Man, I think the bike just got an upgraded engine there or something!

    I have issues putting enough nutrition down on the bike. I feel so stupid drinking and eating so much but I know it’s necessary. I need to learn that this year. Thanks for posting your nutrition, it’s a solid reminder for me.

    70.3 coming up soon, sounds like you are putting yourself in a pretty good spot to crush it man.

    Having a huge network of Endurance Athletes helps me A LOT too.

  8. Allison

    Been following you on twitter for awhile and just realized I wasn’t subscribed to your blog…i’m such a blonde.

    i’ve been perusing around this a.m. (so thanks for the distraction from work)

    Just was recapping your races by state – and you should race IMTX next year…just sayin’ that would mark the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS off your list!

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