Oct 07

Checking In

Now that it is the off season (for triathlons at least), there isn’t much to write about.  Plus, my workload seems to be ever increasing without an end in sight.  Oh well, job security, right?

Beer Run

Jennie and I did our 3rd beer run on Tuesday at the Corner Bar in Rockford.  This was scheduled to be the 5th and final run of the series.  However, Don Kern announced a 6th beer run in November at New Holland Brewing Company!  Woohoo! More running!  More beer!

The run at The Corner Bar was on the White Pine Trail like last time, but about 10 miles down the trail this time.  So, at 6:30, 150+ runners took off down the trail.  I felt great right out of the gate and decided to make it a tempo run.  I had two guys in front of me pushing a hard pace.  I stayed right on their heels until the 2.5 mile turn around when one of them took of like a shot.  I held on to the other guy until about mile 4 when I was finally able to pass him up.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 32:51 (6:35 min/mile pace).

Jennie did her own 3+ mile run before meeting back up at the Corner Bar for beer and hot dogs.  They had two beers available this time; New Holland Golden Cap (Jennie’s favorite) and New Holland Ichabod (their seasonal pumpkin beer and my choice). 

image image(2)


I am happy to report that I am actually keeping up with my P90X workouts.  I finally finished an entire first week after 2 previous stalled attempts.  I did skip the KenpoX in place of doing the half marathon last weekend though.  And honestly, I will probably continue to skip some of the cardio DVDs in place of an actual cardio event.  While it may be partially mental, I already notice a difference.  Just simply moving my Bowflex dumb bells (about 55lbs) to another room seems easier.  My goal for this week is to make it through an entire Ab Ripper X workout.  I have been doing all the exercises so far albeit only 15-20 reps per exercise rather than the 25 on the DVD.  “This isn’t Ab Ripper 100 or 200, this is Ab Ripper 339.”

Bike Ride

I had some time yesterday afternoon and escaped for a bike ride.  It was a great fall afternoon for a bike ride. I ended up doing a big loop out to Caledonia and around to the Kent Trail.  I stopped at a cross country meet about halfway into the ride.  One of my friends from the pool has a son on the team.  He is currently 7 seconds away from earning his Varsity letter as a freshman.  You have to run 18:30 or better to letter.  I had hoped to see him run, but his run wasn’t for another half hour and I was going to be fighting daylight as it was.  Hopefully he lettered though!

Once I got to the Kent Trail, I stopped to call Jennie and let her know that I was still an hour or so away and not to worry.  I was getting worried that I was going to run out of daylight and have to call her to pick me up.  Thankfully though, I was done with the hills and had finally had the wind at my back.  I made it home just before 7:00PM, 15 minutes before sunset.

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  1. lindsay

    nice ride! i skipped out on work early yesterday (legally/i asked/cashed in couple hours of time off just FYI haha) and got in almost 21 miles. it still seems so hard to me – it’s kind of frustrating. i know i’m not in top physical condition but i figured my running would not make it seem so hard on the bike. i think it did average out to be 15mph for me, which is slightly up from my usual 14-14.5 i guess. but all you people at 17+ mph would drop me like a bad habit in no time!

    anyway… that pumpkin beer sounds interesting.

  2. Matt Oravec

    Man, drooling over the food shots haha. That Ichabod sounds mighty tasty!!!

    Screaming pace buddy! You were blazing some trails behind you. Way to push it hard on the run! Beer = Deserved haha!

    Nice on the P90X too. I have been doing 20-25 on the Abs. My lower back is very iffy when I start lifting and I have found that the ab work really strains it. It actually will hurt my back so much that I have to back off the next day’s workouts.

    Hope you get some good results and see improvement in your running/swimming/biking with the weight training. That is my goal at least.

  3. Mandy

    That food looks so good! You are super fast.

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