Mar 08

Dining on Gazelle and Petrol

Intrigued?  Stay with me here.

Well, let me start off by saying that work was a disaster today.  I started work at 6:30 with the plan of finishing up at 3:30 to run and do yoga.  However, at 3:00, a trouble ticket came across my desk that I had to address.  Technically, it probably could have waited until tomorrow, but it affected our production environment and I felt obligated to take care of it.  3 miserable hours later, I finally had a solution.  I was pissed.  It was 6:30 and there was no way I could make time for both a run and yoga before dinner.  I decided to settle for a run and grumpily ran out the door.

Mile 1

Grumble, grumble, grumble.  I was totally pissed off.  I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that I was at least running.  All I could think about was how long the work issue took and that I had to skip the yoga.  As I approached the first mile, I glanced down at my watch I realized that I was flying.  Split: 7:33.

Mile 2

Halfway through the second mile, I passed a group of runners going the opposite way.  I was happy to see that most of them were all wearing reflective gear and/or lights.  There were a few morons running in black clothes in the pitch black.  Towards the end of the mile, I decided that I was going to make up the yoga session tomorrow after my swim.  Split: 7:08

Mile 3

By mile 3 I was really wishing that I wore shorts.  It was upper 30’s and I was getting pretty warm.  I was in a groove.  The angry had dissipated and I was enjoying the run. As I approached the mile mark, I saw my prey – a gazelle in the distance.  The hunt was on.  Split: 7:37

Mile 4

Only 100 yards separated the cheetah (me) and the gazelle (my prey).  I bounded along with long, smooth strides cautiously approaching the gazelle as to not spook him.  Within a quarter mile, I pounced passed him.  I even mentally growled to myself as I blew passed him. 

Nearing mile 4, I passed a bunch of runners going the opposite way.  They were actually the same group from before.  I was tempted to turn around at the 8 mile turn around and chase down as many as I could.  It was getting late and I was hungry though so I decided to stick to my 6 mile loop.  Split: 7:34

Mile 5

Mile 5 starts with a climb up the Hall Street Hill.  Normally the hill will slow me down a bit.  Not today though.  Nothing was getting in my way.  I hit the hill firing on all cylinders.  (This is where I somehow shifted over from gazelles to petrol probably due to too many Top Gear episodes.)

I was channeling my inner Bugatti on the second half of the run. 
Top speed: 253MPH, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.
My running shoes are a bit cheaper than the $2.7 million price tag though.

After the hill, I got stopped by a red light.  When the light turned green I blasted out of the gate like a Bugatti going from 0 to 60mph 8mph in 2.5 seconds.  I swear there was wheel leg spin as I took off. Split: 7:34

Mile 6

The home stretch and I was flying high.  It got slowed up a bit because the sidewalks were a little rough along this stretch.  However, it was a bit of a confidence builder because my balance has been a bit sketchy since the injury and I was able to skillfully maneuver over the rough terrain.  I charged up the final hill and redlined it all the way through the finish line. Split: 7:20

What started off as a crappy run turned into one of my favorite runs.  It was a huge confidence boost and overall very enjoyable.  Ironically, when I got home, we had bean and rice burritos for dinner – petrol in another form.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Matt Smith

    What a stud! Well, even if the work day sucked, the run sure looked good. Way to go!

  2. David Brady

    Let me know when you want me to create another aversion at work so you can have a great workout! Great run!!!!

  3. Matt Oravec

    I run best when pissed off or upset. No pain. No mental, “you can’t do it”. Love it.

    Great job.

    I often enjoy growling as I pass the prey too. Weaklings. I call it thinning the heard. LOL.

  4. Morgan

    Love it!!! Way to take that frustration out on the streets and your prey!

  5. lindsay

    um. i wear black sometimes. it has the teeny little reflective logo bit that companies “splurge” on their clothing. (why is that? why must the reflective piece be so tiny nike?)

    nice run, i guess. a real man would have gone to yoga. just kidding. i think you took back your man card with the bugatti.

    i don’t run well when i’m in a bad mood. it ends up pissing me off more. haha.

  6. Scott

    Good, now register for Glass City, your ready for at least one of the distances

  7. onelittletrigirl

    I also run best when I am angry. Mad, upset or angry= best runs!

    The worst is totally when you are into a run and wearing the wrong clothes!

  8. Jon

    I seriously need to sabotage something of yours before your next running race 😉

    Nice splits man! Now I don’t wanna hear any more “toe pain” cuz this proves it ain’t hurting your run splits!

  9. Mandy

    I love how a good run can turn your day around…and how a great run sneaks up on you. This was great, I loved the mile by mile recap!

  10. kc

    Well, i think you turned a negative into a positive here! Those are the best runs. I find that I run best when I’m pissed off. For example, when a car comes at me and tries to scare me when I’m running in the bike lane on a non busy road in my sub-division at 4:30am. Easy pace goes from an 8:00 minute mile to a 7 minute mile in the blink of an eye. Good to hear your toe is mending nicely. Love the show Top Gear : )

  11. Spike

    Glad you have a great run. Slowly your body will remember how awesome it is to run hard and you won’t have that fear about your injury in the back of your head.

  12. Colleen Kingery

    I love when I leave grumbling and come home in a great mood. Sometimes a run can just do that! 🙂 Sounds like yours was awesome!

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