Sep 25

Survey Saturday (Redo)

After introducing a new feature to my blog a couple weeks ago, I have been remiss at adding a new poll.  The first poll didn’t quite work out as planned as the poll service I was using, BlogPolls.com, had a hiccup and I had to remove it because it causing the page to not load.

Anyways, I wish I could look at the results of the first poll, but because of their hiccup, my account was lost along with all the results.  The last time I was able to check the results, “Technical Shirt” had a big lead over the rest of the options for, “What is your favorite race schwag?”

I’ve mentioned before that I do like a good technical shirt, but I have a had a horrible time sizing technical shirts as they all seem to be different.  Half the time I am a medium and half the time I am a large.  I’ve gotten hosed too many times with a shirt that is way too big or way too small which is very frustrating.  Lately, though I’ve had better luck.  My secret – always pre-order a medium when registering.  If it is too small, they will generally have larges left over but not vise versa.

Anyways, for the second Survey Saturday, I have found a new way to capture poll data using a WordPress plugin (available here for any WordPress users).  This way, the service is completely hosted on my end and I don’t have to worry about a 3rd party service.

Without further adieu, I introduce this week’s current poll.  It will be available below and in the sidebar to the right.


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  1. lisa

    I have had similar experience with race shirts, but I’m either a small or medium; it depends on the cut of the shirt. Seems like I always choose the wrong size… *sigh*

  2. lindsay

    i’m with lisa on the s/m dilemma. plus they rarely spell out if they are gender-specific, which makes a huge difference. i’ve checked “medium” before and it was a men’s medium and therefore baggy. oh the dilemma. i’m not that picky though, i run in those too.

    as for the bike maintenance. haven’t done any yet haha. owned the bike for a couple years but it hasn’t been ridden that much. i should probably clean the chain thingy, not sure what else. i checked off the ‘husband’ answer cause when i got a flat josh fixed it and that’s the extent of my bike maintenance so far… i know i need to learn basic things though, and josh wants to do general bike maintenance but we don’t have a garage so it’s hard to have all that stuff on hand.

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