Apr 26

Bike Ride & Bailey

Whoa, whoa, whoa, is this two posts in two days? I know, I know, impressive, right?  Well, it probably isn’t as impressive if I tell you that I actually wrote both posts last night and just future-posted this one to space them out.  haha Well, it is now 5:50 and the 4:00 auto post never happened.  #BlogFail. I guess I better just manually publish it.

I had a great bike ride yesterday.  It was only 1h15m, but the weather was beautiful and I found some more hills to ride.  I actually found the hill that I think is going to become my interval hill.  Like my last hilly course, this is another flashback to highschool XC courses.  The funny thing is that I keep stumbling onto these old courses.  They are all courses I ran my freshman and sophomore years – when our team was actually competitive.  Because I was always hitching a ride with an upper classman, I never really paid much attention to where exactly we were at.  Lately, though, I’ve been out on the bike, see a familiar landmark and realize I have been there before.

Road 4-25-2011, Elevation - Time

The hill (I think you can figure out where it is) is in the perfect location.  For those of you in Grand Rapids, it is on 4 Mile, east of the Beltline.  It is perfect because 4 Mile dead ends at the bottom of the hill which means there is very little traffic.  The only traffic is from the two developments off the road.  I measured the hill on the second pass.  It is .5 miles with an elevation gain of 120ft for an average grade of 4.5% with a portion of the climb at 10%. Like the last hills I found, I can’t believe that we ran these in high school.  If memory serves me correctly, I think we would do 6-8 of these with probably a 2 mile warm and 2 mile cool down.  And by 6-8, I mean that the freshmen were allowed to only do 6, but you had better man up and do all 8 with the seniors.

Photo Apr 25, 4 19 31 PM

I was so excited to find a good interval hill, that I did 3 intervals even though it was a easy ride day.  It felt awesome.  I’ll be back to tackle even more intervals in the future.

On the running front, I have a new semi-training partner. Bailey has now gone on two runs with Jennie and I.  I had been hesitant to take him out because I really haven’t found great advice on when the right age is to start running – some resources say 6 months, others say 2 years.  Well, I figured that I would let Bailey decide what he wanted to do and brought him with on a run with the mindset that if he ever started to lag we would just walk.  With his long legs and a 9:30-ish pace, the “run” was more of a speed walk for him.  The first run was just under 2 miles – he even ran negative splits (so proud). Perfect, I thought.  Now he would be tired out and lay around the rest of the evening.  Dream on.  As soon as we got home, he began to tear around the backyard.  And then once inside, he proceeded to do laps around the coffee table.  It was almost like he had more energy than when we started.  Well, that backfired on us.

He is a lot of fun to watch run.  I am going to have to try and get pictures or a video at some point but he really gets into it.  He tucks his ears back behind his head like a greyhound and charges forward.  He almost runs better than he walks.  We are still working on getting him to ignore the distractions (birds, squirrels, kids, other dogs), but he does better with each walk and run.

Thanks for reading.  I don’t think I can’t go 3 for 3, but maybe I’ll surprise you.

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  1. Derek

    negative splits by Bailey !! hes got game

    great news on the hill find!


  2. Matt Smith

    That hill section looks like an awesome new “venue” for your interval training. What a sweet find! Hoorah for Bailey on the running. My dog Maglee loves to run, but we don’t “train” with her too much. Negative splits for the pup…that’s just cool
    Matt Smith recently posted..Fishy- Fishy- Swimmin in the Water

  3. Colleen Kingery

    That profile of the course made me smile. 🙂 Disregard my comment on the wind from the other post!

    Yay for Bailey running with you! That’s awesome, although I would have thought for sure that it would tuckered him out. Hum…

  4. Tim C.

    Way to go Bailey!!

    I will need to make it out the GR for a weekend long ride sometime this summer. Those hills look tenacious tho! Find me some rollers and flat to go with!
    Tim C. recently posted..Lost in Life

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Absolutely! We definitely need to get together for a ride. We could ride the White Pine or Musketawa trails – rail trails so nice and flat. I saw your ride the other day to the Michigan Brewing Co. Perhaps we could end up at Founders Brewing Co in GR 🙂

  5. Scott

    I hate hills!! I dont get the love of hills and bikers, though your doing IMWI, you need the hill work, I dont need it for REV3 CP

    So my run with Bailey would be a leisrely stroll for him.

  6. Matt Oravec

    i hate watching our dogs run… its effortless, they cheat though, 4 legs vs our 2. NOT COOL!

    I have heard all sorts of ages too. I wouldnt go crazy mileage on him… yet 😉

    HOLY HILLS WTF??? Uhhhhh yeah, I would probably be walking up those hills… damn!

    Great job man, two posts in two days, Sheesh!

  7. Mandy

    Bailey rocks. I want a video!!! I wish I could run like a dog. Or a kid. Either would be really nice.

    Wow. Nice freaking hill.

    I am having trouble getting 2 posts a week lately, nice work!

  8. amy

    What a great route for hill intervals! Just looking at the elevation chart makes me cringe…. you will be ready for Madison for sure.

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