Jan 15

Meet Our New Family Member

Jennie and I are pleased to introduce Mister Bailey!!!! 



After our 5k race this morning (race report to follow), we stopped by the local PetSmart that was holding an adoption day for one of the area shelters.  They had a litter of Labrador/German short hair mixes that were ready for adoption.  We picked up this little guy and within minute he had fallen asleep in Jennie’s lap.  Is that a sign or what?

After picking up the requisite supplies, we headed home.  After sniffing around a bit, he curled up on a pillow with a blanket and zonked out.


PS: I know that there are already two other Bailey’s (Bailey 1 and Bailey 2) out here.  Hopefully they don’t mind sharing their name with another dog.

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  1. Lisa


  2. rachel


  3. Jon

    its a PUPPAAAAYYYY!!!!!

    lab/german shorthair mix? dude you got yourself a new running buddy! My folks have a pure german shorthair and when he was a wee bit old, he had CRAZY energy! Good thing you are home all day. That side of his breed LOVES to make mischief for the sake of making mischief.

    He has found himself a good home! Congrats guys!

  4. Lynds

    Gabby too was a petsmart baby. Congrats on your new child. people think getting a pet is supposed to be training for a baby….I told Dave tonight that there is no way any child of ours will be better behaved than this cat 🙂

  5. Regina

    So jealous! Can’t wait until my son is old enough for us to have a dog again (read: help feed and walk). We miss having a dog! Congrats, he looks like a good one!

  6. The Martins

    We need to make a trip to GR (fast — before he gets too big), to see the new puppy — so darn cute!!

  7. lindsay

    uh oh! step 1: get married. step 2: get a dog. … you guys are moving way to fast for me.

    congrats on the adorable bundle of joy!

  8. Scott

    NICE!!! I sooooo want a dog, been told I am not responsible enough for a dog

  9. Jennifer

    Holy cuteness!

  10. Matt Oravec

    Congrats guys! Heather and I have no idea how boring our lives would be without the pups. One of the best things we have ever done 🙂

    And I am sure you researched up on the breed but… RUN HIM!

  11. onelittletrigirl

    Labs are the absolute best dogs ever! Love it!

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