Mar 16

Wiki Wiki Wednesday

I’m going to try and keep this quick (wiki wiki) tonight.

Yesterday I ran the first half of my Cupcake Marathon.  I went out with the intention of doing 8 miles, but I felt so good and the weather was great so I kept going.  By the time I got home Jennie was a bit worried (putting it mildly).  I think she was about ready to send out a search party.  I can’t say I blame her she had no idea of what time I left at or what my intended route was.

I got viciously sick last night.  Not sure if I ate something bad or if I was just dehydrated from a long run with no water.  I usually carry water for anything over 10, but didn’t plan on running so far.

Bailey had his “snip-snip” procedure yesterday and was Mr. Mopey last night.  I can’t say that I blame him though.  He is doing much better today and we are actually trying to keep him calm and from running around.

Today I had my first outdoor bike ride of the season.  50* and sunny.  Absolutely perfect biking weather.  I did 5 laps around the lake and held a 19mph average. 

Even with all my trainer rides this winter, the real world kicked my ass.  I don’t remember any of those hills on the trainer.

I used my Garmin Edge 500 for the first time.  Absolutely awesome!  At first use, it is my favorite Garmin device so far.  I’ll do a more formal review of it after I get some more miles logged, but so far so good.

I yanked my aero bars off my road bike, Green Lightning and took it today.  At the beginning I kept wanted to drop into an aero position but by the end of the ride I was loving it.  It is a much more enjoyable bike to ride as a straight road bike.

I’m doing pretty well with my “off week”.  I have been sticking to one light workout a day and no two-a-days.

I need to make a final decision on the Glass City Marathon.  Do I make the smart/safe decision and do the half marathon?  Or do I do make the emotional decision and go for the full?  I call this the emotional decision because it would make it marathon #9 setting me up for doing my 10th marathon at IMWI.  Thoughts? Advice?

Thanks for reading! Have a great (and safe) St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Matt Smith

    That’s awesome that you did your first outdoor ride! My first kicked my butt too. I was so wobbly.

    As far as the marathon…I guess I would just worry about overtraining till you injured. If you feel like it’s not too much, go for it!

  2. Jon

    I regards to the marathon, when is it? Your goal for this year is the Ironman. Is running a full marathon going to hurt or help the Ironman? Can doing other things instead of training for a marathon (like more time on the bike) help out the Ironman more than the time needed for the Marathon and subsequent recovery?

    Poor Bailey!

  3. kc

    Fast recovery vibes to your doggie. Knowing me, I would probably try to do the whole marathon unless I felt like crap at the half way point. So how many miles did you end up getting in for the CC marathon? I have 6.46 miles to go.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Hopefully I can make a decision after my long run this weekend. If not, I may take MattyO’s suggestion and register for the full with the idea of bailing at the half turnoff if I feel like crap.

      I’ve only done the one 13.1 mile run for the CC marathon so far. I am hoping to bang it out in two runs so I just have to do another long run. 6.46 miles on tap for you today now?

      Oh, and I wore SHORTS to work today. It’s over 50* here! Not the 80* you are getting but I’ll take it.

  4. lindsay

    i am not down with the wiki wiki.

    where/when is green city?

    hope you recover from your snip snip and bailey feels better from his food poisoning. wait, i mean…

  5. lindsay

    glass city, green city. they’re all the same.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Glass City is April 16 in Toledo. Lots of glass manufacturers there: Libbey Glass, Owens Corning, Johns Mansfields fiberGLASS.

      Don’t like the Wiki Wiki?? Too bad, I am thinking of making it a weekly feature 🙂

  6. Matt Oravec

    Find out if you can sign up for the fool and bail to the half depending how you feel. I will say this, the cut off point was at mile 6 or something, I felt AMAZING then, its a very fast start running through some neighborhoods and on a bike/hike trail. So it might be too early to tell if you want to split off or not.

    Totally up to you man, and I get the stress on the decision. That was one of my major issues this year and I finally said F-it and I am doing the Half with BDD.

    Poor Bailey haha. He will heal fast and want to run BEFORE he is supposed to!

    I usually leave notes when I go for a run for H. She would be glad if I never came home though LOL.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Bailey is already running BEFORE he is supposed to. The vet said he should take it easy for 10 days but apparently they didn’t tell him that. He was running around, trying to get us to play all night last night. I was about ready to whip out the duct tape and tape him to the floor.

      Good idea for Glass City. I’ll hopefully have a decision after my long run this weekend.

  7. Morgan

    While you might want to notch that 10th hole on your belt during IMWI would it not be better to get to IMWI having not pushed yourself too much prior? I always go for the safer bet when it comes to messing with the machine. Which ever you choose, good luck and be smart/safe.

  8. Scott

    – Poor Bailey, a moment of silence for the man

    – Out of everything, taking the aerobars off the roadie and riding a roadie like it is suppose to be riden makes me happy

    – if you decide to do the half, take a sleeping bag and take a nap, its gonna be awhile before I cross the finishline after you finish

  9. Emily

    trainer rides are NOT the same as outdoor rides. i had the same experience with my first outdoor workout a few weeks ago.

    i would totally do the full…but im probably the wrong person to ask.

  10. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Yay for getting to ride outside! I can’t wait until I can do that!

    Before I got my tri bike, I had clip on aero bars on my road bike. Then, once I got my tri bike, I took them off, and would take my road bike out occasionally for short rides! I loved it! I love my tri bike, but there’s just something about riding my road bike that I just love.

  11. Jeff Irvin

    Glad you guys are done with all that cold stuff and able to get out on the road!

    I’d say skip the marathon. But I think that about all marathons – they are hard.

  12. Spike

    How dare you do that to Bailey!

    Yeah, the treadmill/trainer are never quite like the road. Sometimes while out on a long run I wish I could be watching a movie…is that strange?

  13. Mandy

    Ohh yeah for outside biking!!

    Meanie picking on poor Bailey. Wait until you take him to the vet again.

    I like round numbers. So I like 10 better than 9, so it makes sense to me to do one before. I have a problem, IMLP will be #6. So I have to do 10 now.

  14. Derek

    Excellent you got outside on the bike !!!

    With regard to your choice I can tell you how I’m feeling about a marathon I have coming up in 4 weeks : I wish I had not signed up for it!!! but the room and entry fee are paid for and a buddy really wants to do it so I am going to gut it out and go slow. But I still wish i didnt have it. the good news is that there will be almost 3 months from mary to IM so that is obviously awesome.

    habe a great rest of the weekend….Monday is Day 1?!?!?!?

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