Nov 18

Wii-Ride Workout

Inspired by MattyO’s latest trainer ride I saddled up on the trainer tonight for a one hour video game playing ride.  This would be my first trainer ride of the season.  I’ll probably still do some outdoor rides yet this season, but I simply ran out of daylight today.  I really don’t mind trainer rides, but they are much hard to get motivated to start than riding outside.  Once I start though I really get into the ride.

I have always been one to multitask while on the trainer.  I have successfully:

Now, I can add playing video games to that list.  The idea of playing video games on the trainer actually came from BDD and is one of the greatest ideas ever.

I setup the trainer in the living room, popped in Mario Kart Wii and started playing spinning.

PB180194 PB180195

I never really got used to using the wheel for Mario Kart Wii and stick with the regular controller.  This probably worked better than the wheel because it required less arm movement.

Playing while riding definitely took some getting used to, but after 30 minutes or so, I really settled into a groove.  It was funny because my pace seemed to fluctuate based on my playing.  When I would crash or slow down for a curve, my spinning would slow down.  When it was coming down to the wire at the end of a race, my spinning would rev up.

Gaming made the time fly by.  After racing a few courses, I looked down and was shocked to see 40 minutes had already gone by.  I finished a few more races to round it out to an hour workout.


The Wii even tracked my playing workout time.  Next time, I’ll probably bust out Super Smash Brothers or Super Mario Bros to change things up a bit.  Our library even rents Wii games so I may have to look into that.

And now for the ewwww picture.  I got off the trainer and noticed a puddle of sweat on the floor.  Kinda hard to photograph, but it was a good sized puddle.  Normally, I would have the trainer setup in the basement with a towel under it, but the Wii is setup upstairs so sacrifices had to be made.


After the ride, it was time for a calorie replacement snack. I just need to structure all of my trainer rides to include video game playing and a follow up ice cream sundae and I’ll log some serious mileage this winter.


Jennie and I have a 5k tomorrow – The Yule Run, I’ll Walk 5k.  It is a night run through the Nite Lights display which features over 1 million Christmas light, over 40 creative and animated displays, carolers on the course, and hot chocolate/cider at the finish.  It should be a fun time.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. lisa

    I never have liked trainer rides or treadmill runs. My husband has taken several conference calls on the trainer. Now I know he’s not the only one!

    Have fun at the 5k!

  2. Matt Oravec

    LOVED THIS! HAHA! I was thinking about mario kart because I will play that for hours!!! Because each time I say, alright, I will only do one more race haha.

    GREAT JOB MAN! I get frustrated as it is and I am jumping up and down while I play mario kart.

    It took me about a half hour as well to kind of settle into a groove and mentally be able to handle the video game and pedaling.

    Can’t wait to see what this spawns. Do I see a mario kart spinning challenge this winter?! Who’s in? hahaha.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Mario Kart Challenge?? Bring it! I usually play on the online connection anyways because I hate the built in AI – there is no way you can throw a banana with the accuracy the computer seems to throw.

      I think I am going to look forward to trainer rides this year.

  3. onelittletrigirl

    I read or watch movies on the trainer. Otherwise I would never be able to get through a session longer than 20 minutes!

  4. Jon

    Awesome! If only they could hook the Wii up to a trainer. We could race each other!!! I’d prolly fall off my bike if I played Mario Kart Wii while riding.

    So its 10AM while I am writing this, and the picture of the sundae is making me hungry. Thanks!

    Get pictures of your 5K!

  5. lindsay

    not fair! pictures of m&m’s! cruel. just cruel.

    very nice “workout”. i wonder if the knew xbox kinect thingy has anything you could spin to. not that i have one of those anymore, josh’s xbox got the red light virus during the summer.

  6. CouplaHounds

    OK,between you and Matty-O, you’ve given me some alternative ideas! I ride a computrainer but there is still no reason why I can’t have even more fun with indoor rides. I’ll have to try it!

  7. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Great idea for the trainer ride…too bad I don’t have video games! 🙁

    Yum…that ice cream sundae looks delicious!

    Have fun in the 5k…it sounds like a really cool race!

  8. BDD

    I now need a WII, I just have a PS2

  9. Emily

    I think I’m the only triathlete who is incapable of multitasking while on the trainer. It would make my rides/winter much more enjoyable if I could find a way to do fun things while stuck on the bike inside.

  10. Maria

    Um..this is genius! I might have to hijack a friend’s system to set this sucker up!

    I’m so glad that you have the right mentality for calorie intake. I’m telling ya, as soon as Ben and Jerry figure out how to make ice cream bikable, I’ll never get off the bike!

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