Jul 01

2010 Part I

Well, it seems like all the cool kids (jon, kc, one little jill) are posting the results of the first half of the year.  So, I guess it is time to give into the peer pressure and follow suit.


  Jan – Jun 2010 Jan – Dec 2009
Running 741.5 miles 1667
Biking 1995.8 miles 2612
Swimming 90.64 miles (159,526 yards) 147
Totals 2829.52 miles 4426 miles

At this rate, I am going to blow past my 2009 miles in no time.  My running isn’t quite half of what it was in 2009, but those numbers will shoot right back up after tri season is over and I get back into marathon gear.  My running monthly totals have fallen each month this year, not sure what that is about.  I have to turn that around so I don’t lose my long distance base.

Total distance - Month


With half the year done, I have completed 6 races; 2 5ks, a marathon, a 25k, a HIM, and a 10k.  Out of those 6 races, I managed 4 PRs (1 5k, marathon, 25k, and HIM).  Still to go this year, I have 1, possibly 2, HIMs, 2 sprint tris, a half marathon, and 1, possibly 2, marathons. 

So far, it has been a great year.  Here’s to hoping the second half is as fun as the first!

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  1. Onelittletrigirl

    You are correct, I am a cool kid 🙂 but dude, YOU are AWESOME! Those numbers rock. In fact, my comment was going to be “At this rate, you are going to blow past my 2009 miles in no time.” but you beat me to it yourself!!!! WTG.

  2. lindsay

    better slow down or 2011 will be tough on hitting mileage! 🙂 4 pr’s already… you race a lot!

  3. kc

    ha-ha! The cool kids, I love it! Nice numbers and yep, I think you will surpass the 2009 one’s and then some.

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