Jul 23

Friday Work

Today had a crappy start.  Quite literally.  Our toilet sprung a leak and needed attention.  Thankfully it wasn’t a big leak and was fixed by replacing the wax seal.  Whoever replaced the seal in the first place did a shoddy job at best.  Despite being a relatively easy job, I still managed to make quite a mess of the bathroom.  Anyways, the trip to Lowes, repair, and subsequent cleanup took most of the morning. 

As much of a pain as the repair was, it was just what I needed to bust me out of my funk.  My last two days of workouts were lackluster at best and today was looking to be that way too.  However, the frustration and work of the toilet repair got me in the mood to workout.  Nothing like a good swim and run to de-stress.

Saturday is my last day of major workouts before I begin my taper, so I wanted to finish strong before the mandatory rest.  I had initially planned on an open water swim this morning, but the weather was iffy (rain and possible storms) and I didn’t want to drive over there only to not be able to swim.  So, I hit up the pool at the normal lunch hour.  I did an easy continuous 2100 yards.  I finished in just under 38 minutes.  I think hope I’ll be a bit faster in the open water with a wetsuit at Steelhead.  Last year’s time was 39:25 and I think I can top that.

After the swim, I got to work on the bar area.  I am finally to the point where I can start assembling everything.  I ordered the laminate for the countertop while I was at Lowes, so I’ll finish that up next week when it comes in.  Other than that, the only “problem” I only had was that I only had room for one of the two shelves.  When I designed the shelves, I didn’t factor in the space needed for hanging the wine glasses.  Oh well, I already have a plan for the second shelf elsewhere.


After getting as much done with the bar as possible, I headed out on my run.  The run went surprisingly well.  Despite the insane heat and humidity I still managed to do 6 miles in just over 46 minutes.  I was pretty drained by the end and chugged a bunch of water afterwards.  After a short break, I ran 2 miles with Jennie as her coach and water bottle carrier.

Overall, I’m glad to have gotten in two solid workouts today.  I have a short bike ride and run (in a non-brick format) scheduled for tomorrow.  Hopefully the heat breaks a bit and I can have one last day of good workouts before Taper Time.

Good luck to everyone doing (Kristin),  or volunteering at (Jon, Caratunk Girl) IM Lake Placid!

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  1. lisa

    nice job on the bar

  2. regina

    I had a crap swim yesterday…so I feel your pain. I am glad thing turned around for you.

    Nice bar! hmmm…I have a space where a bar would fit in just fine!

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Good job on your run! That bar looks awesome! You’ve done a great job with that!

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