Apr 11

Time for a Formal Introduction

While I shared pictures of my new bike when I got it back in February, I’m making its formal debut today.  I have finally gotten outside on a couple of rides and given it a name.

Without further adieu, I give you The Black Rock.

2011-04-07 14.08.36

You are probably wondering what the name means aren’t you?  Well the name comes from the title of one of my favorite band’s songs – Black Rock by O.A.R.  In case you aren’t familiar with the group or song, feel free to have a listen.  Along with the Dave Matthews Band, they are one of my favorite bands.

I can not tell you the number of times the lyrics of this song have run through my head during a long workout; “The black rock is where I spend my time”.  In a literal sense, the lyrics talk about writing music, but the underlying tone behind the song is that the Black Rock is a place of solitude – a place of peaceful reflection.  I don’t about you, but for me, a long bike is an extremely peaceful and relaxing experience.

2011-04-09 12.26.19

Ok, so know you know that name.  Want to know how it rides?  In short – like a dream.  It is an absolutely wonderful experience.  It is sleek. It is comfortable. And it is fast. 

How fast?

Well, last year, the fastest I ever did 4 laps around Reeds Lake was 57:51 for a 19.6mph average.  I remember this ride because for whatever reason, I was in a hurry to get the workout in and was hauling.  Jump to last Thursday, my first ride Black Rock.  As it was my first ride, I was still getting adjusted to the bike and careful not to push it.  Four laps around the lake later, I rolled back home in 56:51 – a full minute faster!

I now have 3 rides under my belt on Black Rock and with each ride I am getting more and more confident.  The first ride was a bit nerve wracking getting used to being aero nearly 100% of the time and using the bar end shifters – a first for me.  Riding this bike takes much more foresight and smart riding.  With the bar end shifters, it is more important to anticipate the hills and know what gear to be in before you get to the hill because once you start climbing it is harder to shift gears and maintain balance.  I’m sure it will get easier with time and experience.

Today’s ride was the biggest confidence boost so far. It was only a 1:15 ride, but the wind was brutal -25mph gusting to 35mph.  It was most a crosswind on my route and when the gusts would hit me, it was getting kicked in the side.  I was holding on to aero bars for dear life.  Thankfully, I made it through unscathed.

Overall, it a wonderful bike and I have the absolute best wife in the world for buying it for me.

Have you named your bike?  How did you pick the name?  Did the name pick you?

“Sometimes I just look around to take in the feeling coming out from the ground
But that’s just something I do sometimes
And then I just step out the door to take in the wind coming off of the shore
And that’s just what I’m doing tonight”
-Black Rock, O.A.R.

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  1. Jeff Irvin

    The lyrics match – appropriate name!

    My bike has no name. I do not seem to have them long enough to give them names. Sort of like how people who foster puppies do not name them for fear of getting attached?

  2. Tim C.

    My new wheels have no name yet either! As of now, I affectionately call it “He-Who-Has-Not-Yet-Been-Named-Birota”. I will definitely have a name by my first race in June!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Once you get a few rides under your belt, I’m sure a name will come to you.

      Check out BDD’s post about picking a bike name: http://tridiesel.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-name-your-bike.html

  3. Sean @ Learn Fitness

    Now I feel out of place not having a name for my bike. You’re the second person today to post about naming their bikes. Looks like I’ll be needing to wrack my brain now for a cool name.

    The bike looks awesome … I’m looking forward to your blog posts about learning to ride it and maybe comparing it to your rode bike etc. This is my first triathlon season so I’m not quite ready for a tri bike yet.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Thanks for the comment!! Good luck on your first tri season. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

      As for a bike name, check out BDD’s post about naming your bike: http://tridiesel.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-name-your-bike.html

  4. Matt Smith

    Great name! It’s not the “normal” kind of name people give to their bikes, and that’s why I like it. Great band too. I don’t think I’ve really listened to them much, but I think you may have gotten me hooked. I’m glad the Black Rock is so nice to ride on. It looks like your times are pretty quick! Way to go.

    I like that jersey you’re wearing too. I’ll have one pretty soon!!!!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Glad you like the name. I didn’t want to go with the typical “name” that was also a person’s name. It would feel equally weird saying “I’m going out to ride {insert male or female name here}” haha.

      4 months until Steelhead! We’ll have to plan on meeting up when the date gets closer.

  5. Derek

    Where’s the kickstand?
    Looks like a perfect ride for you!
    With you oon that first ride thing, last year when I took mine for a spin the only other bike I had been on was a mountain bike. The forward position of the tri bikes is definately nerve wracking at first
    great work on the no sodapop …KEEP IT UP its worth it!


  6. Mandy

    Hey love the name. I already told you that though 😛 I was going to give my name out this week too. Honest, I am not copying you! 🙂 SWEET bike. I am all over the place on mine right now, the 4hr ride I did helped me get use to it though.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Well, I posted my bike name. I’m waiting for you now…. still waiting…. 🙂

  7. Lisa

    Nice. I never name things like bike, garmin, car, etc.

  8. Scott

    I like it!! Now we need to get you a black race kit and black and red helmet to look totally bada$$ on the bike.

    Now I am a little bummed we arnt going riding on Saturday, I understand why, makes sense, still a little bummed

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I already have a nice black & red kit picked out. Both TYR and Zoot have some good options. Haven’t found a good helmet yet though. My grey one will work for now. Probably will wait until my birthday in July to get the stuff though.

      If it makes you feel any better, the Black Rock would not have made the trip to Toledo any ways, so you aren’t missing out. You, me, and MattyO need to get together later this summer and ride together. Maybe the Rev3 course???

  9. Colleen Kingery

    Awesome bike! And I agree, the name fits perfectly!

  10. Morgan

    I love me some OAR and what a great song to pull from. I wish you nothing but continued success on the black rock!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Someone else that has heard of OAR! YAY! I discovered them about 2 years ago on the recommendation of a friend who is a huge DMB fan as well. Been hooked ever since. I really need to get to a concert eventually. There is supposed to be a new album coming out his year too!

      Good luck in the pool and on the bike this weekend 🙂

  11. Maria

    It’s sooo pretty! I mean, handsome and a complete badass!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      HAHAHA! I have to laugh because I give Jennie a hard time when she says something is “pretty” and she corrects herself by saying it is handsome.

  12. lindsay

    black rock = LOST. watch out for the smoke monster.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Totally forgot about that Black Rock!! I guess I need to go back and rewatch Lost on Netflix. Regardless, the smoke monster is a good incentive to increase my speed a bit more.

  13. Emily

    im so jealous of your new wheels.

    my bike is named Big Red. because it’s red. i’m super creative, i know.

  14. Matt Oravec

    SMURF!!!! haha. Couldn’t figure out which smurf to name it so it got the collective name of smurf.

    Love the bike man. Yeah it just looks fast.

    Keep up the good work, hoping your rides keep getting faster haha.

    SOOOOO GLAD we aren’t riding with you anymore. I don’t think I would have anything left in my legs for Glass City LOL.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I’m glad we are not doing the ride Saturday too. Mainly because of the weather forecast though. I went out today and did my Saturday’s workouts so that I can take it easy on Saturday.

      We’ll have to try and meetup this summer to ride together. We could always ride the Rev3 course later in the year.

  15. Rebecca

    My wheels are called “Mrs. White” after the eccentric character from the Clue movie. I always feel like Mrs. White the character is a bit like me, both in looks and sassiness, so when I got a white bike, it just seemed like the right name. I took Mrs. White out for her first outdoor ride today. 🙂

  16. Annie

    Love the name and how you got it! My bike doesn’t have a name yet, but I am pretty sure I am on the verge of getting a new one! DMB is my favorite, but I can’t work out to him, weird huh?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      A new bike??!?! Woohoo!! Just make sure that Jeff doesn’t try and pawn off a hand-me-down to you so that he can get an even new bike for himself 😉

      Congrats on your first triathlon last weekend! Can’t wait to read all about it.

      I used to listen to DMB on my long runs when I wasn’t trying to go super fast. I loved the fact that I could listen to a live version of some of their jam songs (#41, Jimi Thing, etc.) and run nearly 2 miles before the track changed. haha

  17. Jon

    *Cue Barry White* and the Chikee Chikee BOW WOW music! LOL!

    Amazing how much faster you go on a frame designed to make you go aero? And now think how much faster you will do your 4 loop course by the end of the season!

    Seriously, rent some nice wheels for Wisconsin. Not for getting any aerodynamics out of em, but mostly for the comfort of having some more carbon under your feet to absorb the shock of the road.

    I thought of the show “Lost” when you wrote Black Rock. Cool name! Sweet ride! I still think your black P2 is the most badass looking.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Most badass? I don’t know. I think a blue/silver P2 cruising along Galveston at 24+mph would be pretty bad ass looking myself 🙂

      I actually had a ride similar to your Galveston ride yesterday – 30 miles out into a headwind, 30 miles back with a tailwind. Wow was that fun! Can’t wait to read about your massive PR!

  18. onelittletrigirl

    Once I saw the bike, I couldnt even concentrate on the rest of the blog post. Holy pretty bike!!!

  19. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    Beautiful, beautiful ride! I’m sure you two will have some great times together!

    The bar end shifters are a major adjustment for me too. I feel like I need to add some wrist strengthening workouts to my training schedule!
    Krista@CommitmentisLiberating recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up

  20. rustypants

    I named my 2004 Klein Aura V “Ashleigh” – I knew she was a girl & I loved her paint job – it reminded me of the ash from charcoal or incense, a two-tone kind of thing going on.


    She’s my baby.
    rustypants recently posted..bikeschool question

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