Dec 27

Hawaii: Day 4–Pre Race Resting and Relaxation

We woke to more ran on Saturday.  Despite having such a good day on Friday with the rainy, it was a little depressing thinking that our Hawaiian vacation was getting rained on.  Thankfully, the rain stopped in the morning and we had sun the rest of the day.

Well at least we got the rain out of the way early.  Only sun forecasted going forward.

As the rain let up, Jennie and I decided to take the kayaks out.  The rental house has an assortment of body boards, surf board, and kayaks free to use.  As I got the kayaks out, I bumped into the couple renting the unit next to us.  They had just arrived the previous day and were in Hawaii for their wedding.  Not just their honeymoon; they were actually getting married on a beach later that day!

A picture of before I flipped the kayak and ended up in the drink.


As you can see, the water in front of our rental house is super calm and peaceful.

Finally caught a picture of one of the big crabs. It was probably about 6 inches wide.  He tried to escape by burying himself in the sand, but I was quicker than him.

The portion of the ocean we are on is in a little bay area so the water is very calm near the shore.  However, if you go out a couple hundred yards or so, there is a pretty good surf and there are generally people out on surf boards. 

We took the kayaks around in the calm stuff at first.  But, being stupid adventurous, I headed out into the waves.  I ended up getting hit by a wave I didn’t seem coming and next thing I knew I was upside down in the water. Thankfully the water was only about chest deep and I could hop right back in.  Definitely wasn’t expecting it though.  I was sort of worried that Jennie would panic when she saw my kayak go over and then come back up empty.  Luckily, for me, the waves blocked her view and she by the time she saw me I was already righting the kayak and hopping back in.

After bringing the kayaks back in, I decided to do a short swim.  My rude introduction to the water strengthened my confidence and I decided to give it a whirl. I was hesitant up to this point because we really haven’t seen too many people in the water outside of a few surfers.  I think part of it was the weather and a part of it was the fact that the only people that use this beach are owners and renters so it doesn’t get a lot of traffic in general.


It was a short swim – only about 20 minutes.  I determined that swimming in salt water sucks and I will take the cold waters of Lake Michigan any day.  I may even have to buy one of the Lake Michigan: Salt-Free t-shirts now to show my support for our freshwater lakes.  I can not even begin to imagine swim 2.4 miles in that crap.

For lunch we had the leftover spaghetti.  It was good except for the fact that after my swim everything tasted salty.  Did I mention that swimming in salt water sucks??

We decided to check out another beach after lunch.  Despite the distaste for salt water, I was not going to let that deter me.  We ended up a Waikiki Beach which is probably the most popular beach on the island.  It was crazy busy with people laying on the beach, playing volleyball, and swimming.


The waves were huge and I decided that I was going to take advantage of it and rent a boogie board and some fins.  I limited myself to an hour rental because I didn’t want to be completely worn out for the race tomorrow.

I’m out there somewhere.  The best waves were way out so that is where I stayed.

It was a blast!  Being able to swim out, have the waves crash on top of of you, and then ride them back to the shore was exhilarating.  I actually have a boogie board at home and have gone on Lake Michigan before but the waves are tiny compared to these.  The hour flew by, but I knew I’ll do more next week. 

After the beach, we checked out the finish line area one more time.  I was most concerned about parking the morning both because of lack of parking lots and road closures.  After getting a good idea of the layout of the area, we drove back home.  On the drive back, we stopped at the Diamond Head crater.  We knew that we didn’t have enough time to stop and enjoy it but we figured that we would find out where it was so that we could go next week.

Keeping with what has somehow become a prerace ritual for me, we headed off to find some pizza and beer for dinner.  The closest pizza place was the Kona Brewing Company so we headed back there.  We were hesitant to go back to the same place twice but A) everything else seemed to be in the downtown (crazy traffic) area and B) it was really good the first time.


We decided on a Hawaiian Luau pizza.  I am a big fan of Hawaiian pizza, or at least what I think of as Hawaiian pizza – pineapple, bacon, and ham.  This pizza, however, had ricotta cheese on it as well.  It sort of ruined it and wasn’t as good as we had hoped.  It, along with a Lavaman Red Ale beer, still hit the spot after a long day.

PC110384 PC110383
Jennie got another fruity drink.  When I asked her which she liked better, this one or the Mai Tai, she said, “The Mai Tai, because it had more fruit.”

Jennie channeling her inner Hyperbole and a Half before having a piece of cake. 
Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake is the only thing that matters!

I spent the rest of the evening reading race reports from previous years.  Special thanks to Frayed Laces for 3 years of awesome race reports!

And the sun goes down on another day in paradise.

Stay tuned for Day 5.

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  1. Jeff

    Looks like a great time! did you see any sharks on your swim …hehe

  2. Matt Oravec

    Yes, swimming in salt water blows. I hated it myself. I suppose you get used to it???

    It would rain for like 2 hours a day when we were there, briefly and then be gorgeous all day… aside from the crazy sun poisoning or allergic reaction thing I had to go to the hospital for when I was there, I loved it 🙂

    Still waiting for the race report!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I did start to get used to the salt water by the end of the trip. Although, I’m sure if I would have gotten a mouthful of it, I would have still puked. haha

      As for rain, we actually only had the one day with rain, the rest of the days we didn’t even seen any rain.

      You ended up in the hospital?? And you still want to live there??

      As much as we loved it, neither of us could see living there. Hopefully you and H get to retire there someday though. Maybe you’ll even have a spare bedroom for guests??? 🙂

      Race report should be coming tomorrow. I have all the posts typed up and just scheduled to go out one a day.

  3. Jon

    Aw man between the Kayaking, swimming, that PIZZA! and that gigantic Beer tank that I could go swimming in, you must have had the BEST EVAR vacation!

    Swimming in salt water sucks….I agree!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I got in a dozen laps in the beer tank before I swallowed too much “water” and had to be dragged out! haha I checked and it doesn’t look like you can get the Kona Brewing Co beer anywhere outside of Hawaii. Too bad. A lot of what I had was good. How is your latest brew going? Did I miss the bottling? Or is it still fermenting?

  4. Lisa

    yeah, i’m not a fan of salt water either

  5. lindsay

    i was waiting for a jellyfish story since no one else was swimming. but i guess it’s good that you didn’t get stung.

    what is the difference between salt/non-salt water?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      The difference between salt water and freshwater is that salt water sucks and freshwater doesn’t 🙂 Salt water is a bit more buoyant than freshwater so technically you can swim faster in it but it tastes like crap.

  6. Krista

    I hate the salt water too – I’m a fresh water girl at heart 🙂 I love the pic with the hawaiian swim trunks and swim cap 🙂

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