Nov 07

It Is All Jon’s Fault

Today started off like any other Sunday – nice and laid back.  After my long run, I had planned on taking it easy.  And then Jon posted this picture on his blog:


The first time Jon posted about donuts, I was able to restrain myself.  It was just a fleeting mention of his love of all things October – cider, donuts, pie, etc.  So far, so good.  He mentioned them again a week later and again, I showed restraint.  Then it got tougher.  Not only did he mention donuts, but he and The Lazy Marathoner did a donut ride together.   Thankfully though, he was thoughtful enough to not include any pictures so I was again able to restrain.  However, this morning, he had to post about donuts yet again (with the above picture).

That’s it.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I hopped on the bike and took of in search of some donuts.  After 20 miles of riding, I ended up at Robinette’s Apple Haus and purchased these jems

photo 1

That’s two sprinkle donuts and two cinnamon sugar donuts.  I only ate two of the donuts, one of each kind.  The other two, I pocketed and brought home for Jennie.  Why?  Because I would rather not sleep on the couch this week.  Because I love my wife.

photo 2

After the donut stop, it was another 12 miles home where I surprised Jennie with the donuts.  Before eating a donut though, we decided to go on a short run.  At the end of the run, we were still about 3 houses away from home.  I looked back to Jennie and all I said was, “Donut.”  I didn’t even see her go by me.  All I felt was the wind as she blew forward to our driveway.  Nothing like a donut for a little motivation to finish strong.

Oh, and by the way.  The donuts were AMAZING!  They were still warm when I bought them an melted in my mouth.

Not the healthiest food, but it isn’t my fault.  It is all Jon’s fault.  At least that is the story I am sticking with!

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  1. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Ha ha..this post totally cracked me up! I like how you’re blaming Jon for going on a ride in search of donuts! 🙂

  2. Jon

    hahahahahaaha! Glad I can be a positive influence! That place has a winery too? That could be dangerous….

    Too funny!

  3. Mandy

    That is so funny, Jon can be a bad influence for sure! 🙂

    1. Jon

      Ubu Ale anyone?

  4. BDD

    LOLOL!! I dont know what was funnier, saving the donuts so you wouldnt have to sleep on the couch or getting chicked after you mention donuts to her 😉

  5. Emily

    Hilarious! Now you make me want donuts, and if I succomb I blaming both you AND Jon.

    My college swim team used to do a donut relay where we would have to eat a donut before diving in for the next relay leg. Ooof it got ugly every time.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      Oh man… donuts and swimming. I can see how that would get ugly real fast. It was bad enough on the bike.

  6. lindsay

    they didn’t get squished in the back of your shirt? or did you stash them somewhere else?

    i wish i could eat donuts. you should probably have some more this week in my honor.

    1. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

      I shoved the donuts in the back on my bike jersey pocket and surprisingly they survived the trip without incident. It was a little tight getting the bag into my pocket, but you can carry so much crap in the back pockets of a bike jersey. For this ride I had a spare tube, CO2 pump/cartridge, cell phone, wallet, keys, and 2 donuts 🙂

      PS: Let me know if you get this reply. I am trying something new with my comments that allows me to post the reply on the site and still have an email sent to you.

      PPS: I know a great place to stay in GR as well if you need a fall marathon to do 🙂

  7. regina

    I know, right?! I had hot cider and donuts after my trail run on Saturday! I mean, how could I not, the farmer’s market was right there at the trail’s end. Pure evil!

  8. Kristin

    I received that picture via text, torture!

  9. Maria

    Alright, you and Jon are going to be in BIG trouble if I jump on this train…there are no less than 4 doughnut shops in Huntsville (we don’t have a freakin’ sports store, but we have half a dozen doughnut shops…) and they are the real doughnuts, not the frozen stuff. If I start eating this stuff because you two keep posting beautiful pictures of them, I’m blaming you!

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