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Who Punched Me In The Arm???

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for an annual physical.  I really shouldn’t call it an annual physical though since I haven’t had an actual physical in years – not since before college.  Whoops.  With Ironman training officially coming up, I figured that I should at least go in for a quick checkup.

In the years I have been lax in visiting the doctor they switched over to electronic records.  This meant that I had to go through an entire medical history questionnaire.  Pretty simple stuff.  One of the questions sort of bothered me though.  “Do you use alcohol?”  What do you mean do I “use” alcohol?  I enjoy a beer every now and then, but I wouldn’t say that I “use” it.

Any ways, the check up went swimmingly.  I did notice that when the nurse took my resting heart rate, it seemed to take her a while before she finally put “60” into the computer.  That actually seemed a bit high to me as my resting heart rate has always seemed to be around 50 when using my Garmin heart rate monitor.

When I finally saw the doctor, for all of 10 minutes, he said I was “the healthiest person he has seen all month.”  How is that for a confidence booster?  I was sort of disappointed by my doctor’s lack of attention and hurriedness to get through the appointment though.  So, a question for all of you endurance athletes out there.  Does your general practitioner understand endurance sports (running, triathlons, etc.)??  If so, how did you find one?  I almost feel like a doctor who understood what I do would be more beneficial.  Any advice you guys can give would be much appreciated.

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So, you are probably wondering who punched me in the arm, right? Oh, you weren’t?  Gee, thanks for not caring! haha.  Well, I guess you could say it was the nurse who punched me – she was kind of butch.  I had to get a tetanus booster because my last one was 16 years ago and you are supposed to get one every 10 years.  Whoops again!  The shot was painless, but now, a day later, my left arm feels like someone walloped me.  The more I use it the better I feel, but after sitting at my desk all day, it has really stiffened up.  I ended up skipping out on P90X today because it hurt every time I lifted my arm above my head.  I was really hoping to get to the pool tomorrow to stretch it out, but at the current hour, it looks like the pool (and the rest of the city) will be closed in the morning.

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If you are in part of the country that is getting hit by this storm, be safe out there! Hopefully you get a snow day and don’t even have to worry about going out in it.

Take care!

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  1. Jessica

    Actually NO my Doctor is not an endurance athlete she is everything but, but I love her and she avidly calls me CRAZY. When I saw her last week those were exact words. She doesnt “understand” it but she is knowledgeable as to where to send me when I am having issues, like me trying to learn how to eat to fit my active lifestyle. I think the power is talk to as many people in your area as possible and get referrals. Ask Morgan about her experience with seeing a Doctor that “understood” running!

  2. Rebecca

    Hi Kevin,
    I just wanted to share my sentiments regarding my general doctor. My doctor does not have a CLUE what kinds of demands I put on my body. He doesn’t even know that River Bank run isn’t a marathon. I find it extremely frustrating, and wish that I had a runner for a doctor. I think it is hard to come by, though. A lot of the people I know who work in the medical field are sedentary, which I think is oddly ironic. Anyway, it was really nice to see you Sunday. I hope your training is going great!!

  3. Lisa

    my regular doctor doesn’t get it. most don’t. but the guy i see for my knee does. that’s important to me.

    when i saw the title of the blog post, i assumed you got a tetnus booster. those hurt like crazy!

  4. Jon

    Confidence booster when he told you “you are the healthiest person he has seen all month”, right? Did they do any blood work? Your good cholesterol levels should be off the charts since the only way to raise it that high is from working out so much, regardless of diet. (at least thats what my doc told me).

    My doc is ok….like yours, he only sees me for 10 mins, and all of the Q’s he asks he knows the answer since I did tell him I am a triathlete. He is a sports doc, but mostly he will just refer me out to a specialist if I need one.

    Are you getting snow during this latest bout of weather? We are getting freezing rain….

  5. Emily

    That’s awesome! I never go to the doctor (whoops) but if I did I would definitely want him to compliment me for being healthy. And every time I get a shot I definitely feel the whole arm punch thing. Ick, makes me queasy just thinking about it.

  6. Jeff Irvin

    those boosters suck! You might need an ice bath for that (-:

    My GP has no idea. He is an old fat guy but does what I tell him.

    Example – “Well Jeff I recommend you rest that shoulder for 6 weeks and if it is still sore you’ll get an MRI.”

    My reply, “Yeah, that is not going to work for me. I’d like a shot of cortisone and then a prescription of cortisone pills.”

    Doc, “OK”

  7. Scott

    Well, if Jeff didnt get a shot in his rear early this week, then yours would have sounded better.

    I dont want to get into what my doc says, gets me fired up and mad (thats a clue right there)

    We have iceaggedon down here, no snow, just ice, which in my opinion is worse

  8. lindsay

    battle creek. that’s where they made (make?) my honey bunches of oats! yum.

    who says you *have* to get a tetanus shot? what are the chances of getting that anyway these days? do you go rummaging through rusty metal often?

    i dislike how rushed doctors are. you sit in the waiting room for what feels like forever and then they “see” you for 10mins tops, then rush you out and you don’t feel like you accomplished anything. how are they possibly getting a good look at you? i don’t even know if my GP knows i run a lot… i wish there were good docs out there who spent time with you.

  9. onelittletrigirl

    My doctor is a runner, but not serious at all. And last year she told me I should stop running because I tend to get injured. That was such a turn off to me. I would love to really find a doctor who “gets it” and spends time actually listening. Especially since half the time I wait a good hour to see them for the 10 minutes they rush through the appt!

  10. Morgan

    Awesome that you are the most healthy person he’s seen! Score 10 pts for being active! My last doc in Orlando was horrible and wouldn’t even listen to me when I tried to discuss my marathoning… When I finally get around to getting a doc here I will def being doing some background research on them because I just think there’s something wrong with seeing a person who doesn’t know that a marathon is 26.2 miles but feels like they can advise me on my “quest for health.”

    Hope the arm feels better, have you tried icing it at all?

  11. Derek

    all of a sudden I feel really guilty for not going in for a regular physical or checkup in several years!! haha

    and the alcohol question…that one was always a problem for me but only because my answers prompted more and more concerning questions ! haha


  12. Matt Oravec

    So yeah. Personally have zero respect for doctors. NONE. I have a stereotype for them and surprisingly have only met one in my lifetime that has not fit that classification.

    Tetnis shots hurt like a mo fo for a good day haha. Hate those things.

    Now, being a doctor has become so impersonable that it is a joke anymore. I don’t go to the doctor anymore in fact. I actually do what Jeff does, and I call him, and do verbal consults on the phone.

    My doctor, and numerous others I have seen, have no clue about endurance sports. They like that I am not obese, but hate that they can’t give me their, you should lose some weight speech.

    Have only had physicals for sports. None since haha.

    Turn your head and Cough!

  13. regina

    Yikes! Tetanus booster?! I haven’t had one in over 10 years, easy. The last time was after I got an elbow to my lip in a soccer game that required stitches…that was a long time ago.

    I don’t really go to the doc that much, well, except for, well, you know, THAT doctor. Only in the most dire of circumstance do I head for my GP, bad, I know. Glad you are the picture of health!

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