Dec 23

Hawaii: Day 2–Expo and Getting Settled

Thursday started out with our first Hawaiian sunrise.  It was beautiful!  Definitely could get used to that.  Actually, our day started out at about 4:30AM when we woke up still used to the Eastern time zone.  Sunrise wasn’t until 6:45AM or so.



On the beach in front of our rental.

When we first walked out to the beach, literally 15 yards from the door, we saw a bunch of crabs skittering off.  I tried to get a picture of them but they were way too quick.  I told Jennie that I wanted to catch one so that I could say I went to Hawaii and caught a case of the crabs.  She wasn’t amused.

Here is one of the little crabs.  There were some bigger ones, but they were speedy.

Jennie with the first of many pieces of beach glass she would collect over the trip.

After the sunset, we had a light breakfast before getting ready to head over to the marathon expo and check out the start and finish line.  The expo started at 9:00 and they meant 9:00 not a minute earlier.

I was very confused by the schedule of events.

That is, until I found the English translation.  There are a ton of Japanese people on the island, both as residents and tourists in for the marathon.  The marathon has something like 60% Japanese runners, the highest of any US marathon.  So, pretty much everything at the expo (and then the race) was in both English and Japanese.


Packet pickup went very smoothly.  They had a station to pick up your number, another for your goodie bag and another if you wanted a number put on your bag for bag drop at the starting line.  They also had a number verification station that I have only ever seen at the IM branded races.  You basically wave your chip over a mat to make sure your name registers correctly on the computer screen.

After that it was to the merchandise tent.  They had some pretty cool stuff and it was difficult to pick.  One thing that sucked about the expo is that you don’t get your race shirt.  Apparently it is a finishers shirt that you get after you finish.  Ok.  Not a big deal.  I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t finish any ways.  But they keep the shirt design and color a secret, so I don’t even know if it was going to be a tech shirt of cotton shirt.  Anyways, after much deliberating, I walked away with a tech shirt, beach towel, Christmas ornament, sticker and postcard.

My expo shwag.  The design on the towel is the same as the postcard. 
It was too big to photograph (TWSS)

We checked out the rest of the expo after that.  Jennie found a few items on the sale rack at one of the exhibits to increase her running wardrobe.  I forgot to mention this before, but she is on a temporary rest/recovery from running.  She took a spill while running in the dark last week and hurt both of her knees.  She has a couple of nasty bruises now and still a little bit of pain after walking for extended periods of time.  Nothing that won’t heal though, so I’m sure she’ll be back at it in no time.

After the expo, we checked out the course.  The start and finish line are a couple miles apart so we wanted to find out the best way for Jennie to walk from one to the other.  It was amazing to drive the course and think that I am going to be running on some of the roads in just a couple of days because the roads are so busy.  One of the roads is a divided highway complete with use of an on ramp and exit ramp!  How they heck do they shut that down for a race??

The finish line for the race is at Kapi’olani Park which looks like a gorgeous area to run.  We actually run through the park on the way out and then come back for the finish so I’ll get to enjoy it twice.

After checking out the course, we headed back to the where all the shops were to find some lunch.  It took forever to find a place to park, but once we did, we realized that we didn’t have enough change for the meter.  None of the local businesses wanted to give us change either.  We eventually scraped together enough for an hour and a half of parking.

We picked one of the closest restaurants, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritavilla.  Our waiter was very friendly and had the classic laidback Hawaiian vibe.  We both kept it simple and had a burger and chicken sandwich.  We were so hungry at that point that anything would taste good.

IMG_0796 IMG_0797
Day 2 and already giving Jennie the “You are taking too many pictures” look. haha

After lunch we headed back to the rental house.  We ended up taking a short detour to check out the Nuuanu Pali Lookout.  It was so windy up in the mountain that you could almost forget you were in Hawaii because the temperature felt a good 15 degrees cooler.

A composite view from the Nuuanu Pali Lookout stitched together from 29 pictures.


Back to the rental house we went for a nap.  The five hour time change was still zapping our energy and took some getting used to.  Around 3:00, I decided that I better go out for a run and see how the weather would affect me.  I barely made it 4 miles before I was back home collapsed on the lanai in a pool of sweat.  How the heck was I going to do a marathon in this crap?  Hopefully the weather would be more manageable on Sunday morning.

I followed up the run by helping make our first dinner.  We did a quick and easy one pot spaghetti with garlic bread and salad.  It was delicious and by the time we were done we decided to take it easy and relaxed on the couch before heading to bed.

Dinner for two at our home away from Home.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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  1. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Awesome pictures! The one of the two of you belongs in a frame! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear how the race went!

  2. Morgan

    I have a whole collection of beach glass from various beaches, I have no idea what I’ll do with it but I want to use it for something someday… Or… maybe I’m just a Hoarder.

    Alright on to the race recap!!! 🙂

  3. Matt

    Whoa, love the pic of Nuuanu Pali lookout!

  4. lindsay

    Jennie looks photoshopped in that first pic. I know she isn’t really, of course.

    Jennie’s knees: yeah right! The secret’s out, you are abusive. If you didn’t push her while running she wouldn’t fall… 😉

    Sunlight: With all the outdoor training you do, you should have more of a tan than this…

    Jennie deserves an extra vacation (or something) for allowing you to run a marathon on your belated-honeymoon. Josh is already whining about 99.9% of the trips we take are for a race…

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Abusive? You call me abusive??!?! Why I oughta… 🙂 We have actually ran the past two days and they seemed to be all healed up.

      As for the sunlight, my Irish/German heritage has left me with two shades of skin color, pasty white or lobster red. I made sure to layer the SPF 50 to maintain my pasty white complexion. I just like to think that in the 1500’s being pasty white was a sign of great beauty.

      And stop giving Jennie ideas or I’ll have to find a way to block you from commenting! 🙂 Just remind Josh, “for better or worse” – he’s in for the long haul.

      1. lindsay

        just to clarify – i meant she looked photoshopped INTO that picture or as though she was standing in front of a backdrop. not that it looks like you airbrushed her or anything.

        hey, non-running vacations are good too. you can still run, just not “happen” to run a race too. i told josh about your hawaii trip. he said “ohh the marathon just so ‘happened’ to be at the same time? how convenient”

  5. Jeff

    Great pics!

    Welcome to humidity my friend .. can’t wait to hear about the marathon!

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      After the humidity, I will no longer give you crap about your weather. At least until the memory of Honolulu fades a bit – then I might go back to harassing you! haha

  6. Jon

    That view from Nuuanu Pali is incredible!!!!

  7. BDD

    Where are the pics of you, drunk, running down the beach in a coconut bra?

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Dammit BDD! I told you that in confidence… 😉

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