Jul 07

Just Call Me Zoolander

Happy Birthday to me!  Although it would have been much happier had I not woken up a with a crick in my neck.  It is kind of a slap in the face.  Congrats, you are a year older.  Now feel the pain of aging.  Nevertheless, I must have slept funny and now the left side of my neck is sore.  At least now I am my actual “race age”.

So now, like Derek Zoolander, I can’t turn left.  However, when swimming or biking, I really don’t have the option of doing a 270 degree turn to the right to compensate for it.  By the end of my swim, my neck and loosened up a bit, but it had tightened back up for my bike ride.

Oh well, I am sure that the delicious looking ice cream roll cake that Jennie made last night will cure all ills.


This was Jennie’s first attempt at making my favorite kind of cake.  It looks like she nailed it on the first try.


Finally, a quick update on Jennie’s running progress.  She is doing awesome!  She has even gone out the past two evening (in the heat and humidity) to get her miles in.  Not only that, but she has already picked out her next 5k.  Mitchell’s Run is in August and is a nice flat, fast course.  It may even be an opportunity for me to shoot for a sub 20 minute 5k myself.  She may never admit it, but she is turning into quite the runner!

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  1. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Happy Birthday! That ice cream cake looks really good! Yay for Jennie’s running progress…it must be nice to have that an an activity you can do together! 🙂

  2. Jeff

    Happy Birthday you old geezer!

    Trying to go sub-20 for the first time on a 5k in August is quite bold my man. That darn humidity is a killer. I wanted to try for a sub 20 earlier in the year so I picked a small race at the end of January. Wake up that morning and it is 80 degrees with 90% humidity. We had an extremely cold winter by Texas standards and on the one day I needed it to be cold and crisp this happened. I ended up doing 20:43, and I missed the final turn to the finish line, but that only cost me maybe 15 secs. The point of this ramble is that the humidity that day made for a very painful 5K! Good luck at doing it!

  3. lindsay

    happy birthday!! yummm cake. more chocolate, what’s not to love? i am sure it is delicious.

    it won’t be much longer… jennie is bound to become just as addicted as the rest of us 😉

  4. Jon

    Happy Birthday! Go get that sub 20 min 5K!

  5. MiddleNameMarie

    Sorry about the neck! I hate when I wake up sore! How nice of your wife to make you that cake–and in a roll no less. Those roll deserts are tricky! Happy Birthday!

  6. regina

    sorry if this repeats….internet issues.
    Happy Birthday!! You are too young to feel your age yet….wait until you are my age.

    Go Jennie on the running. Nice tasty looking cake too!

    Hope your neck feels better.

  7. Maria

    Happy birthday!

    That’s funny, Britney and I JUST tried to make a cake roll! We had ice cream in the middle of ours and it did not turn out like Jennie’s, her’s looks great!!
    …did you save any of that for me?

  8. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday! The cake looks delicious!

  9. Mooney

    Great call on the cornhole design. Looking forward to completed pics. UrkelMobile. Just wow.

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