Jun 26

Race Report: Reeds Lake Run

Today was the annual Reeds Lake Run.  I have done this race the past 3 years and it is right around the corner, so I figured why not make it four in a row.  There was a worry that it would rain, and possible storm, but thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny morning. 



First up was the 5k.  This was Jennie’s race.  As always the 5k and 10k are staggered by 45 minutes so it is relatively easy to run both events.  As her coach, I ran along with her to provide encouragement and a kick in the butt if needed (it was not).  She did awesome all on her own!  She set a PR, both for a 5k and for a single mile split time.  When she was done, she had a huge smile on her face.


Here she is at the first mile.  The first mile was pretty crowded, but she did a great job navigating the crowd and passing as many people as she could.


Only .1 to go and a huge smile on her face.


Celebrating her great race with round one of the post race refreshments.  The real food would come after my race.


On to the 10k.  This race sucked.  No other way to put it.  I had a good time, but it flat out sucked.  I don’t know what the actual temperature change was, but it seemed a lot warmed even though it was only 45 minutes later than the 5k start.  I had sort of hoped for a sub-45 time, but today was not the day for a fast time.


Taking off out of the gate.  I started further back than I probably should have, but it wasn’t too crowded and made my way forward.

I felt pretty good at first, but I rapidly started deteriorating.  My legs felt like cement by the 2nd mile and I was ready to be done.  I trudged along as best I could, but I couldn’t find any speed.  As the race progressed it seemed to just get hotter and hotter.  I was almost wishing for rain at this point.  Anything to cool down.


Headed to the finish.  I had nothing left in the tank at this point.

I ended up finishing in 47:12 (7:37 pace).  Not the time that I wanted, but I was happy to be done. 

Now, it was time for time for the post race party.  The Reeds Lake post race party is like none other.  It is open to runners as well as the general public and everything is free.  Burgers, hot dogs, fresh fruit, chips, pop, Gatorade, frozen yogurt and more.  For the kids, they have balloon animals, air brushed tattoos, and other games.


We both ended up with burgers, fresh fruit/veggies, and chips.  Unfortunately, I started to go down hill quickly. I got a splitting headache and was nauseous.  I don’t know if it was the heat or what, but I felt like crap.  I laid down on one of the park benches while Jennie got her (second) frozen yogurt of the day.  I passed on the frozen yogurt.  Yes, I was feeling that crappy.


We headed back home after that were I proceeded to pass out on the couch in the cool basement for a good two hours.  Jennie even came down a couple of times to make sure I was still breathing.  Thankfully, after a nap I felt a bit better, my head is still a bit fuzzy feeling.

Upon further reflection, I am more happy with my race than I was immediately afterwards.  First off, despite having a bad race, I didn’t feel mentally defeated at the end.  I sort of just blew it of a “Oh well, maybe next time.”  Second, I logged pretty consistent miles (7:33, 7:22, 7:40, 7:31, 7:32, and 7:40) and even managed to negative split the course (23:46/23:26).  Third, I managed a decent time even after a hard week of training (92 miles on the bike, 32 miles running, and about 7,000 yards in the pool). This bodes well for how I will perform during the running leg of my next tri.  If I can knock out a 7:37 pace during a tri, I’d be very pleased with that.

I leave with you a picture of a costumed runner from this morning.  I was able to grab a shot of him during the 5k.


He was wearing a caveman toga and running barefoot.  Yaba, dabba, do! Or don’t?

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  1. kc

    I feel your pain with the heat today. It does fry you and i had a heat headache when i fot home too. I ended up taking about a 2 hour nap as well. Feeling like a new person now. Even though you didn’t get the finish time you wanted, I agree with you, if you can hold that pace in a tri for the run, you’ll be golden. Congrats to Jennie on her run as well! Now i’m craving a frozen yogurt!

  2. Jon

    that is still a really fast 10K!….way to go to the both of ya! When is your wife gonna do her first tri 😉

  3. Jeff

    The heat has been kicking my butt too! Congrats to the both of you on a great race(s)!

  4. regina

    congrats to Jennie on the PR! And if that is a crowded start, I want to go race by you!

    sorry you felt disappointed in your run, but man, that is fast!! Holy crap, if I could run even close to that I woule be thrilled, but i guess you’ve been running a long time and I have been running just about a year and a half (if you have not been running a long time, don’t tell me!!).

    Great job, the both of you!

  5. Maria

    heat sickness on race day is the worst! i’m glad you pulled through, that was still an awesome 10k time! congrats to Jennie on her PRs!

  6. Lisa

    sorry that it wasn’t the race experience you wanted. some days are like that…and you can’t do much about the weather. just roll with it.

    Congrats to Jennie!

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