Mar 23

Wiki Wiki Wednesday

I’m going to try another wiki wiki post.  Maybe this will become a weekly feature.  It is nice because I can jot down notes throughout the week and do one quick post out of them.

Last week was a successful easy week.  I finished up with doing only one workout per day (except for Thursday when I did yoga and a run).  It was just what I needed before starting to ramp it back up.

This week will be a moderate week before the official start of the training plan on the 28th.

Just in time for training to start, the high school goes on Spring Break which means the pool will be closed from April 4th to the 10th.  Crap.  I have a couple options for alternative pools so hopefully I can work something out.

I did an hour on the trainer on Sunday.  After a couple rides outside, I was quickly reminded how much trainer rides suck.  With the weather cooling back off this week, I better suck it up because I’ll probably be back downstairs so more.

I finished up my Cupcake Marathon on Monday with my second 13.1 mile run.  My second run was about 2 minutes faster than the first one.

On my Monday run, I saw ran past a woman going the other way who looked familiar.  As we passed, I turned around and yelled, “Are you training for a triathlon?”  “Yeah, an Ironman,” was her reply.  A kindred spirit.  We stopped to chat for a couple minutes.  She is training for CdA and her husband has done IMWI twice before.  I realized that the reason she looked familiar was because we swim next to each other at the pool.  Haha.  It is amazing how different people look with a swim cap and goggles on.

I saw a Robin today.  That should me spring is here.  However, Mother Nature didn’t get the message because we have had a combination of snow, sleet, and ice the past two days.

image image

In a win for healthy eating, The Whitecaps, our minor league baseball team, released the winner of their contest for a new menu item.  The winner – Chicks with Sticks – Fresh veggies served with hummus or ranch dressing.  Previously, the winner was the 5th/3rd Burger named after baseball park (and Midwest banking chain).  The burger weighs in at 4,889 calories and was the center of a Man v. Food episode.  It is refreshing to see that a healthy snack could win out against the disgusting unhealthy competition.  Check out the slideshow here if you want see the losers including a the Walking Spaghetti, a 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread, smothered with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese. 5,630 calories.

I bought a box of Wheaties.  I don’t think I have ever eaten Wheaties.  I am not a breakfast person at all.  If I eat cereal it is generally Cheerios (with a healthy spoonful of sugar), Lucky Charms, or Frosted Mini Wheats.  So why did I buy the Wheaties?  Because Macca was on the front of course!  Regardless of whether you pro-Macca or anti-Macca, the fact that a Kona winner was on the Wheaties box was just too good to pass up. 


Finally, DRog over at DR: Tri’ing 4 Iron sent me a great link for IMWI tips. From the article, “the IMWI bike course, in our opinion, is the second most challenging on the US Ironman circuit, holding the title for years before IMSG stepped up to take the title.”  Excellent.  DRog – I’m counting on you to be volunteering at IMWI now.  Everyone else (names not needed, you know who you are) is skipping out on IMWI to go to some other event instead.

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  1. Scott

    Nothing beats the 10 pound pizza challenge on Man vs Food that was on tonight!!!!

    Cant stand Macca, wont buy that box because he is on it.

  2. Matt Smith

    Not a cereal guy? Man, I love that stuff. I just love breakfast all together. But cereal with Macca on the front can’t be beat.

  3. Matt Oravec

    HAHAHAHA dude, just because OUR bike course is as flat as a pancake don’t mean you gotta get testy with us haha.

    I have NEVER eaten wheaties myself. I am indifferent with the whole MACCA craze, but I will say this, the way he mentally outran second place for his win… scored HUGE points in my book. Running is 100% mental.

    I agree with you too about people looking different out of training gear. I honestly can’t even recognize people outside of bike kits or swim caps haha.

  4. Jeff Irvin

    You could always switch your IM to CP, only like a $1200 hit … but think of all the sherpa’s you’d have there (-:

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Yeah… $1200 + the cost of the hotel we already booked. Not to mention investing the weekend last year to get in line to register 🙂 I’d love all the sherpa help there, but I know that Jennie’s sherpa-ing equates to the sherpa-ing of at least 10 people.

  5. Mandy

    Ha, I wish I could go to both, because for SURE IMOO is on my radar for a future race. I am glad you are scouting it out for me 🙂

    I am not a Wheaties fan or a Macca fan..but will admit to looking for the box (and not finding it. It should hit Maine by at least 2012) just because an IM World Champion was on it. Still looking.

    Ugh, good luck on the pool situation!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      You, of all people, are not allowed to feel bad about the pool situation 🙂 I shouldn’t even be complaining because the pool is only 5 minutes away. The backup pool is a measly 15 minutes away. Nothing compared to your hardcore 90 minute drive. Now, THAT, is dedication.

      I’ll make sure to scout out IMOO thoroughly for you. If there are any shortcuts around the hills, I’ll make sure to note them 🙂

  6. Jon

    That is one big burger! I will need to look for that box of wheaties next time I go to the grocery.

  7. lindsay

    at least rev3 doesn’t sellout with a “members only” club…

    that is a super cool picture at the food store. i hope there were lots of other people in the aisle looking at you.

    i’m way impressed by the hummus > crap food. must have been voted on by foreigners or something.

  8. Nitmos

    Here I post about it and then come here and see an actual Wheaties box with a runner/triathlete on the cover. Herald the good news!

  9. Colleen

    All the cool kids know where the real party will be! 🙂

    We saw that Wheaties box the other day. Pretty cool to have a real athlete on it! HAHA

  10. Kristin

    Haha, love the Wheaties! The IMWI bike course is awesome, I love riding it. Yes it’s hard, but it’s a manageable kind of hard. I was 40 minutes faster on it than I was at IMLP, granted I was only about 80% trained for LP but the short/steep climbs and rollers of WI suit my biking skills much more than long (think 12 miles) steady climbs. You’ll love it!

  11. Derek

    Ill be there fer sure:)
    on the bike course to volunteer and then spectate on the run…

    great lead in week prep to your IM schedule. I think ur running and spinning volume has been perfect leading to “the plan” Your two days from being on the clock! woooooo f’n hooooo !!!!!


  12. Belly

    Hey! Got your comment on my blog! SJV and I are looking forward to WIBA, and the Grand Rapids half. Awesome that you’re doing them too! Hey – speaking of – what are the road conditions like for the bike course on the GR 1/2? (Paved, I presume?) I ask b/c we went down to a 1/2 once, and the course was packed gravel. Mentally, would have been good to know that beforehand… 😉

    See you soon!

  13. Derek

    day 1!
    24 weeks
    1 day at a time:)
    enjoy the process…..work it out
    you freakin got this
    you know you will have up days and down days
    work thru them all


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