Oct 26

Power Outage

Apologies to anyone who may have tried to visit my blog today.  The weather has been crazy around here today and we lost power.  As an uber-geek, I host my blog from a computer in the basement, so when we lose power, the website goes down.  One of these days I’ll actually move it to an offsite location and fork over the money for hosting.

Today’s weather brought tornado watches, warnings and high winds.  I spent the morning listening to the tornado sirens going off and watching the weather on TV.  At least I was home for the bad weather.  Jennie was stuck downtown waiting out the tornado warning in a parking garage.  She spent the last two days in jury duty limbo only to find out today that the defendant took a plea deal.

After the tornado warning passed, the winds kicked up.  We currently have 25mph winds with gusts up to 50mph.  Around 3:00, the power was knocked out.  But here is the kicker, it didn’t go out for everyone.  On our street of about 50 houses, only 10 lost power, the rest were fine.  Ugh.  That probably made us low priority for getting the problem fixed.

I decided to get some shopping done rather than hang around and wait for power to be restored. 

My first stop was Gazelle Sports to cash in my Free Shoes gift certificate that I won.  I was limited to Saucony shoes so I had done some research already and knew what I was looking for.  I also got some great advice from Megan @ In Training who is sponsored by Saucony.  I ended up going with a pair of bright orange Kinvaras.  The Kinvara is a “minimalist” shoe (ala Nike Free), but I intend on using it as a lightweight racing shoe.  I can’t get over how light they are – only 7.7oz.  Compare this to the nearly 11oz of my current DYADs it is like running in socks. 

Photo Oct 26, 9 49 52 PM

You won’t be able to miss me in these babies! 

When I got home from shopping, I took them out on a quick 4 mile trial run.  My ankles are still a bit sore from the trail running, but other than that, the shoes worked great.  They seem to be very breathable and comfortable.  They definitely don’t have as much support as the DYADs so I am going to slowly ramp up my distance in them.

While I was Gazelle Sports, I checked out some of their winter running gear and couldn’t pass up on getting a new pair of long pants.  They had a good deal on the New Balance Gazelle 2.0 pant and I figured that the shoes were free, so what the heck!


It isn’t quite cold enough to break these out, but it sure will be in no time.

After I finished up the rest of my shopping, I headed home.  The power was still out, so Jennie and I had a romantic candlelight dinner of Chinese takeout.  Sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, and egg drop soup… MMMmmmmm…. This is what the off season is all about!


The power finally came back on around 9:00 tonight.  Ironically, it came back on almost immediately after we got back from buying a battery powered lantern from the store.  Oh well!  The lantern was on the “to buy” list any ways for camping.

Now I have to catch up on some work now that power has been restored.  It is amazing how much of our lives are controlled by electrical devices!

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  1. Joel

    Good luck with the Kinvaras! I’ve been considering giving them a shot also!

  2. lindsay

    dude, don’t pay for hosting, just buy a generator 🙂 that is nerdy, but i admire your skillz. i have no idea what “hosting” even is/does… haha.

    love the shoes!

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Those shoes are awesome! I love the color!

    I like your candlelit dinner! We had to do that last year when our power went out. My boys loved it and thought it was sooo fun! 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    I have been wanting a pair of Kinvaras…specifically the pink ones but the orange ones look AWESOME!

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