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4th of July Weekend in Pictures

I’m simply too lazy to do a full blog post about the weekend, so I figured I would just load it up with pictures and captions.  A pictures is worth a 1,000 words, so 20 or so pictures would be 20,000 words.  If only that rule were applicable back when I had to write papers in college.


We kicked off Friday, our anniversary, with an open water swim at my new favorite lake.


Jennie came along as my lifeguard and I didn’t drown, so she must have done a good job.


It was a gorgeous, sunny morning.  Great day for a swim.


We had the lake to ourselves.  Even though it is only my second OWS session, I can already feel myself getting better at sighting.


After the swim, we headed to the farm of our CSA, Trillium Haven Farm.  Along with our weekly allotment of veggies, we can go and pick different veggies each week.  This week allowed us an extra handful of English peas.  It really isn’t worth a trip there just for the U-pick, but it is only a couple miles from the lake.


The farmer was out plowing the fields.

After some lunch and rest, it was time for a long run.  I did a 12 mile run at an 8:42 pace with Jennie on the bike.  It was really hot and humid.  I probably wouldn’t have made it had Jennie not been on the bike with the water bottles.  I went through over 40 oz of water on the run and probably could have used some more.

After the run, we cleaned up and headed to Tre Cugini for dinner to celebrate.  It is an award winning Italian restaurant that we hadn’t had a chance to try before.  It was excellent.  Highly recommended for anyone in the area.  We’ll definitely being going back because there was a ton of things on the menu that I want to try.

I had a salad and gnocchi in a cheese sauce while Jennie had tortellini soup and asparagus stuffed chicken breast with potatoes and veggies.  Both were excellent

On top of the food, they had an accordion player who went table to table playing romantic music for everyone.

photo 4

When the accordion player first stopped at our table, he greeted us and asked if we were there for a special occasion.  We told him it was our anniversary and he must have passed that information on to our waitress because when our dessert came, it was specialized for us.

photo 1

It is sort of hard to see, but on the left is three mounds of amaretto chocolate mousse topped with three thin sheets of chocolate.  On the right is a white chocolate with chocolate and strawberry swirls.

It was absolutely delicious, but it is a good thing I did the 12 mile run before dinner otherwise I probably would have had to go out and burn off the calories afterwards.


As we left Tre Cugini, Rosa Parks Circle was in full swing (literally) with a DJ playing swing music, waltzes, and other dance music.  Before each dance, the DJ would ask a couple to demonstrate the dance steps for everyone.  There was a wide variety of levels of skill from absolutely none (me) to couples who looked like they belong to a dance troupe.


The obligatory self portrait.


I started off Saturday morning with a short brick run, 1:15 bike, 20 minute run.  It was nice to finally have a short, easy brick.

Saturday’s main event was a picnic at Ada Park with the in-laws, including the newlywed brother and sister-in-law.


The picnic was sort of a last minute idea, but Jennie and her mom managed to put everything together very quickly. The only thing we forgot was tongs for the grill.  Luckily, the grill master RK was able to make due with a plastic fork and a stick.


Sitting the shade with the father-in-law and two brothers-in-law, BK, and RK.


The newlyweds.


Even the dog-in-law got a hotdog


We brought ladder ball which was fun.


Until one of the bolos ended up in the tree and RK climbed up after it.


After the picnic, BK and I worked on building a set of cornhole boards while Jennie and mom-in-law worked on sewing bean bags for the game.  Unfortunately, we ran into some issues with the sewing machine and didn’t get the game finished by the end of the weekend.

I still have to paint the boards with ND logos (obviously), but they should be ready soon.


Sunday started off with the Trail Blazer 5k.  After that, we headed up to the EGR parade.


BK, Jennie, and mom-in-law were very interested in collecting the candy.


Anyone remember the Urkel mobile?  Did you know that it really exists?  Neither did I!  Apparently it is made by BMW.


Jennie’s favorite “float” was for Hudsonville Ice Cream.  They had two people dressed up as the bucket and spoon.  I can’t even imagine how hot they must have been in those costumes.  Sadly, they had run out of free samples by the time they reached us.


The final haul of candy.  If you think that is a lot, the kids across the street from us ended up with almost 5 lbs of candy.  I am sure that their mothers are so pleased.


Whoever brought the horses apparently forgot to bring the shovel and bucket.


After the parade, there was a water ski show at Reeds Lake.  Unfortunately, the camera battery died shortly after the event started.  The skiers were very impressive.  They had barefoot skiers, jumpers, skiers doing 3-tiered pyramids, and kids as young as 6 doing tricks.  The only downside of the event was the announcer who was absolutely horrible.  We were wishing that someone would push her in the lake just to get her to shut up.

Saturday was capped off with the EGR fireworks.


Oooooohhh…. ahhhhhhh……



Monday was a recovery day.  We did next to nothing and spent most of the day in the nice cool air of the basement.  It was a much needed rest day.

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  1. lindsay

    i hear ya on the laziness. with all that going on, pics are the way to go! i love how jenny tags along as support on your workouts. josh (my fiance) used to ride with me on long runs but he has been slack lately. ‘course i have been slack on actually doing long runs too…

    your dessert = YUM.

  2. Maria

    What a great and busy weekend! Love the pictures. I gotta remember to bring the camera along too. You got some awesome training in as well!
    That dessert looks delicious…any chance you saved me some?

  3. Regina

    That looks like a really fun weekend! BTW, Lazy is my middle name. One of the coaches at Team In Training has a website “The Lazy Triathlete”; I love it!

    That chocolate cake looks almost as good as swimming in that lake….it’s a toss up, but with the heat and all…..I have to go with the lake.

    way to get it all done over the weekend.

  4. Kristin

    ^^^ Funny, my name is Lazy 🙂 I find the picture blogs more time consuming so thanks for sharing! Looks like a great weekend, happy anniversary!

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