Nov 28

Holiday Report: Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  After a family, friend, and travel filled weekend, I finally have a chance to collect my thoughts.


Our Thanksgiving weekend started on Wednesday with some after dinner drinks with friends.  In an attempt to avoid the crazy downtown bar scene we headed to the Green Well Gastro Pub near the East Town area.  Mission successful.  We found parking right out front and were seated right away.  It was great to catch up with them.


Thursday morning started out with the Gobble Wobble – a 4 mile run in EGR.  We got to the race site at 7:30AM and they were already having some issues.  Despite having pre-registered, they were out of race shirts in our size.  We both ended up with larges rather than the small and medium we requested.  They are probably going into the “never wear” pile as they are way too big.  Oh well.  The post race festivities would make up for it.


This event was an untimed, family friendly event.  Dogs and strollers were welcome as well as a few little kids on bikes.  Having the dogs, strollers, and bikes on the course worried me a bit, but it actually seemed to go very smoothly despite the 1200 runners. 


The course was pretty good and every 1/2 mile or so, they had a sign like “You just earned 5 bites of pie”, or “Bring on the turkey!”.

I ran with Jennie the whole time to encourage her along as this was her longest race ever.  She did great and ran the entire way except for a quick pit stop to strip a layer.  She even had a enough left for a good kick at the end.

PB250261 PB250264

The post race refreshments were top notch.  Donuts and cider from Robinette’s. We both had our fair share of each.  After that, they had a pie eating contest (we watched) and a raffle.  As is becoming the usual, I won another raffle.  With my raffle winning streak, I really need to buy a lotto ticket.  I ended up winning a bike lock and Jennie got a set of sport hair bands.

The eventual pie eating contest winner.  Yes, he is wearing a head band.  The rules were eat as much as you can in 5 minutes and whoever ate the most won.  He ate nearly the entire pie.

After the race, we headed home, took an hour nap and then got ready for our first Thanksgiving feast. 

My grandpa carving the turkey.

Normally we spend Thanksgiving day with Jennie’s family but decided to switch things up this year and stayed in Grand Rapids for turkey at my aunt and uncle’s.  It is a good thing we showed up because it  was one of the first times we have had the entire side of the family together at once.

My mom’s side of the family.

After indulging in copious amounts of turkey, potatoes, gravy, pie, ice cream, etc., we were feeling quite rotund. After leaving, we headed over to my Dad’s side of the family for a quick visit before calling it a night.

Friday (Thanksgiving Day Part 2)

Friday started off with traveling across the state to the in-laws for a second Thanksgiving.  After visiting for a bit, we sat down to another turkey dinner with the all the fixings.  Some good old tryptophan and wine led to a nice post dinner snooze.

An ever hopeful dog thinking, “Oh please, please, please drop a small piece of that turkey.”



I dragged myself turkey and potato filled self out of bed and got ready for an early morning run.  I was inspired by a Facebook post by Jon about going on a 10 mile run, so I decided to head out on a 10 miler of my own.  I drove over to parking lot near Stonycreek Metropark to start my run.  It is $4 to drive into the park, but free to run in and I’m a cheapskate. 

It ended up working out perfectly as it was 2 miles to the lake, 6 miles around the lake, and then 2 miles back to the car.  I finished in nearly 1:20 flat for an 8:00 min/mile average.  It was a hard run coupled with the fact that that it was really windy and my arteries were clogged with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and beer.  Despite that, I was really happy with the run as it was my first decent run since my 20 miler last weekend.

After my run, I settled in and watched a one hour special on the 2010 Ironman Wisconsin.  My father-in-law saw it scheduled on Universal Sports a couple weeks ago and DVR-ed it for me to watch.  It was really cool to watch an event that I was actually at.  Although I didn’t make it in the video (if only that camera would have panned to the left a little more), it was neat to see some of the same athletes that I saw in T2.  It really made me even more anxious for 2011 (287 days until IMWI – that’s for you Mandy)

We headed back home later that afternoon so that we could be home for the Notre Dame – USC game.  This was a big game for ND.  They have struggled against USC losing the last 8 years.  This year would be different.  Despite many miscues by my beloved Irish that had me yelling at the TV, they hung on and pulled off a last minute victory.  Woohoo!


Sunday was a day of lounging.  So nice to finally not have anything to do. While I am super thankful for all of the time spent with family and friends, it was nice to be able to just sit and veg out for a bit.  I did sneak out for a late afternoon run followed by a run with Jennie.

Tomorrow it is back to the daily grind…

Thanks for reading!

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  1. lindsay

    i am actually not a fan of eating 2 dinners as i obviously do not need all the calories. but i sucked it up for the 3rd time. josh says when we move into a bigger house we will have everyone over for dinner and then we’ll only have to eat once. umm, not so sure about that option either haha.

    you are like my mom taking pics of everyone eating at the table. but i guess lately it is one of the few times we are all grouped together and subject to a photo. oh yeah, and i’m not so sure you had any cals left for pie after eating donuts!

    glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! congrats to jennie on her longest-race-pr!

  2. Matt Oravec

    Awesome weekend man. I am sooooo envious of the back to back T-day amazingness!

    H would have thrown a fit if she did not get her size shirt. No lie. She races for the shirts. I do it for the medals. We all have our vices right?!

    Great job to Jenny for keeping her running distances growing!

  3. Jeff

    That is one packed extended weekend! Congrats to Jennie on the gobble wobble!

    Way to get up and get in the 10miler. I did that on Sat morning and it was a struggle.

  4. Jon

    Dang man! Sounds like you will need a vacation from this weekend! You didn’t enter the pie contest? What gives! 😉

    Too funny that we both dropped a 1:20:00 / 10 mile run this past weekend.

  5. brybrarobry

    Just reading your post has made me so hungry. I looks like you had a great weekend.

  6. Nitmos

    Yes, yes, a solid Thanksgiving weekend. Way to find time for a run too!

  7. Mandy

    Wow, looks like an awesome weekend!

    Yeah for Jennie pushing even further!! That is awesome.

    I want pie.

  8. BDD

    Well, its about time I can comment on this!!! Geez oh pete

    First, congrats to Jennie

    Now I am trying to remember what I was going to write, its hard when you basically start off with gobble wobble, I mean, its addicting and mind consuming, and if that wasnt enough, then its dounuts, I hacent had a good doughnut in a long, long time, I am like a dog salavating right now, and PIE, my complete dessert weakness, you are evil, purely evil, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    GOBBLE WOBBLE!!!!!!!!!

  9. regina

    Love the signs for the race course, nothing like food motivation to get you running harder. You had a turkey fest kind of weekend with lots of family, very cool.

    I was so happy to get out and run after all my Thanksgiving indulgence (despite the 6 miles I did that morning, I needed more!).

    btw, the photo on the holiday card was not me! It was the stock photo, ha! But thanks anyway 😉

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