Jul 29

Tour Withdrawal

The Tour de France wrapped last weekend and I am already feeling deprived on my daily cycling fix.  Despite watching all but 3 of the stages, I didn’t post much about it.  Two reasons for this.  Number one, I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone who wasn’t able to watch it live.  And number two, I wasted so much time watching the tour, that I ran out of time to write about it.

Nevertheless, I got hooked.  My morning routine consisted of rolling out of bed, bringing my laptop into the living room and vegging out watching each stage while worked.  At times, I would pause it while I needed to focus on a difficult problem.  This allowed me to skip through some of the commercials.  However, by skipping the commercials, I risked forgetting that Nissan (and the Nissan Leaf) was a premier sponsor.  I think I saw Lance in that commercial more times than I saw him crash.

Despite Lance falling out of contention early and Andy Schleck coming up short in the end, I really enjoyed watching the tour.  This year is actually the first time I have followed the tour more than simply following how Team Lance was doing.  I was disappointed to see Contador win, but really wasn’t pulling for any one rider in particular. 

As if sensing my withdrawal, Netflix populated my “Recommended for you” listing with this little gem.  It is a 1979 movie entitled “Breaking Away” staring Dennis Quaid (the less interesting Quaid brother) and Jackie Earle Haley (ala Watchmen, Semi-Pro, Shutter Island).

The movie was pretty good actually and earned 7.7/10 stars on IMDB.  It was funny to see how much cycling has evolved since the 70’s.  It wasn’t until the first race scene where someone was actually wearing a bike helmet – if you can even call it that.  It looked like someone wrapped a bike tube around the guy’s head.  Definitely not CPSC approved.  On top of the helmets, there weren’t any clipless pedals/shoes, no carbon, no lycra & jerseys.  It sure made the sport seem a lot simpler and in some ways refreshing.  It actually has me itching to take the old 1976 Fuji bike I started on out of retirement. 

Now, I just need to find a cure for my Phil Liggett withdrawal. 

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  1. Jon

    Wow! I saw that movie two weeks before I started road cycling back in high school. Thats the dad from 16 candles! What do they call the townies in that movie? The Cutters?

  2. Savanna

    Hey- Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for reading and commenting over at my blog! I added your blog to my reader yesterday and am looking forward to following it!

    Thanks again!

  3. tri james

    I lived in IN for years. The little 5 is alive and well.

  4. regina

    I am old enough to remember when that movie came out….I am also old enough to remember that Jackie Earle Haley was also in the “Bad News Bears”….Have you ever heard of it?? ha!

  5. maria

    Ahh, back when cycling was about your bodies ability and not how much money you can put into it.
    I enjoyed the tour, and was also disappointed in Contador’s win.

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