Jun 30

Getting Paid To Run

Ok, well, not really.  But it sure felt like it yesterday.  I was just getting started on a 6 mile run when I look down and stop this on the sidewalk.


That works out to just less than a buck a mile.  So, let’s see.  Last year, I ran just over 1,600 miles which would equate to under $1,600 a year.  Not too shabby, but I guess I can’t quit my day job yet. 

The only downside to finding the money was that I found it within the first mile so I had to carry a crumpled up bill in my hand for the next 5 miles.  I usually try and keep loose hands to, I don’t like running with fists.

I ended up with a pretty good run.  I did 11:20 warmup at an 8:12 pace followed by a 24 minute tempo run at 7:28 and a 11:20 cool down at 8:04.  About halfway through the tempo, my stomach started to act up, but I pushed through and it went away quickly.

The rest of the week is going to insanely busy.  2 hour bike ride this afternoon, 3.5 hour ride tomorrow with a 40 minute run, 2700 yard swim and 1:40 run on Friday, and then let’s throw in a 1:15/20 minute brick workout in on Saturday for good measure.  Oh, and I am thinking of a doing a 4.3 mile race (yeah, weird distance I know) on Sunday morning.  And to top that all off, the in-laws are going to be in town for the 4th.  Crazy busy and crazy fun!

Thankfully next week is a recovery week.  I need the rest!

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!!

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  1. Jon

    You want to get paid by the swim yard. THEN you can quit your day job and do nothing but S/B/R, then win MORE for winning an S/B/R race!!!

  2. regina

    An 8:12 warm up? ha ha ha! If I am lucky THAT is my tempo, if I am lucky. I hear you on the long weekend of training. I have a double brick on Saturday; 45/15, 45/15. Where do coaches come up with this stuff? Happy 4th!

  3. Jeff

    nice run and it always makes it better to find some jack!

    I got a big weekend too and a saturday brick that is sure to hurt some!

  4. lisa

    I have never ONCE found money on a run.

  5. Maria

    Haha, my friends and I used to end random stories with ‘and then I found $5’…you really did! Don’t spend it all in one place, mister.

  6. lindsay

    the most i found on a run was a quarter. woo!! i better not quit my dayjob either 🙂 congrats on the $5 find! put that towards your belated honeymoon?

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