Feb 27

King of the Trainer

With my foot injury, I have been doing some serious biking – all on the trainer.  This week alone, I did 6 trainer rides totally 11 hours and 15 minutes.  This translates to roughly 210 miles.  I don’t yet have a bike computer for my new bike so I estimated the mileage based on a conservative 18mph-19mph average depending on the ride.  Regardless of the conversion, it is the most time I have spent on the bike period.  I had couple weeks at around 10 hours on the bike last year but they were all outside.  My next highest weekly time spent on the trainer was around 6 hours.

I’ve killed the time by watching whatever I can find on Netflix; The Social Network (Loved it), The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Book was way better), Freakonomics: The Movie (Interesting translation from the book, but again, the book was better), multiple episodes of my new favorite show out of the BBC – Top Gear, and a couple (dozen) episodes of The Office to fill in the gaps.  I’ve also squeezed in some Kindle reading, although it is a bit more difficult on the P2 than it was with my road bike and clip-on aero bars.

Yesterday and today, I was a bit spoiled.  We had to make an unplanned trip to the in-laws.  Not wanting to miss out on training, I brought my bike with me.  My father-in-law has a CycleOps trainer that I used for my two rides.  Wow!  What a difference compared to my cheapo trainer.  It was silent compared to mine and such a smooth ride.  With Spring right around the corner (hopefully), it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade now.  I think a new trainer is going to end up on my Christmas list for next year though.

On my ride today, I got to thinking.  In the Tour de France, the King of the Mountains gets the maillot à pois rouge (the polka dot jersey)

(photo courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk)

So, what should the jersey for King of the Trainer be?  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the maillot pour les fous  (Jersey for Crazy People*). 


The only thing I have figured out yet is how to steer.  Thankfully, on the trainer, steering isn’t necessary. Perhaps Fat Cyclist can adopt this for the annual Hundred Miles to Nowhere ride.

Onto a quick injury update.  I am tentatively planning on attempting another run this week.  I still have a bit of pain if I squeeze my foot, but otherwise, I am pain free.  If it gives me any trouble on the run, I am content with sticking to biking and swimming only for another week.  Surprisingly, I am handling the my inability to run better than I thought I would.  I thought that I would go completely crazy and that hasn’t been the case (unless you consider 11 hours on the trainer crazy).  The crappy weather has made it a bit easier to skip running, but I still want to get back to it ASAP.

Alright, now that the training stuff is out of the way I can move on to the real reason you all keep coming back to this blog – Bailey pictures.  Bailey did very well on his first long car ride to the in-laws this weekend.  Once we got on the highway, he curled up and slept at Jennie’s feet the entire way.

Ready for the car ride.

And already asleep.  You’d think that he would have found a more comfortable spot to sleep.

*Thanks to Google Translate for the translation.  Hopefully it is correct.

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  1. Mandy

    First – I am in love with your Bailey, what a cutie. Wow. Seriously, don’t tell my Bailey.

    Second, holy cow, you are going to KILL the 100 Miles to Nowhere this year!

  2. Jessica

    Good job coping with the issue, even bigger props for being smart and taking the time off! Plus I loved the social network movie. I thought it was great! Keep up the positive attitude and I hope your run this week goes awesome!

  3. Matt Smith

    Every time I read your blog about being on the trainer for hours, I am amazed! The most I can be on there at one time is about an hour. You’re the man for cranking out almost 12 hours! INSANE…the jersey is appropriate! I hope the foot feels better. Your dog is a good looking pup. I’m glad he did well on his first long ride.

  4. Jon

    Nice time on the trainer! You ARE in fact crazy! This will pay off dividends later on in the season.

    Uh, that photo of the guy in the polka dot jersey (Michael Rasmusson)…yeah, he got booted from the TDF (by his own team when he was in the yellow jersey!) for doping suspicion. The dude is kinda sketchy!

    Man, this foot injury is more serious!

  5. kc

    Wow, there seem to be a lot of Bailey dogs in the blog world. He is adorable! My goodness, that is some serious time on the trainer. When there’s a will there’s a way and you just proved it! Good to hear that your foot is getting better too. I broke my toe a couple of years ago around this time and man did that hurt to put a bike shoe on. I ended up figuring out that if I taped the broken toe to the good one, it somehow felt less painful and I was actually able to get out and ride the day after it happened. It was ugly though! Love the straight jacket jersey!

  6. Scott

    I havent heard 2 of the 3 movies, but they have to be better then anything Jeff would have picked

  7. Matt Oravec

    WOW! My butt still hurts from Thursday’s trainer ride. I was hoping this seat was the ticket but so far still a bit sore 🙁

    Hope you are keeping a cool head with the no running. Play it smart though.

    The biking is just as good as running man. Keep the speed and power up and you aren’t missing much.

  8. Jeff Irvin

    That is crazy trainer time Kevin – is Jennie getting jealous yet of all the time you are spending with the new girl?

    I have probably watched every single ep of The Office on the trainer. Haha.

    I watched the 80’s classic “Red Dawn” on the trainer last week! Almost spray painted “Wolverines” on the side of the TT mid-cycle (-:

  9. lindsay

    i was at a drag show yesterday where BBC stood for something entirely different. or, i’m at least assuming your BBC is different.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…. drag show??? I don’t know how I missed this when the email first came through. I think you have some explaining to do…

  10. Derek

    GL on the run!!
    and GREAT riding on the trainer

    u get the straightjacket lol


  11. Annie

    Your Bailey is almost as cute as my Bailey 🙂 Hoping your run goes well!

  12. lindsay

    yes. in dc. did you not read my blog post? did you not see the last picture? 😉

  13. lindsay

    ok well i was trying to re-reply to your comment on my comment but it keeps just redirecting me to the bottom. oh well.

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