Dec 31

Hawaii: Day 7–The North Shore

We woke up early on Tuesday in hopes of making it up to the North Shore to watch the Pipe Masters Surf Tournament.  However, after we woke up, we checked the surf report and a looked like they would not be competing today.  Each morning they determine whether or not they will be competing based on the size of the breaks as well as how far out they are happening.  On Tuesday, the breaks weren’t big enough for competition and where breaking too close to the shore.  Regardless, we decided to head up there and check out the are.

After the long drive north, our first stop was Pu’uomahuka Heiau.  Heiau is the Hawaiian word for temple and this temple was believed to have been used for sacrifice; including human sacrifice.  To get to this temple, we had to drive up this incredibly steep mountain.

2010-12-14 14.02.37
The remaining stone walls of of the temple. 

2010-12-14 14.08.33
Ahhhh, nature! It’s all over me, get it off

2010-12-14 14.08.39
The view from the top.  It was worth the climb and walk

It is incredible to think that this temple was constructed by carrying each of the rocks to to the top by hand.  This mountain was difficult to drive up, let alone walk up carrying a heavy stone.

The next stop of the day was the Wailea Valley Nature Center.  This was a sort of botanical garden and nature preserve that highlighted all of the various plant life on the island as well as in other tropical parts of the world.

This was sort of an unplanned stop on the trip and we didn’t have any bug spray with us.  We could have used it as we gotten eaten alive by the mosquitoes. 

At the end of the hiking trail was a 45 foot waterfall.  They had a lifeguard on duty so that you could swim in the pool beneath it.  Count me in!  The water was a brisk 68 degrees.  Although it looks dirty, the water was clearer than you’d think.  While in the water, I could look down and see my feet below me which wasn’t what I expected based on the color.  The muddy color comes from the silt that had washed down during the recent rainfall.

2010-12-14 14.49.12 2010-12-14 14.57.56

2010-12-14 15.02.11
The Hawaiian Moorhen an endangered species found only in Hawaii with less than 1000 left.

2010-12-14 15.55.06
Finally to the waterfall.

2010-12-14 16.10.24
Does this count as my swim workout for the day?

2010-12-14 16.11.40
When I got close to the waterfall it was like swimming in an endless pool.

2010-12-14 16.41.29
Standing under a giant Banyon tree.

2010-12-14 17.16.04
Jennie’s feet after walking around all day.  She was wearing Adidas Adissage sandals which are described as having “full-length massage footbed makes your feet feel great.”  Not so much.  Her feet were killing her.

After the nature center, it was time for lunch.  The recommend, and one of the only, restaurants was Ted’s Bakery.  As we pulled up, it didn’t look like much – more like a dilapidated liquor store.  Despite, that, it was packed.  And for good reason.  The food was awesome!  We each had a chicken sandwich with a huge helping of fries.  They had some tables out front to eat at, but it was so busy, we opted to eat in the car instead. 

2010-12-14 18.07.58 2010-12-14 18.08.19
Please don’t tell the Alamo rental car agency that we managed to spill a
bunch of ketchup on the seat.  Whoops!

Next, we headed over to the Dole plantation.  We were more or less curious to see this after having read mixed reviews on it.  Some said it was a must do and other said it was a complete waste of time.  After visiting, I can see both schools of thought.  The “gift shop” was a complete cluster with all sorts of over priced crap.  However, when we ventured outside, we found a mini tour of the history of the Dole Plantation as well as some fun facts.  Did you know that it takes 18 to 24 months to grow a pineapple?  Or that you can grow a new plant from the top of an old one?  They had a full guided tour as well if you wanted to pay for it, but the mini tour was plenty for us.

We sampled some fresh pineapple inside, but sadly we were less than impressed.  I don’t know if we were there in the offseason or what, but it really didn’t taste any different from the pineapple we get from the grocery store.  Definitely not worth $6 each.

2010-12-14 19.13.22 2010-12-14 19.39.53

Even though the tournament was not going on, we still wanted to check out the beach.  Even though there was no competition, there was still plenty of surfers out there.

2010-12-14 20.44.14
Plenty of surfers out despite the waves not being “big enough”

2010-12-14 20.55.13 2010-12-14 20.54.49-001

On the way out of town, we stopped at Ted’s Bakery a second time.  This stop was to get a slice of their “legendary” Chocolate Haupia Pie.  The pie was pretty good, but not liking coconut myself, I couldn’t fully appreciate it.

2010-12-14 21.03.51
Back to Ted’s Bakery for some pie.  It really doesn’t look like much does it?

2010-12-14 21.06.28

2010-12-14 21.15.20
A slice of Ted’s legendary haupia pie.  It was pretty good, but I really don’t like coconut so the legendary status was lost on me.

We took the long way around the island on our trip back to the rental house.  It was a little slower and took a bit longer, but we drove through lots small towns and were treated to some great ocean vistas.  As we were driving the sun was starting to set on us.  In order to take our daily sunset picture, we had to pull over at a small roadside park to watch it set.

2010-12-14 23.00.38

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  1. Jon

    I have seen that waterfall before. Don’t hate me, but I think I saw it in some “Full House” episode waaaaaay back when. I also think Lance jumped off it @ one point. Can’t remember where I saw that article…..it was a few years back.

    Great sunset photo!!!!

  2. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Your trip sounds so awesome!! Loved the pictures!

  3. Grandma K.

    The pictures and your commentary are wonderful. Enjoyed it all.
    The pie looked too good to eat. However, I would try very hard to enjoy every last bite.

  4. lindsay

    aww look at you two in that last picture.

    those adidas sandals are no joke. they hurt! massage, yeah right.

    we don’t have to tell alamo, i’ll just email them this link.

  5. Matt Oravec

    Yeah, you can cut glass with your nipples Kevin. That’s all I got haha!

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