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Race Report: Frostbite Marathon Relay

Or Frostbitten Fairy Fun…

2011-01-30 21.43.18

Yesterday, Jennie and I were joined by 6 friends to create team Frosted Flakes for the Frostbite Marathon Relay in Holland.  We were accompanied by Rob and his wife Sheri, The Redhead and her boyfriend Spike, and Jessica and her husband Tim.  I had previously met Rob and Sheri at a couple triathlons last year, but this was the first time meeting everyone else.

We met up bright and early in Holland so that we could all meet and get ready for the really.  The weather was actually decent.  After a week of temps in the single digits and teens, it warmed up to 29* with clear, sunny skies.  Someone had the bright idea of wearing tu-tus for the run – the guys too.  They turned out to be a huge hit! It is just too bad they didn’t have a contest for best costume.  Jennie and I made the pick hats for everyone – a little bit for sprinkles for our pink frosting.

The race was broken up into 8 legs that were 3 +/- miles each.  Myself, The Redhead, Spike, Jessica, and Tim had all done long runs on Saturday so this was supposed to be our easy recovery run.  However, once we all got into the race atmosphere, it was hard to reign it in.  We ended up crossing the finish line in about 3:30.

It was a super laid back event – times were only recorded if you recorded them yourselves and aid stations consisted of jugs of Gatorade and water on a table.  The roads were open to traffic, but it was really just us runners out on the country roads.

2011-01-29 20.56.18
Team Frosted Flakes!

2011-01-29 21.23.17
Real men wear tu-tus.

2011-01-29 21.24.16

2011-01-30 08.43.36-002
Jessica kicking it in at the end of leg 1.

Jessica “handing off” to Tim

2011-01-30 09.05.03
Getting ready for my handoff to start my leg.  Tim and I went for the more classic handoff.

2011-01-30 09.29.57-002
Quickly done with my leg and now it’s Jennie’s turn. 
My leg was supposed to be 4.2 miles but came in at 3.6 miles – a little short.

Jennie finishing up her LONG leg.  For some reason, the .6 miles that I was sort on my leg got added to Jennie’s leg and she ended up running the longest leg in the group!

2011-01-30 10.36.43
Sheri getting ready to start her leg.  This was Sheri’s first ever organized race!

2011-01-30 11.02.13
Rob joined Sheri on her leg to keep her company.

2011-01-30 11.02.18-002
And now it is The Redhead’s turn!

2011-01-30 11.02.23
She even brought her own paparazzi in the form of Spike.

2011-01-30 11.23.05-002
The final transition.  And everyone: Awwwwwwww

Spike finishing up the relay on the last leg.

2011-01-30 00.29.44
We all waited for Spike and finished the last stretch with him.

2011-01-30 12.04.17
The race was capped off with some delicious chili, desserts, and beer

A huge Thanks! goes out to The Redhead for her relay team running experience.  This was mine and Jennie’s first ever relay race so it was a completely new experience for us. Overall, the race was an absolute blast! I could definitely see myself doing more relay events in the future – Ragnar Chicago anyone???  The race was a great way to meet up with some new friends.  Look out 2011 because team Frosted Flakes will return!

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Hilarious. To be honest… I nominate this for best Race Report of 2011. From the costumes, to the handoffs LOL.

    Loved it.

    Good job you guys. Way to get out there and freeze!

  2. Morgan

    Thanks again for organizing the team, it was such a blast and I can’t wait for Team Frosted Flakes to return next year! It was great meeting everyone and I hope we didn’t scare off Rob & Sheri with our constant run chatter! I just pictured them thinking runners are crazy after that experience! Loved meeting you and Jennie at long last, you guys are seriously just as cute in person as you are on the blog. I still nominate you both for best smiles! 🙂 Looking forward to crossing paths again soon and we were serious about that spare bedroom if you ever want to hit up a race in our neck of the woods!

  3. Jon

    This is a great post! You guys have a couple Xmas card photos to choose from next year. Way to rock the Tu-Tu man! haha!

  4. Emily

    This looks like soooooo much fun! I LOVE the tutu-clad kissing couples shots. Adorable!

  5. Jeff Irvin

    The man tutu’s are hysterical!

    Look at Jennie picking up the whole team and her slacker hubby stopping short! She is a rockstar!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      You made Jennie’s night! Glad to see you could do that by putting me down. I guess in all fairness I do the same thing to you with Annie so I probably deserve it. 🙂

  6. Scott

    “Real men wear tutu’s”

    I love how you followed that up with everyone kissing their girls!!!

  7. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    That has to be the coolest relay race report ever! Your costumes were awesome, and I loved the way the couples did their “send offs” Aww…so sweet! Nice job with the tutus and pink sprinkle hats!

  8. lindsay

    the hats are cute. you should have renamed your team. frosted flakes is a cereal, not a donut.

    the tu-tu’s… i’ll just take my 70 degree january weather thanks! 😉

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      We did have a Tony the Tiger figurine as our baton. And to clarify, we, the runners, were the flakes and the hats were our frosting. So we had the whole double meaning thing going on. I know you are just jealous.

      PS: 70 degrees may be nice, but you won’t get a snow day with weather like that.

  9. Colleen Kingery

    How fun! I love the tutu’s and the handoffs! Awesome!

  10. Derek

    SUCCESS!!! me using google reader that is!! haha
    was nice to see your post and not have to manually check it 3 days after you posted

    nice race, great pics


  11. Derek


    u prob want to leave the TuTu at home if you do Ragnar Chi?!!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I don’t know…. there was something deeply satisfying when I would pass someone (especially a dude) while wearing a tu-tu. It had to be somewhat demoralizing to the competition.

      Congrats on finally getting Google Reader setup!

  12. Jessica

    Thank you for organizing this! I had so much fun….. I should have waited to write my recap. I was so tired. So mine was short and sweat! Yours is awesome! Ill have to check with my mentor as I will be training for Chicago this summer but Tim looked up Chicago Ragnar and said it sounds like a lot of fun!

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