May 03

Weekend Recap

I totally meant to type this up last night, but found myself passed out on the couch shortly after 9:00.  Whoops.  This past week was Week 5 of the training program and I was coming off of a nice recovery week anxious to get going again.

On Thursday, Jennie and I went to a local art event called Make It And Take It.  Put on by the West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology, it is a fundraiser for the arts programs in Grand Rapids.  The event allowed you to check out the WMCAT facility as well as make a silk screen t-shirt, develop photos, and make a fashion accessory. 

2011-04-28 19.29.54

Here I am making my shirt.  There were 3 designs to choose from.  I went with one that had an outline of a bus with the word “YES” in the middle.  There is a proposal on the election ballot to increase funding for The Rapids bus system today so I am guessing that the shirt was designed for that.  However, I thought it more as saying “yes” to public transportation in general.

2011-04-28 19.42.13

Jennie chose a different design for her shirt.  Her shirt has an array of 18 different moustache styles with the name of the person/character famous for wearing them.

Photo May 03, 7 23 12 AM

Here is a close up.  You’ve got your classic “Charlie Chapin” and “Salvador Dali” to your not so classic “Mario” or “Mr. Potato Head”.

The next stop was the dark room.  For this station, they had two options.  You could pick an existing photograph to develop, or you could “make” your own image.  We chose to make our own images.  This involved placing assorted objects on a piece of glass.  When developed, you would end up with a silhouette of the objects.  Jennie was in heaven in the darkroom.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I come home from a long bike ride one of these days to find the light bulbs in the basement removed, windows covered in paper, and the smell of photographic chemicals in the air.

Image0001 Image0002

They didn’t turn out quite as good as I had hoped when I scanned them, but Jennie chose to write a sappy message and use our wedding rings for hers.  I used an assortment of shapes to spell out “Ironman By 30.” The volunteer leading the station saw mine and we actually started chatting.  He is a marathoner himself and is going to running the River Bank Run in a couple weeks.

The one bad aspect of the event was the hors d’oeuvres.  I was good at first and only had some fruit and veggies.  But the potstickers looked sooooo tasty.  Screw the diet.  I had one (or six, who is counting?).  Bad idea. I spent the next day, as the literally genius Nitmos* says,  “putting out a porcelain fire.”  Lesson learned.  On a happier note, I had my first (and subsequently second) Bell’s Oberon of the season – a sure sign that summer is near.

2011-04-28 20.54.14 2011-04-28 20.54.30

The rest of the weekend was filled with some great training.

Saturday was the Calvin Spring Classic 5k which I followed up with a 3 hour bike ride.  The first 2 hours, I rode with my dad.  We spent nearly the entire ride trying to find somewhere to ride that wasn’t flooded.  We have had so much rain lately the the Grand River flooded a lot of the roads and trails that run near it.  We tried riding part of the River Bank Run course, but that was flooded.  Tried going through Johnson Park, but that was flooded.  Millennium park was under water too.  We ended up bailing on heading south and decided to go north instead.

It will be interesting to see if the water will dry up before next weekend’s for the River Bank Run.  Two years ago, the course was flooded and they had to reroute it.  Despite the more difficult course, I still broke 2 hours and PR-ed.  With rain expected later this week and weekend, it isn’t looking good for this year.

Any ways, after dropping my dad back at this house, I headed home to add on another hour to my ride.  The clouds and weather radar looked ominous, but after a couple of rain drops, it all cleared up and sun came out.  I added on 4 laps around the lake and even got a touch of sun burn.  Nothing major, just a rosy nose.

Sunday was a 10 mile run.  Jennie sherpa-ed for me on the bike to carry water.  We wound around Reeds Lake and Calvin College.  I had hoped to find a water bottle that popped out of my rear cage on my bike ride on Saturday.  No luck.  Another lesson learned.  No more insulated water bottles in the rear cages, only cheap ones.  And rubber band them in place.  Otherwise, the run went fairly well.  My legs felt like lead and it took 4 miles for them to loosen up.

Road 5-1-2011, Split pace

The first 4 miles got progressively slower until I finally found my legs and was able knock out some 8 minute miles. 

The run was followed up by a quick swim.  I now have a new workout that I love to hate – fartlek intervals.  Lame fartlek joke: How do you know someone is doing fartlek intervals in the pool? Look for the bubbles.  Haha. Lame, I know, but it popped in my head during my swim so I just had to share.

Anyways, the fartlek intervals are 150yd intervals, 50yd easy, 25yd hard.  Each week they have been increasing by one interval.  I’m at 7 of them now.  And they suck.  But they are a good workout.  It feels like a better workout than regular intervals with an actual rest in between them.

Overall, I was pretty with how the run and weekend of training turned out.  I hope everyone had just as much fun training this past weekend as I did.  The weather this weekend looks far crappier, so I’m glad I could get out and enjoy it this past weekend.

*Nitmos: Don’t let that compliment go straight to your head.  Probably too late, isn’t it?

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Jennie’s darkroom was cute! Loved it, wish I were creative haha. Mine would have probably been a picture of my butt or something lame.

    Yeah… trying to clean my diet up on a few things (all healthy, just certain things might be triggering bad run experiences). amazing I have never had issues in the past.

    Nice workouts man. Time is flying by. We are almost through our first binder I made for our training plan.

    Water bottle rockets. Yeah, I go back and get them ASAP. Only launched two in my life, both on the MS150 ride. Always feel bad for the people behind us, they are all dodging the rolling speed bump!

  2. Michelle

    That looks like a great night out! And Yummo to the Oberon – a fave of mine too. If you like that, try the Leinenkeugel Summer Shandy – it’s a summer treat too!!!

  3. Scott

    LOLOLOL!!!!! Mattys comment left me forgetting what I wanted to comment about!!!!!!!!!

    I want to make shirts, that looks like fun!!!

  4. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    It sounds like you had a great weekend!
    Nice job with the training. That sucks about all of the flooding. Hopefully you’ll get a break from all of the rain soon!
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..A week in review and Giveaway Winner!

  5. Elizabeth

    I like the mustache shirt!
    Elizabeth recently posted..This Marathon Training…

  6. lindsay

    was master shifu a real person? i feel like it’s the guy in kung fu panda. no i don’t watch cartoons regularly.

    um wow. that joke. time for you to have kids with that one.

  7. Derek

    week 5 already! snd solid qt with your wife over the weekend. Dont worry….that’ll change in the weeks to come:)


  8. Matt Smith

    Where’s your apron with the screen printing? Jennie’s got hers on. Too cool for it, huh? 🙂 Nice work on the run. And, I like the fartlek joke. I’ll think about that the next time I see bubbles in the pool. HAHA!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Still Stickin To It

  9. Jon

    Fun weekend! What kind of beer was that in your hand? Was that the Oberon?

    How is the flooding doing? Getting better or worse?

    And the fartlek joke is gross, but funny!
    Jon recently posted..And so it beginsHi Ironman training! cue daunting music

  10. Mandy

    That sounds like a super fun weekend!!

    Fartlek. ha ha

    Wow, you are early in IM training, you have…spare time!! CRAZY!! 😉
    Mandy recently posted..Snapshot

  11. Colleen Kingery

    Looks like a fun night! 🙂

    I can’t tell you how many freaking water bottles we have lost! 🙁

  12. Regina

    What a great event! When I studied photography waaaaay back in the, well, never mind. The point is, I spent hours in the darkroom, the time goes by so quickly, it was awesome, but expensive. I kept my day job!

    I love the Sherpa bit. I had my five year old biking with me lat Sunday while I ran. Will need to attch a water bottle to that little bike of his. He’ll be ready for the Tour by summers end!

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