Mar 13

The Calm Before The Storm

Technically, training starts in two weeks, but this week is officially going to be the Calm Before the Storm (the storm of training that is).  When I first started developing my training plan back in December, I had originally planned on taking a full week off of training prior to starting the official plan.  However, with the time off of running I had with my foot, I don’t think I am going to take a full week off anymore.  I am going to back off a bit this week though and do some shorter workouts.  No 3 hour trainer rides at least.

A light week actually fits the schedule nicely because I am in meetings again all week and I am going to have limited time for workouts.  Not to mention that Thursday is Lá Fhéile Pádraig* and we plan on going to Brewery Vivant’s official Grand Opening to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland by eating corned beef and cabbage and drinking copious amounts of beer.  It is what he would have wanted.

You Know You Are (Or Married To) A Triathlete When

It is a Friday night and you spend movie night on the trainer.  Jennie and I watched Inception, she on the couch, me on the bike.  It was a perfect movie for getting in a long trainer session.  It was super engaging and made the time fly by.  The special effects were top notch and it had a pretty good story. 

2011-03-11 22.50.35
Jennifer and Bailey’s vantage point was a bit more comfy than mine.

2011-03-11 22.13.55
Although my view wasn’t too bad.

After the ride, I moved upstairs to catch the 2nd half of Notre Dame in the Big East tournament.  They were doing great until BDD had to jinx things and they lost it in overtime.  At least they still got a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

2011-03-12 00.00.07
“Training” for Thursday.

I’m a Winner

I recently won a blog contest over on The Redhead’s blog by correctly guessing the number of blogs posts she posted over the course of 2 years.  On Saturday, my prize arrived.

2011-03-12 10.48.28

A Punk Rock Racing shirt!!!! How awesome is that!  Thanks a ton Red!

Cupcake Marathonimage

And finally, Jennie and I signed up for the Cupcake Marathon.  I’m sure you all have heard about the Cupcake Marathon, but if not, it is a virtual race from March 14th to 26th during which time you have to log 26.2 miles (they have a half marathon option as well).  It doesn’t have to be all at once though.  Head over to their site for all the details.  Jennie was all over the idea of doing a marathon free cupcake recipes.  Head on over to her blog and wish her luck.

I know I said “And finally” already, but one last thing.  Bailey recently figured out that he can look out my office window.  He doesn’t bark or anything, just watches.  He’ll watch Jennie leave for work in the morning which makes it even harder for her to leave.

2011-03-10 17.57.56
Keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great week!

*Or St. Patrick’s Day if your Gaelic is rough.  St. Paddy’s Day is acceptable, but never St. Patty’s Day.

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  1. Jon

    Bailey is getting big! That shirt is awesome.

    Inception was my favorite movie from last year. Its a movie where the sound really adds to it all, especially the bass.

  2. Matt Oravec

    Great movie man. H and I were talking about it for a few hours after we left the theater!!!

    🙂 Cleveland is the place to be for St. Patrick’s day man. We have four irish pubs across from the office … love it. I have a front row seat for the idiots. They start drinking at 6am over here.

    Bailey is getting big! Growing into those running legs huh?

  3. Matt Smith

    You’re a stud on the trainer to go for that long and not move anywhere. It looks like Jennie watched the back of her eyelids during the movie. My Jenn does the same thing most of the time. At least you had Bailey to keep you company.

    Man, I’m excited that your Official Training is about to begin. That’s awesome. Good luck with the Cupcake Marathon!

  4. Jessica

    We liked Inception also! It is so awesome that Jenny is so supportive. I find myself very lucky to have a husband who is just as into being active as I am. Your puppy is getting so big!!!

  5. Scott

    For the record, I went to bed before OT started and didnt know who won till I read your blog this morning

    That last pic of bailey is cute

  6. Jeff Irvin

    You weren’t kidding Jennie was passed out!!

    dude Bailey is growing like a weed!

  7. lindsay

    happy early st. pat’s :-p

    inception was a good movie. at first i left the theater thinking “that sucked” but after i thought about it a bit i decided it wasn’t bad afterall.

  8. Morgan

    LOL at your Friday night!!!

    So glad you liked the shirt, I thought it was perfect! 🙂

    Good luck with the Cupcake Marathon tally this week!!!

    Jennie started a blog?!??! YAY!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jennifer

    I got Scottie one of those shirts for Christmas…I LOVE it…I need to get one for myself…it’s SO soft!

  10. Kc

    Happy early St. Patty’s Day! So nice that you get to take a break especially the long hours on the trainer. 2 hours is all i have in me on the trainer before i start to lose it. I can’t believe how big your dog has gotten.

  11. Mandy

    Bailey is getting bigger!! That picture of him by the window is SO CUTE! My Bailey likes to look out the window too, it breaks my heart when I see him watching me leave.

    The picture of Jenny & Bailey passed out is pretty funny too.

    Very cool shirt.

    Happy St. Patricks day!!

  12. Regina

    I had a long ride on the spin bike at the gym back in January and I download Inception to my iPad; what a savior that was!

    Your dog is too cute!

  13. onelittletrigirl

    My boyfriend is a HUGE Notre Dame fan (he went there) and he was not okay with the loss! I am just glad that as a UNC fan, it is highly unlikey our teams will match up!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to actually go to ND, but had a good friend go there. Because my tiny college didn’t have a football team, ND was my adopted team. If you guys ever go to a game, let me know any maybe we could meet up. We try and make it to at least one game a season.

      I picked ND winning it all in my NCAA Tournament bracket. It may be a bit optimistic, but loyalty wins out over reality any day 🙂

  14. Spike

    What a guy; you kept both remotes even though you were on the trainer the entire movie. Dudes…

  15. Derek

    you have been getting in some excellent trainer rides but I love your overall approach to impending start of the training schedule. you are doing 24week schedule yes? from Fitzgerald? that is what I am on same as Jeff – level 7 IM plan


    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Yeah, I doing the Level 7 plan too. After watching the progress you and Jeff have been making with the plan, I can’t wait to get going.

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