Jul 26

Does Everyone Know What Time It Is?

Tool time!  Taper time!

Yep, less than a week until the Steelhead 70.3 which means it is time to rest up.  I’ve logged the hours, put in the time and effort, and now, as Kristin and Lindsay say, “The hay is in the barn.”

My training for this year began on February 1st for my Racing for Recovery Tri in June and continued on after that.  Since that time,

My goals for Steelhead are as follows:

  • Log an official 70.3 PR on a full course.  Ideally in the 5:20 – 5:30 range. (I finished in 6:08 last year)
  • Don’t bonk on the run.  I’d love to see an 8:00 minute pace (or better) for the run.  (I completely bonked last year and moseyed in with a 2:14 run split)
  • Have fun!

Here’s to hoping I don’t go taper crazy!

Lastly, a prayer of thanksgiving as Jennie walked away unscathed from a potentially serious car accident today.  The last thing I wanted to see when I got home from my bike ride was a text message mentioning the accident and missed call from her.  Some bone head was in the left turn lane of a 55mph road and decided he didn’t want to turn anymore so he turned back into the flow of traffic leaving Jennie no choice but to slam on her brakes and skid out onto a side street.  The two cars behind her didn’t share her cat like reflexes and it ended up being a 4 car accident.  Thankfully Jennie was unharmed and although less important, the car had very little damage; a couple of scratches and some paint transfer.  I’m glad to see that her guardian angel was on duty and paying attention!  I can’t imagine what I would do without her!

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  1. Mooney

    Damn, I’m a numbers guy (at least in my day job) and that’s some crazy stuff. Keep it going; kick ass now and take names later.

    Also, REALLY glad to hear Jennie’s ok. That is NOT COOL; hope that asshole got his ticket and then some.

  2. Robert

    Impressive number! Don’t go nuts during the taper 😉

  3. Maria

    I’m so glad to hear Jennie’s ok, I’m sure she is shaken up and will be for a while.
    Those are some impressive numbers..now enjoy your taper before the big race!

  4. Krista

    Glad to hear Jennie is okay! Things like that always open your eyes wide and make you greatful for health and family.

    You’ve done a lot of work and it is going to pay off soon! Try to enjoy your taper 🙂

  5. lisa

    Best wishes achieving all of your goals, especially the HAVE FUN one!

  6. Jeff

    Nice volume Kevin! Glad to here Jennie is fine from the accident.

  7. regina

    First, and most importantly, I am glad Jennie is ok. Have been in a similar accident, I know how scary it can be. It took me some time to feel comfortable in a car again, either as driver or passenger.

    I take umbrage at the ‘mosey’ comment…I did my first HIM run in 2:18..the fastest I have ever run that distance. In fact in my training runs which were longer I never actually ran 13.1 miles..So your mosey is my lightening speed! ha!

    Good luck!!

  8. Amy

    I am so glad Jennie is ok.

    Rest up! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  9. Joy

    So glad Jennie’s okay!

    Happy taper – don’t go too nuts 😉

  10. Jon

    Glad to hear your wife is OK! So scary!

    Good luck with the taper. You are going to PR BIG TIME! Go get it!

  11. Jennifer

    Good luck on your race! So glad to hear Jennie is ok!

  12. lindsay

    so glad jenny is ok! and it’s good that it doesn’t take an accident for you to realize her importance to you – you seem to keep that in mind on a daily basis 🙂 (and it is so nice to ‘know’ other people in the world who are grounded!)

    also – impressive stats to me! i have no idea what it takes for tri-training, but to see that you have basically marathon-training mileage PLUS biking and swimming insanity, well that just makes me feel like i should be doing more running! (thanks a lot!) haha

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