Apr 20

What You Missed

Here is what you missed had a I been a good blogger last week and actually kept up on my posting.

Windy Bike Ride

I had a great idea for a post titled, “You Can’t Pick the Weather on Race Day”.  The idea came to me during my bike ride on Friday.  Winds were 25mph, gusting to 35mph, but I was determined to bike outside. Not only am I determined to stay off the trainer until next fall (which because we live in Michigan is about 2 weeks away), but you never know what kind of weather race day is going to bring.  Any ways, to say the ride was brutal is putting it mildly.  I did 4 laps around the lake and felt like I was leaning to the side the entire time just to stay upright.  Not surprisingly, I didn’t see a single other biker out my entire ride. I was the only one crazy stupid enough to be out.

Ironically, the winds on Sunday morning for the Glass City Half Marathon were very reminiscent of Friday’s ride.  It was a bit easier to tolerate when I didn’t have to fear being throw off my bike and into traffic though.

Yoga for Runners

Jennie and I have started doing a weekly Yoga for Runners class at Gazelle Sports.  The program is put on by a yogi from one of the nearby studios as a way to get more people interested in yoga.  The first session was very good.  It was fairly similar to the P90X yoga I am used to with a few new poses and stretches.  At first, I was the only guy there until another guy showed up at the last minute.  It was his first time doing yoga ever and he provided the comic relief with with gems like, “You want me to put what, where?” and Instructor: “Does that feel good or what?” Guy: “What.”

A Slew of Goodies

While at Gazelle Sports, I picked up a slew of new nutrition products to try.  Everyone has been raving about the Honey Stinger Waffles so I got one of those along with the Honey Stinger Fruit Chews. 

Photo Apr 20, 6 52 00 AM

I also grabbed a variety of other things to try.  At the blogger meetup over the weekend, I got some great ideas on how to carry/consume real food (like PB&J’s) on the bike so I am going to give that a try as well.  In the end, I always prefer real food over the substitutes any day.

One Hundred Miles of Nowhere

Along with a bunch of other crazy kooks, I am signed up for Fat Cyclist’s Hundred Miles of Nowhere ride this year.  I missed out on the fun the previous 3 years and can’t wait to get my boring on next month.  The actual ride date this year is June 4th, but because it is a virtual ride and I have a race that weekend (Grand Rapids Triathlon), I am going to do the ride in May.  There are a bunch of the bloggers out there with some scheduling conflicts so hopefully we can all find a day that works for us and do our rides “together”.  If I’m going nowhere, I rather go nowhere with some other people even if it is virtually.

For my 100 miles, I am planning on doing laps around Reeds Lake.  At 4.3 miles per loop, that is a little over 23 loops.  I am thinking that I may just round it out at 26 loops to get the full 112 miles in for the day.  Each loop has 108ft of climbing (basically all on one hill), so it will be 2808ft of climbing for the ride.  The good thing about my course is that there is a park along it where Jennie and Bailey can camp out for part of the day.  Even better is the fact that there is a Jet’s Pizza, Subway, Crazy Charlie’s (hot dogs), and Jersey Junction (ice cream) right down the road that I can dispatch Jennie to for refueling.  I may actually gain weight on this ride.

Black Rock-less

Shortly after formally introducing The Black Rock, I had to take it in for a repair.  I have had a minor issue with the saddle since day one.  Going all the way back to when I was getting fitted on it, there was an occasional clicking sound coming from the saddle.  It had progressively gotten worse to the point where I could recreate it by pushing on the front or back of the saddle.  The guys at Grand Rapids Bike Company have been great.  They have pretty much ruled it down to a problem with the saddle and not with the seat post, bracket, etc.  Hopefully, they will be able to get a replacement saddle quickly and I can pick it back up.  Thankfully, the weather has been crap lately so I have been doing all my rides on Green Lightning any ways.

So, there you have. There is my quick catch up from the past week or so. I’ll try and do a better job keeping up next week.

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  1. Matt Oravec

    I actually really liked the Honey Stinger Waffle! I planned on buying a box of them for our rides this summer.

    Crazy Charlie’s? Come on, how ironic is that haha. I am sure their business is booming right now with Mr. Sheen on the fringe!

    100 miles huh? I might be up for that. Let’s see if I am in one piece in a month haha.

    Now you are all caught up ! Doesn’t that feel much better now haha 😉

  2. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    That bike ride sounds rough with those winds, but you’re right..you never know what it will be like on race day. I hate riding in the wind, but b/c I’m doing IMAZ, which is known for crazy wind, I HAVE to train in it..ugh!!
    I want to try the waffles too! Let us know how you like them? Also, you should share the tips you got about how to carry real food with you!
    I thought about doing the 100miles to nowhere ride, but it’s just bad timing. Have fun with that though!

  3. Matt Smith

    “next fall (which because we live in Michigan is about 2 weeks away)” — That’s freakin’ hilarious! I hope we have a few more weeks of nice weather than that!

    Sorry to hear that the Black Rock has been in to see the doctor, but I’m glad they can fix it fairly easily. Good luck on that 112 miles!
    Matt Smith recently posted..Fishy- Fishy- Swimmin in the Water

  4. Scott

    Spring winds SUCK till the foliage and corn grows.

    I am so using alot of the tips that I learned over the weekend

  5. Derek

    One Hundred (and maybe 12) miles to nowhere sounds awesome
    love your track and plan to do that
    Im going to try and join in as well


  6. Jeff Irvin

    We all need to get a date set. Twitter may need to be involved to organize this massive undertaking. Did KC sign up yet? What about Jon and Scott? So many questions, so few answers!

    Sucks about the saddle, at least you figured it out now before the 5hr rides begin!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Cowboy Up

  7. Jon

    Between Facebook, Blogging, and now Twitter, I can’t keep up with everyone! I think I read this post this morning, and swore I left a comment….then I realized that it was a tweet of some other fashion I wrote @ some point today #scatterbrained

    Anyways, yeah, wind sucks, especially head winds. Its that scratching noise in the ears that drives me bonkers and is really demoralazing. You know you have a tailwind when everything is suddenly quiet and you can hear your chain and wheels.
    Jon recently posted..Going the Twitter Way

  8. Mandy

    I need to find those Honey Stinger Waffles. They haven’t hit Caratunk yet, will have to be a web purchase.

    I am riding the Caratunk Loop 50 times for my ride to nowhere. Ouch.

    Wind does suck. That is all I have to say about that.

    Also, bummer about Black Rock, hope (he?) comes home soon.
    Mandy recently posted..Muttley Monday – Bailey Cottontail

  9. JF

    I hate riding in the wind also, and unfortunately I have been doing about 80% of my riding on the trainer. I am hoping there is some scale I can use that will tell me 20 miles onthe trainer is equal to 25 miles on the road or soemthing like that! lol

    I love the Stinger products also!
    JF recently posted..Run the Trails Race Report

  10. Jessie

    At Martian I met a vendor that had these fruit chips. They were very yummy and I am going to try them when I start Marathon training. Here is the link if you want to check it out! http://www.trychips.com/
    Jessie recently posted..Anticipation

  11. Colleen Kingery

    Remember, flatten the bread, PB and J, then roll. Two in a small snack size baggie and your golden! 🙂

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