Sep 26

Bang, Bang Bullet Points

  • Slept in, read, and took a nap this morning.  Couldn’t get myself going until after lunch for some reason.
  • It ended up being a beautiful day today and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a long bike ride.  Ended up riding the White Pine Trail for a 51 mile ride. 
  • Accidentally ran over a chipmunk on said bike ride.  I feel bad about it, but there was nothing I could do as it ran across the path.
  • Helped Jennie with some yard work when I got home.  Lots of fall yard work to do: cleaning up fallen sticks, raking, prepping the garden for winter, etc.
  • Our basil plants grew out of control this year.  Jennie harvested four stalks worth and made pesto out of it.  She ended up with 6, 8oz jars (basically 6 meals of chicken pesto) and there is still about 6 stalks left and already at least 10 jars in the freezer from previous harvests.  Anyone want some pesto???


  • Oh, and she made banana bread too.  The house smells awesome!
  • I harvested what might be our last batch of fresh tomatoes.  I’ve already made about 15, 8oz jars of salsa so far.  So, between pesto and salsa, we are set for the winter.
  • Ironman has added a new 70.3 race.  In Ireland! Too bad it is next September and I already have plans.  Maybe 2012???
  • The new 201Ironman site is really taking off.  We are up to 15 members already!
  • So far, Lake Placid is the most popular Ironman of choice.  Where are all my IM Wisconsin friends???
  • Trying to decided if I should do a half marathon next weekend.  I did the race last year and it is a good course, but I’m just not feeling motivated this year for some reason.
  • Finally took the plunge and registered for the Grand Rapids Marathon.
  • Now, I am indulging in a brownie sundae with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and chocolate chips.  Sorry Jeff, now this is two blogs that have mentioned ice cream and are tempting you.  And Maria, this bite is for you!

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  1. Jon

    Brownie sundae recovery method @ work!!! YUM!

  2. lindsay

    yummm x82372.

    time for a pesto giveaway! i’ll take some banana bread for sure, my favorite. don’t remind me about raking leaves. i need to call the tree guy (still) and get them to prune some trees before the leaves start falling; that’ll save me a couple piles maybe.

    you ran over a dashing chipmunk? that has to take some skill. poor alvin…

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    That brownie sundae looks sooo good! Yum!
    Our basil plants went crazy this year too! With our tomatoes and basil, we’ve made A LOT of caprese salads..yum, yum, yum!

  4. regina

    Ah! Home grown basil. It has been fantastic this year. I am going to bring my plants indoors this winter so I can have more.

    They also are introducing a new 70.3 in the Poconos! I am excited about that.

  5. Maria

    Hot damn! It looks so beautiful!
    I should have read this post before your marathon training one, then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so tired.
    Ice Cream…the Fuel of Champions baby!!

    RIP Mr Chipmunk.

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