Jan 08


I woke up this morning and got ready for my long run.  I peaked at the weather to know how to dress and saw this.


Yes, 2*F. And it wasn’t even super early – 9:00.  This was made even more remarkable by the fact that the forecasted low for the day was 17*F.  Damn you weather man.  Regardless, I decided to bundle up and head out.  Armed with my CWX tights, a double layer on the top, hat and gloves, I headed out.  My goal was 10 to 12 miles.  I did 10 last week, so I really wanted to increase it to 12 this week.

When I first started the run, I didn’t think I was even going to make it 10 miles.  It was freezing.  The coldest run of the year.  My skin was tingling and my fingers went numb.  Luckily, after I got moving, I began to warm up. 

Eventually, I made it to the 6 mile mark, turned around and headed back home.  The second half seemed to go better than the first.  Maybe it was because I was past the halfway point.  Maybe it was because it finally warmed up to double digits.

As I approached the house, I saw Jennie running towards as she got started on her run.  So, I turned around and ran another 3.25 miles with her to turn my 12 mile day into a 15 mile day.  Definitely worth it. 

Overall, my training this week has been great.  I feel like I am finally back in a groove after vacation.  I am still not following a strict schedule but I am pretty much doing at least one, if not two, activities a day.  There have even been a couple of three-a-days where I did a swim, bike, and run with Jennie. 

Despite the number of activities, I am trying to keep the intensity level to a minimum on the swimming and biking.  Running, however, I am still trying to get in a speed workout here and there to keep my legs fresh.  I really need to get a structured marathon plan in place for this spring before it gets any later.  Maybe the will be tomorrow’s project.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Lisa


  2. Jeff

    That is freezing! But after posting 10 days of Hawaii pics I’d say that is Karma making the worlkd right (-:

  3. Kristin

    I don’t know how you can run in that cold!!! Wow, good for you.

  4. Mandy

    You know it is weird, we had -1 one day this week, but other than that we have had teens – which is warm for this time of year. Usually we have consistent temps like you had today – I am getting spoiled here in Maine. No snow, teens to run in.

    Way to get out there! Ha ha at Jeff.

  5. Derek

    nice 15!
    finally another runner to commiserate the cold weather running! youll get “used” to it again after Hawaii!


  6. Stephen McKenna

    I love running in cold weather. Nothing like an early morning run in the winter calm. It reminds me that I’m alive. And that I better not stop or I’ll freeze to death 😉

  7. BDD

    Come down here, its 6!!!!! Shorts weather

  8. Krista

    Brrr! Great job sticking it out for 15 miles!

    At least it wasn’t windy! It was about 20 here this morning for my run, but the wind made it feel much colder!

  9. Jon

    That IS cold! Way to gut it out! Good thing there was little wind.

  10. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    OMG…you ran in 2degree weather!! You are insane!!! Ha ha!

  11. Matt Oravec

    25 degree limit for me.

    In track in High School kids had issues with their lungs in that weather. That, and the wind chill is what gets me.

    Solid run though. Not for me 🙂

  12. Matt

    That’s 50 degrees below my limit

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