Sep 22

Ironman Nightmares

There are still 354 days until Ironman Wisconsin next year and the race nightmares have already begun.  This is going to be a long year…

Last night’s dream involved the swim.  First off, for some reason the water was freezing cold.  Not a brisk 65* or something like that, but we are talking low 40’s.  All of the racers were trying to put on sweats and sweatshirts on underneath their wetsuits to stay warm.  Yes, I know that doesn’t really make sense because the clothes are just going to get wet too, but I never said the nightmare was rational.

Then, the corralled everyone into the water way in advance of the swim start.  Everyone was bobbing in the water shivering when the race director shouts “Go!”.  Well, everyone takes off.  It isn’t until everyone is 100 yards in that we realize the race director was only shouting “Go!” for the pros to start.  Everyone else was supposed to wait.  So, the boaters and kayaks herd everyone back to the starting line where we waited 20 minutes for our start.

Ok.  20 minutes goes by and we finally get to start.

I start swimming and feel like I am doing great.  There is no one around me and I’m not getting pummeled by other swimmers like I thought I would be.

And that is when the nightmare really starts.

All of a sudden I am strapped down to a stretcher in a helicopter.  I have no idea what happened.  I feel fine and there is nothing obviously wrong with me.

I start to ask what is wrong, but no one will tell me.  All they will say is that my race is over.  I continue to insist on finding out why they pulled me out of the water or if anything is wrong.  They eventually told me that in every race, they have to pull out at least one swimmer so that it looks like they are doing their job.  Because no one was visibly struggling, they had to just pick a swimmer at random and I ended up being that unlucky swimmer.

And then I woke up.  Thankful that it was over with.

Now I’m awake, but exhausted feeling like I didn’t sleep at all.

I may need a nap this morning if I plan on getting in both a swim and bike ride today.  Yes, the bike is FINALLY fixed.  I actually got in a 21 mile ride yesterday to test it out.  So happy to have it back!

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Never had a triathlon dream… in fact I rarely remember ANY of my dreams. Life is easier that way haha!

    Looks like someone needs to find a warmer ironman location 😉

  2. Maria


    You do have a long year ahead of you…which means the nightmares the month before the race will be interesting for sure!

    Glad to hear the bike is fixed!

  3. Jon

    Woah! Happy dreams needed: like winning your AG!

  4. lisa

    ironman nightmares already?

  5. Jeff

    i decided to not read this post Kevin, ignorance is bliss … lol!

  6. lindsay

    hahaha. well at least you weren’t getting hurt? you do have a long year ahead of you… let me send you some sleeping pills haha.

    for the bike – what is the shortest distance you would go out and ride? i have this issue with thinking “anything under 20 is a waste of time”. why do i do that? i don’t know. it’s the same with running — “i *only* have time to run 3 miles, i may as well not run”. anyway just curious.

  7. Kristin

    Wow, that’s pretty funny! It won’t be 40, don’t worry. And it’s best not to think about it at all for the next three months or you’ll make yourself crazy!

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