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Hawaii: Day 8–Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Today was a nice laid back day.  We thought about going back up to the North Shore as the tournament was going to be one today.  However, after talking to one of the locals, we decided against it.  Apparently the traffic is horrendous during the tournament and it sounded like we would spend most of the morning sitting in the car.  Not the way we wanted to spent a relaxing vacation.

Instead, we headed to Hanauma Bay to snorkel.  This turned out to be one of the best activities of the trip.  Our only regret was that we didn’t realize it could have been a whole day activity. Had we know that, we could have packed a picnic lunch and spent more time there.

Hanauma Bay is a protected reef that allows for an up close and personal view of the marine life.  Jennie and I went out exploring twice, spending some time on the beach relaxing in between. During our two trips out, we saw lots of colorful fish and had a blast.  Sadly, we didn’t see any honu (sea turtles) or dolphins though.  You probably had to venture out further for them and we stayed relatively close to the shore.

2010-12-15 14.59.37
All set and ready to snorkel!

2010-12-15 15.20.17

2010-12-15 15.24.15

2010-12-15 15.25.23

2010-12-15 15.28.53

2010-12-15 15.32.15

2010-12-15 15.32.44

2010-12-15 15.37.55
You can get an idea from this one how close we were to the fish.  They were docile enough that we could have reached out and touched the fish, but we were told not to.

2010-12-15 17.09.20
A view of Hanauma Bay from above.  Everywhere the water is dark is where the reef is.

2010-12-15 17.49.24
It is incredibly hard to take a self portrait under water.  This is the best one we got.

2010-12-15 18.18.27
So we asked a guy to take one for us.

We spent the afternoon relaxing at the rental house.  We took the kayaks out, walked on the beach, read, and grilled dinner.  I actually did the grilling on a charcoal grill which is the first time I have used a charcoal grill.  The chicken cooked all the way through and no one got sick or died, so I suppose that I can check “grilling on a charcoal grill” off of my Man Card.  Maybe this will make up for nearly getting my Man Card revoked after going to the Michael Buble concert.

2010-12-16 00.13.22 2010-12-16 00.43.06
Beer, fire, and meet.  Does it get any better?

2010-12-16 01.11.22
Maybe it does get better if add in a bottle of riesling.

2010-12-16 00.57.14 2010-12-16 00.57.28

2010-12-15 23.08.18
Jennie being artsy with the camera.

2010-12-15 22.58.30
Some of the cool tide pools created at low tide.

2010-12-15 23.02.46

Stay tuned for Day 9!

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  1. Jon

    I have ran out of nice words to say about your awesome vacation. Alas, I can only insult you out of jealousy. 😉

    Thanks for putting together a future Hawaii travel itinerary!

    But seriously, why did you even come back? You can work from ANYWHERE in the world that has an internet connection, right? I would been like, “CYA winter!”

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Insult away! 🙂

      As for coming back, it was time to leave. We honestly could not see ourselves living there. Sure, it would be awesome to train in the warm weather year round, but then I would turn into a softy (*cough* Jeff *cough*) and complain about 50* weather. Michigan winter’s make me tougher! 🙂

      PS: I’ll keep the travel agent fee a modest amount.

  2. BDD

    Ok, you are starting to make me real jealous

  3. Jeff

    Great pics! Geez I am even getting blasted in the sub-comments now (-:

  4. lindsay

    docile fish? do fish normally attack? other than the jelly- ones and piranha- ones? 🙂

  5. austin

    i love hanauma bay! awesome trip!! keep the pictures coming!

  6. Derek

    I ran the last two days…Sunday it was ONE degress and last night it was like 10 degrees with wind and it was snowing

    I had actually accepted winter and was willing to grind thru it

    til I saw this post


  7. regina

    I love me some snorkeling! It has been way to long. OH, I love me some Reisling too, the dry kind.

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