Aug 27

Attention All Devoted Fans

Update: If the Facebook links aren’t working for you, try logging into your Facebook account first and then click on the link. It seems to be hit or miss.

First off, THANK YOU for all the encouraging words leading up to race weekend.

My race this weekend, the Breakwater Triathlon, is a fairly small race and doesn’t offer any official athlete tracking like the fancy Ironman branded races.  Never fear though.  The lovely Jennifer has volunteered to post updates of my progress on Facebook.  She did this back during Racing for Recovery and actually enjoyed doing it because it gave her something to do while I was out being crazy racing.

So, if you want to stalk me follow my progress, just become my friend on Facebook*.  You can view my Facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/kevinmichaelneumann or by clicking the Facebook icon in the upper right corner of my blog.  If you have managed to resist signing over your soul to Mark Zuckerberg, never fear, I’ll try and post a mini race report shortly after I finish.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  If your weather forecast looks anything like Michigan’s, it should be beautiful.


*Yes, I realize this can be viewed as a pathetic attempt to increase my friend count on Facebook.  What’s your point?

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  1. lindsay

    The page you requested was not found.
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    i guess we can’t be friends 🙁 ughh now i have to try searching for you the old fashioned way. sooo inconvenient.

  2. lindsay

    alright there are 155 kevin neumann’s so… i hope i picked the right one.

  3. Jon

    Dude that weather is gonna be perfect! Wear some sunscreen this time, eh? hehe

    Will be stalking you as best as I can! Good luck and give that course some hell!!!

  4. Lisa

    Best wishes!

    and one can never have too many FB friends, right?

  5. Mandy

    wahoo!! Good luck! I already stalk you on FB! 🙂

  6. Jeff

    Good luck Dude! Very jealous of the weather!!!

  7. regina

    since we are already FB friends I’ll be checking you out! good luck!

  8. Maria

    Hope it went well today, I’ll look forward to the RR!

  9. Jenny From The Block

    Strong work! I am glad you loved Breakwater. The smaller venues are fun! That bike course was hard. Fun and pretty, but it sure took a long time to cover the gorund. I loved the swim and run there too.

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