Feb 28

Testing the Toe

I ventured out on my first run since last Saturday’s Heart & Sole 5k today.  I hadn’t really planned on running until later this week, but it was a gorgeous day for a run; sunny with brilliant blue skies, and I couldn’t pass it up.

After taping up my toe, I headed out on my 4 mile loop.  The first half mile was pretty rough.  My toe felt a little funny, but didn’t really hurt.  It is hard to explain, but the best comparison is that it felt like a knuckle that just needed to be cracked.  My focus for the first mile was to take it easy and to make sure I wasn’t adjusting my stride to account for the discomfort. 

By the time I reached the first mile, the pain had all but disappeared.  I was flying high.  I felt great.  I ran the rest of the way with a huge smile on my face.  I probably looked like a total dork.  I got to the corner where it was a right turn for 6 miles or left turn for 4.  I had to yell at myself and make myself only go 4.  I really, really, wanted to go 6, but told myself it probably wasn’t a great idea.

I ended up averaging sub-8 minute miles and was shocked at how good I felt when I got home.  Just as I was getting home, Jennie was headed out on her run so I decided to run along with her for her 3 miles.  Maybe not the best idea for my first day back, but I couldn’t resist.

I’m still going to take it relatively easy for a while and take at least a day or two off between runs for the next couple of weeks.  Official training starts March 28th, so I want to make sure am fully healed by then.  I am still continuing to ice my toe at night as well.  Overall, I think I have finally turned the corner and should be back to 100% in no time.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive messages and well wishes!

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  1. Jon

    Well you have basically been tapering the run for awhile now. No wonder your running legs felt so great!

    Hoping you are pain free on your next run!

  2. Jeff Irvin

    Awesome Kevin! Now put that stupid toe injury behind you.

    Were you screaming at your self on the street corner like some crazy dude? That would be pretty funny!

  3. Jen

    That is great news Kevin!!!

  4. Lisa


  5. Matt Oravec

    I HATE that feeling. You described it well though, feels like a knuckle that needs to be cracked. My problem was that I kept trying to get it to crack because it drove me NUTS.

    I finally just lost my black toe nail from October… sheesh!

    Way to go. Glad the speed stuck with you 🙂 Official training is coming up!

  6. Matt Smith

    I love those good runs where you just feel great and want to keep going. It sounds like the toe isn’t holding you back too much with sub-8’s! That’s pretty smokin’ in my book. I love it how you go the extra with the wife. I end up doing that a bit too. Have a great week, Kevin!

  7. Mandy

    Where is the Bailey picture??? 😉

    Glad that things are getting better!

  8. Scott

    This is good to hear, see you in Toledo, email me if you need a $5 coupon off your race fee, I have one

  9. Morgan

    Yay!!! So glad that your toe is on the mend and the running can begin again!

  10. Derek



  11. Drdaven

    Easy does it killer!!

    Glad your back to running though!

  12. Spike

    Very happy you had an excellent run. The injury will be in your past soon and March 28th will be here faster than you can imagine. Why is it that time flies when you are not officially training but when you the weeks go slower? Oh, maybe because it is easier to be lazy.

  13. Colleen Kingery

    Woohoo! Kevin, that’s awesome news!

  14. Tim

    Positive news! Keep being safe. Better to start training healthy than delay training due to nagging injury.

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