Aug 03

B-Double E-Double R-U-N Beer Run!

Jennie and I attended our first Grand Rapids Beer Run tonight.  Don Kern, the race director for the Grand Rapids Marathon and all around kick ass dude, along with New Holland Brewing Company have been putting together a beer run once a month at local bars.  We weren’t able to make it to either of the first two events.  The third event though was only a mile away from our house and we didn’t have anything else on the calendar.


So, as soon as Jennie got home from work, we headed up to the Derby Station in Gaslight Village.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there!  The final count was 155 runners.  It cost $5 per runner, but half of the $5 was a donation to the American Diabetes Association.  The other half bought your first beer, covered the snacks, and entered you in a raffle.

After we “registered” it was time to take off.  We actually got a bit of a late start because we were the last people in line.  I headed off on a 4.5 mile route around the lake while Jennie went off on her own for 2 miles.  Because I had late start, I was motivated to catch as many people as I could.  The first two miles were spent catching people.  After that, it thinned out a bit and I spent the next half mile trying to catch up to a single guy in the distance.  When I reached him, we chatted a bit.  I recognized him from when I have run with the Grand Rapids Running Club in the past.  We pushed each other for the final mile or two.  I ended up finishing 4.56 miles in 32:23 for a 7:06 min/mile pace.  It was actually faster than I had planned on going, but that is what happens when I run in a group. 

Jennie had finished up her run shortly before I got back and was walking around Gaslight Village.  This was her first completely solo run (she had one half solo run a couple weeks ago).  I’m very proud of her – she is doing awesome!

After we chugged some water, we headed into the Derby Station for our beer.  We each got a glass of New Holland Mad Hatter IPA; absolutely delicious – Jennie (a non beer drinker) even drank about half a glass.  Then they started to put out appetizers which was a surprise to us.  The giant platter of nachos was my favorite.  I could have eaten the whole platter by myself.

Next up.  The raffle.  I totally wasn’t paying attention when they called my number.  Thankfully, Jennie’s ticket was number off of mine and she realized that I was the winner. I won a cool New Holland Brewing Company t-shirt!!!  As we left, everyone got a New Holland Brewing Company bottle opener.  All that for $5! 

photo(2) photo(3)

Also, today I did a quick workout in the pool.  This was my first swim since Saturday.  I was really just testing out my sunburn to see how healed it was.  After doing a little warm up and feeling pretty good, I decided to do a 500 yard time trial.  The sprint tri on Saturday is a 500 yard swim and I wanted to get an idea of what to expect.  This was the first 500 yard time trial I have done in about 3 months.  Last time I did one, I clocked 8:1X.  Today, I knocked out a 7:46! My first time under 8 minutes for 500 yards!

All around, a great day!

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  1. Matty O

    Nice beer run! On my list of things to do too haha! Sounds awesome and how can you beat that $5 spent?

    Good luck this weekend, great swim improvement, over 15 seconds off of a 500m TT??? Thats huge!

  2. barb

    That sounds like a ton of fun!! Mixing two of my favorite things, running and beer drinking. I had a New Holland ________ (can’t remember which) the night before Steelhead. very tasty!

    Nice job on the swim TT. I am hoping to get to the pool today…I have done exactly ZERO workouts since Steelhead. Wednesday night bike group ride is tonight so that is definitely on tap.

  3. Viper

    Aw damn, I’m totally jealous. I’ve been looking for a bottle opener that size for a while. Why can’t New Holland do one of these in Northeast Ohio? Cheers!

  4. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    That beer run sounds like an awesome run! Nice job on your speedy pace..wow! Woohoo for a free beer, opener, and free shirt from the raffle!
    Also, nice job on your swim!

  5. John H


    I have never heard of anything like this. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m actually from northwest Indiana and will be up in Holland in September for the half marathon.

    I couldn’t find your email anywhere on the site. Please shoot me and email if you have any spare time. I have a couple of questions for you.


  6. lindsay

    that steep entry fee covers the beer alone! i’d join in if i was a local.

  7. regina

    Damn! A beer run with an entry fee of $5?! Totally turning green over here. The additional appetizers is just too much for me….I need to move where they have these kind of races.

  8. Mandy

    BEER RUN? Really? Why don’t we have those around here?

  9. Mandy

    Holy crap, it let me comment!

  10. Jon

    If I had my way, I would become a full time brewer and triathlete. I would create a quadathlon (or quintathlon). Either it will be swim, bike, run, chug a beer, or swim, bike run, pie eating contest, chug a beer.

    Nice swim, speedy!

  11. Maria

    What a great run! Cheap and close to home!

  12. Don Kern

    “all around kick-ass dude” I like that! Thanks!

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