Aug 01

Feeling Batty

Yes, I know I just had a race yesterday, so I should be resting.  But today involved a fair share of cross training.  A kind of cross training that I have never done before.  And hope to never have to do again.  It involved hunting down and catching a bat in the house.  Yes, a bat.  *Shudder*

I woke up early this morning on account of not being able to sleep because of my sunburn.  As I sat on the couch, I heard some scurrying noises.  Upon investigating, I found the bat behind the bedroom door.  I quickly propped open the front door and went to try and chase it out.  Unfortunately, I lost sight of the bat and didn’t know if it was in or out of the house.  Never a good place to be.  We closed off as many rooms as possible and hoped to find the bat.  I called a critter control company, but they charged about $200 for an hour of looking for the bat regardless of whether they found it or not.  The guy even said that chances are he wouldn’t find it and that there weren’t any tricks.  So, if all he was going to do was look around, I could do that. 

I searched high and low trying to find the stupid thing.  The most likely place of hiding is the basement because half of it is unfinished with exposed beams.  If I were a bat, that is where I would hide.  Nevertheless, we were unable to find the bat. 

As the night wore on, we were beginning to think more and more that bat may have gone out the front door when we weren’t looking.  I was in the middle of typing an email to my mom to that affect when Jennie gasped and went, “Oh my God!!!”  It was back! And flying in the dinning room behind me.

The approximate path of the bat.

I was able to knock it down in the hallway with a tennis racket.  Don’t worry, I didn’t swing for the fences or anything like that.  I just held out the racket for it to fly into.  Once it was on the ground, I put a bucket over it.  The bat is now safely outside on the deck in a bucket with holes punched in it (and probably confused as hell).

Capturing/getting rid of the bat was problem number one.  Check.  However, there is another problem.  Because the bat was found in a room with sleeping individuals, according to the state of Michigan, the bat should be tested for rabies as bat bites are not always detectable.  Unfortunately, animal control is closed on the weekends.  We called the police department, but they didn’t have any advice.  At 10:00PM on a Sunday, there really isn’t much we can do.  So, the plan for tomorrow is to call both animal control and our doctor when they open for their advice.  The chances of rabies is extremely small, but as it is fatal if not treated, is a cause for concern.

Problem three is inspecting the exterior of the house for holes that could have let the bat in in the first place.  It looks like that is how I will be spending my Monday.  Searching for any hole the size of a nickel (yes, they can squeeze through that small of a space) or larger.  YAY! (sarcasm).

I’m finally off to bed now that my heart rate has returned to normal.  I’ll leave you with a couple of video clips for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Ha ha..those videos are awesome! And, your drawing of the bat’s flight pattern is hilarious! I would have totally flipped out if a bat was flying through our house!

  2. Mandy

    HA OMG taht is freaking funny. I love the flight pattern of the bat. I had something similar happen to me and I was upstairs. I dove and hid under the covers, called downstairs on the phone and told my man John to get up here and get rid of it. He laughed at me then came up.

  3. Jon

    What? No GPS to track your distance? I expected you to log this! What was your Heart Rate? Did you go over threshold?!?!?

    …..I am such a nerd…..

    Awesome diagram! That is hilarious! I forgot about that episode! Keep us up to date.

  4. Joy

    Hilarious diagram 😀

    See now, I would’ve totally panicked with a bat in my house. Not only would I have completely clobbered it with the tennis racket, but then I would’ve been continuing to hammer at it while shrieking the whole time. That poor bat would never had had a chance.

  5. Barb

    I just found your blog today…I also raced Steelhead on Saturday and will put up my race report later today.

    Great job on swim and bike, I was also wishing for some rain or clouds on the run. Love your run map, those were definitely 3 nasty hills.

    Congrats on your PR!

  6. maria

    The Office (and Friends) have the answer for everything!
    I love me a good bat story, especially one with pictures!
    Have fun hole hunting!

  7. Viper

    Funny, I was just watching bats (outside) last night. They are such cool animals when they’re not flying into your head. Cheers!

  8. Jeff

    That was awesome — the diagram is hysterical! I love that ep of the office too. it was just on TBS the other night!

    Been away this weekend so just wanted to say congrats on the HIM!

  9. lindsay

    yikes about the nickel-sized hole. think i will cement up my house now, thanks!

    hope you guys are rabies free and enjoying your post-race high.

  10. Krista

    Haha! Glad to hear you are rabies free! My mom always tells the story of when a bat ended up in our house (before I was born) and my brother, who was 4 at the time, was chasing it around with a hammer while my mother was screaming…

  11. regina

    I remember when I was in HS sitting on a bench swing with a friend of mine at night. Something flew straight into my head and landed in my lap; it was a bat. It was kind of freaky and I screamed, of course.

    Glad you got it and didn’t get bit though.

    that first clip in hilarious. I never watched that show, I probably should.

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