Sep 21

Return to Running

First off, a quick update on the new 201Ironman blog.  I accidentally mistyped my email address on the About page for joining 201Ironman.  Oops!  If you got your email rejected, the correct email address is kevin.neumann@gmail.com.  Apologies!

Moving on to a training update.

Now that the triathlon season is over, I have begun to focus more on running for two reasons.  Number one, there are a couple of marathons I want to do this fall/winter.  The first one, The Grand Rapids Marathon, is rapidly approaching.  I’m confident that I can be to a point in my training where I will be able to finish, but won’t be in any place to set any land speed records which is fine.  These are going to be fun marathons any ways.  And number 2, my bike is still broke.

Last week, I logged my most running since May of 2009!  I finished the week with 46.8 miles.  Now before you go and yell at me for doing too much, too soon, 10 of those miles were “coaching” miles with Jennie.  I really only ran 4 days logged, 8 miles, 8 miles, 15 miles, and 6 miles.  However, after 3 of those runs, I went back out with Jennie after I got home for an extra 2 or 3 miles.  For her, it was a great way to have some good company (at least in my opinion) on her run.  And for me, it was a good way to add some extra miles to my runs.

I did the two 8 mile runs at tempo and sort of on accident.  Both days, I headed out for 5-6 miles, but when I got to point where going left meant 5-6 or going right meant 7-8, I always ended up turning right.  Good thing that Jennie has learned that when I say I’ll be gone for 45 minutes on a run, she knows that I really mean 45 minutes +/- a half hour. 

tempo2 tempo1

Here are the splits from my two tempo runs, both results I live to see.  Run 1 was a hilly course, and you can obviously see which splits contained the hills. Run 2, was a bit flatter and my goal was to run each mile faster than the previous.  I came pretty close to succeeding – except for the damn Hall Street Hill.

After two tempo runs, I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect out of a long run.  I took the day off from running before my long run to rest up.  On Saturday morning, I was laying in bed, just about ready to get up for the run when I heard the rain and thunder start.  Crap.  I rolled over for some more sleep. 

I ended up starting my run at about 9:30 after the rain let up and boy was it humid.  That’s what I get for sleeping in.  Anyways, I plotted out a course in my head, 7.5 miles out and 7.5 miles back.  I used to hate doing out and back courses, but am starting to get used to them the more I do them.  For me, this is good mental preparation because a few of the races I do are out and back courses and I like to be mentally prepared for that challenge.


I ended up finishing the run in 2:04 (8:18 pace) and actually even negative split the run by 10 seconds! Yay!  On top of that, I didn’t feel awful at all during the run.  Sure, my legs felt a bit tired towards the end, but nowhere near how bad I thought it was going to be.

This weekend, I am thinking about doing an organized 20 mile training run.  The local running shop, Gazelle Sports, is putting on the event in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Marathon.  For $15, you get to run part of the marathon course, aid along the course, and a shirt.  Not a bad deal.

So, this week’s running is going to be fairly light in anticipation for the long run this weekend.  I may do an easy 10 mile run today or tomorrow and then a 6 mile run on Thursday, but that will probably be about it.

Like I said, my bike is still broke, and I am going through some serious bike withdrawal.  I finally got the parts I needed to fix it yesterday.  However, after I got the parts installed, I noticed the rear wheel was horribly out of true – the result of the derailleur going into the spokes I guess.  As I tried to true the wheel, I snapped a spoke.  I was not happy. 

I really wanted to ride my bike!

Hopefully I can get it into the shop today and get it all fixed up for a ride tomorrow.


It looks like we are going to have a warm week albeit with a chance of rain.  I have to get out there and enjoy it while it lasts because in no time it will look like this.


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  1. Matt Oravec

    Nice mileage! I am not one to jump on anyone regarding mileage 🙂 I do the same thing. When motivated, take advantage of it and log the miles haha!

    We know our bodies, if we feel injury lurking we cool the jets a bit.

    Way to log the miles though man. Hope for the best with your marathon!

    I hate running in the winter… GRRRRR I hate you for posting that picture. EVIL!

  2. lisa

    the organized 20 seems like a good deal if 20 (or something close to it) is on your schedule

  3. Jeff

    Doing the organized 20 sounds great! I’d toss $15 at that every weekend! Big running week Kevin, you keep that up and you’ll crush the mary.

    You posted the weather and my first thought was that it was going to be a cold one for you guys ..lol. Funny how perspectives are different depending on where you live. We’d all be in long sleeves and tights with lows like that! Heck we call those temps January!

  4. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Awesome job with your runs! I would totally do that 20M run if they had something like that here.
    I’m sorry your bike is still broken. I hope it gets fixed soon!

  5. Jon

    Its such a double edged sword right now. Its soooooo nice out for running, and yet our bodies are either broken down or mentally ramping back up the running is a hard thing. Thanks for posting the snow picture. That was the kick in the butt I needed to make the most of this incredible weather.

  6. Kristin

    It was just cruel to post that picture…

  7. jon gilchrist

    good mileage…I like that…good neg split, too…

  8. lindsay

    yuck that’s a lot of snow. that 20-mile organized run sounds well worth the $15, even without a shirt. i wish i ‘accidentally’ added mileage on my runs…

  9. Jason

    If I had the opportunity to run 20 miles for $15 with aid and a shirt I would be all over that too. Where else can you get that kind of deal?

    Right now my 20 is 2 loops around White Rock Lake here in Dallas with my own aid and my own shirt…..

    Nice job on the runs and let us know how the organized 20 goes for you.

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