Apr 01

This Week So Far

Week 1 has been progressing beautifully.  I have been in a super good mood pretty much all week.

On the work front, I think I have found the perfect schedule for being able to get my work done and my training in.  I have shifted my hours so that I start earlier in the morning and then finish around 3:00 in the afternoon.  This works out great because I am already up in the morning for my early morning swim.  I basically start working right after my swim and plow through the day. Because I am starting earlier, I get a good hour and half to two hours of uninterrupted work done because the phone isn’t ringing and inbox isn’t dinging.  When I finish up at 3:00, it gives me plenty of time to get a workout in, walk Bailey, and even do a chore or two before Jennie gets home from work.

On to the training front.  I’m going to start with today’s swim because I am ecstatic with how it went.  After talking with Jeff, I have decided to forego the Matt Fitzgerald swimming schedule and continue with my Workouts in a Binder routines.  The Fitz plan had me doing 1800yd swims all week and I have been doing 2500yd per swim during the offseason, so it almost felt like slacking off to follow the Fitz plan.  Today, however, I ditched both plans entirely and did a straight 2500yd swim with no breaks.  I felt better than I ever have in the pool.  I took my splits every 10 lengths (250yds) so that I could easily keep count of all 50 laps (100 lengths).  I ended up clocking in at 40:15 which works out to 1:36/100yd!!! I’d have to go do some checking, but I am fairly certain that is the longest I have kept up a sub 1:40 pace.  My goal for IMWI is 1:40/100yd, and at this point, I am fairly confident I can hit that.

I had sort of a funny sighting after the swim.  As I was getting into my car, a women came running out of the rec center in a bathrobe wearing a backpack.  When she ran by, I realized it was Tammy (the woman I met who is doing IMCdA). She smiled, waved, wished me a great day and said that she was off for a bike ride, so I guess she was working on her transition time!  haha.

As for my other workouts, I had an accidental great speed workout on Wednesday.  I thought the schedule called for a 45 minute run with 3x3min intervals with 3 min active recovery.   And that is what I did.  But when I got home, I reread the schedule and it was supposed to just be a 45 minute Z2 run.  Whoops!  Oh well, the speed work felt great.  I ended up with a 7:31 pace for the workout with about a 6:40 average on the intervals.  However, after the workout, my lower back started to bother me.  It is still a little sore today, but the swim definitely helped.

Yesterday was my first brick of the season.  In one word: humbling.  It is amazing how much a brick workout kicks my butt even when I have kept my training up through the offseason.  Does it ever get pain free to transition from the bike to the run?  Despite being humbling, it went fairly well. It was a 45 minute bike with a 15 minute (turned 22 minute) run.  On the bike, I focused on doing the last 3 miles at a high cadence and just spin my legs out.  That definitely seemed to help with the transition, so I’ll have to remember that.  Once on the run, it took my legs about a mile to loosen up, but it took my feet nearly the whole 3 miles to warm up.  I had that cold, tingly feeling in them the whole time.  Not fun.

No complaints on the biking front. I’ve had two rides and they have both been short, easy rides.  Saturday will be my first long outdoor ride at 2.5 hours and of course the temperatures are going to drop to the upper 30’s/low 40’s rather with the chance of rain.  Woohoo… :-/ I’d complain more about the weather, but I know that I don’t have it nearly as bad as my fellow triathletes in Ohio who got 3” of snow or that crazy girl in Maine who was expecting 12”!

So far, week 1 is a win!  Let’s keep this going for a another 23 weeks!

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  1. Jeff Irvin

    Good week Kevin, keep up that positive attitude and you’ll crush it every week!

    By about week 8 or 9 the bricks get a lot easier – especially the mid-week ones.

  2. Scott

    The first couple weeks are a breeze, your excited, motivated, wait till after week 6, then the “I hate my training plan” fun begins

  3. Matt Oravec

    Nice job man. I agree with the swimming, you worked hard to get to the point you are at, don’t fluff off now 😉 Great times all across the board!

    I typically get into work during the summer around 6:30 so that I can leave early and do landscaping. This year I am in trouble. Took on more clients again. Need to have a dependable kid to do all the work.

    Plus, I agree 100% with the phone issue, no one calls til 8 or 9. Problem is they know I start early now LOL.

    Keep the momentum going buddy!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Yeah, I spoke too soon about the no calls thing. Multiple emails and two phone calls before 8:00 today. My co-workers have caught on. Damn.

      “Need to have a dependable kid” – Does H know about this yet? She’d be the one doing most of the work growing the kid. Oh wait, you are talking about HIRING child labor. haha

  4. Jon

    Nice first week! I’ll give you 3 more crappy brick runs, then it will get easier. Old man winter just does NOT want to go!!! Hope you can get outside this weekend.

    Experiment with keeping your shoes looser. See if that helps keep the circulation going in your feet to limit the cold feet. You breaking out the P2? Get pictures if you do!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I tried looser shoes today and it helped a little, but it was a few degrees warmer too, so hard to tell if that made a difference. I think it is just simply too damn cold still to stay completely warm. It is too warm for my shoe covers, but too cold without them.

      I am hoping to unveil the P2 next week complete with the name finally reveled. I have to get it into the shop for a tuneup first though. I’ve logged about 500 miles on the trainer already with it and the cables have started to stretch out and it isn’t shifting very cleanly.

  5. Kristin

    Nice work! I wish I could do a schedule like that, it would be perfect!

  6. lindsay

    so. what time do you start work? cause i start at 7:30 and have to work til 5:30. 🙁 big fat boo. not fairrrrr. i’m going to whiiiiine now.

    congrats on week 1. homestretch now 😉

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I start at about 6:30. Done by 3:00-3:30. I work straight through and barely leave my desk the whole day. I don’t take any break for lunch or anything. I am a multitasker to the 10th degree so I’ll eat while answering emails or doing something that doesn’t require full brain power.

      Even though I am “done” at 3:30, I still log back on after dinner and check emails and finish up any little things I didn’t get to. So, most days I probably end up working 9-10 hours when all is said and done. That is the curse of working from home, you never get to leave work.

  7. Matt Smith

    Man, that’s some good time in the pool. One day, I want to swim like you! 🙂 Bricking is pretty rough for me, but it sounded like you didn’t do too badly. I have a hard time getting my legs to kick in after a good ride. Have fun tomorrow. I hope the weather stays good and give you dry roads!

  8. Derek

    great week you have goin on!

    “I basically start working right after my swim and plow through the day” —–thats a great great thing

    have a great wknd


  9. Maria

    Wow, Kevin, what a stellar swim! Great pace!

    Good to hear the first week is going well, I’m sure you won’t even notice the transition into your training plan since you were doing well in the off season!

  10. onelittletrigirl

    A week one win is a great thing to read!

    I agree on the “slack” thing- I have a hard time with my marathon plan because it has me running a slower pace than I am used too- however, I am trying to abide as I know I will rely on the slower pace when the runs get super long. As for swimming though, I would totally do what you are doing. I do 1600-2000 meters every time I am in the water.

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