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Wisconsin, Here I Come!


I realized the other day that I haven’t yet shared my plan for Ironman Wisconsin.  No, no, I‘m not racing IMWI.  But I will be volunteering there this year.  I’ll be headed over to Madison on Saturday after the Reeds Lake Tri (my final tri of the season) for a day full of volunteering and cheering on Sunday.  I’m signed up to work the T2 tent which should leave me plenty of time to see the start of the race and even some of the finish – although I’ll probably miss seeing the pros cross the line.

I am so excited!

After my last HIM, I really feel like I am at a point where doing a full Ironman is within the realm of possibility.  Obviously, I’m not ready to do one today, but I feel that I am to the point where I can handle the training and commitment that is Ironman.  So, you can probably guess what I’ll be doing on Monday morning…

The only blogger I know doing IMWI is Kristin @ The Lazy Marathoner.  Good luck Kristin! If you know of anyone else racing, let me know so I can look for them.

Reeds Lake Triathlon


Like I mentioned, I’ll be doing my last tri of the season on Saturday.  It is a local race (only a mile away) so it is hard to pass up on such a convenient race.  It is a sprint race (.5 mile/17.2 miles/4.9miles).  We have had quite the cool down this week, so it may be a chilly race morning (low of 54, high of 70).  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to a great race to end the season.  My goal is to finish under 1:40.  I finished in 1:38:XX last year, so 1:40 is a reasonable goal. 

My training the past couple of weeks has been a little lackluster.  Also, my decision to start P90X earlier this week might not have been the greatest idea.  I was pretty sore after the first couple of workouts, so I put the plan on hold until after the race.  It probably isn’t a good idea to show up to the race with sore arms/abs/shoulders/back/chest/etc.  Other than putting the plan on hold, I can tell that it is a good program and will be very beneficial once I get back on track.

Beer Run #2

Yesterday, Jennie and I partook in our second Beer Run.  This one was at Vitale’s Restaurant in Comstock Park.  The run took place on the White Pine Trail and was an out and back course with 3, 4, and 5 miles options.  I was pretty sore, so I opted to do an easy 3 miles with Jennie.

When we got back to Vitale’s and had plenty of appetizers and beer awaiting us.  They had pita bread with hummus, bruschetta, and New Holland’s Golden Cap Saison.

photo 1(2)

The appetizers themselves were more than enough.  That is until the table next to us ordered a pizza.  It smelled so good that we decided to order our own.  It was superb!

photo 3(3)

To top off the night, Jennie drank her first full beer!  She has never been much of a beer person and has always been much happier with a Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard, or Cosmo.  However, she really took to the Golden Cap and downed the whole glass much to my disappointment.  I was disappointed because I was looking to drinking both beers myself! Oh well, I’m glad she found a beer she likes.

photo 2(4) photo 2(3)
Good to the last drop!  I’m really not angry in my picture, just got caught not smiling.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for a race report and IMWI volunteering report!

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  1. Matt Oravec

    Can’t wait to hear how IMWI goes for volunteering! I want to see one in person before I ever commit haha. Good job volunteering man!

    I definitely need to find a beer running crew by me. That sounds awesome and while I typically create my own beer runs haha, the group seems more attractive!

    Good luck this weekend at the TRI! Our last race is next weekend. I am pretty sad and think I will go through some withdrawal and depression (that is disturbing) haha!

  2. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    Have fun at IMWI – I was wondering if you would be signing up… Sounds like a lot of people are going for the full IM next year!

    I think these beer runs are awesome! I hope this becomes a nationwide trend. Perhaps hubby and I should quit our jobs and start a traveling beer run…

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Have fun volunteering! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ve heard that volunteering for an IM is just an absolutely amazing experience!

    That beer run sounds so fun! I wish we had some here….my husband would love them. I’m like Jenny, not too into beers, but every once in awhile I find one I like and can drink the entire glass! 🙂

  4. lindsay

    i guess monday = registration day? gah spell it out, not all of us a triathletes 🙂

    good luck in your last tri of the season and have fun at IMWI! when i read about others ironman recaps i am always tempted to do one but… yeah, still hate the OWSing. (not to mention, i’m tempted to do a full ironman, not start small and test the water with a shorter race. i have issues i know) anyway good luck!

  5. lindsay

    ^are triathletes.

    my fingers got too excited on the keyboard.

  6. Maria

    Good luck this weekend (for both the race and volunteering)! I can’t wait to hear about both!

  7. Viper

    Good luck at your race. Cheers to more beer runs.

  8. onelittletrigirl

    Have fun volunteering- my friend Denise is racing…really going after a Kona spot so I will be tracking all day!

  9. Jon

    You are probably watching folks finishing IMWI right now….

    but! those pizza photos are awesome. The perspective of the first one makes it look like a GIGANTIC pizza compared to the person standing behind it.

    You don’t look angry. You just don’t want anyone touching your pizza 😉

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