Jun 25

My First Open Water Swim

Today, I embarked on my first ever practice open water swim.  Obviously, I have swam in open water during races, but I have never actually practiced in open water.  Part of the problem has been lack of a good venue.  However, my co-worker David, found a great park near Jenison with the perfect lake for a training session.

The park is 8th Avenue Park in Georgetown Township is located about 20 minutes away.  The lake is closed to boats with the exception of canoes and kayaks.  It is small enough to not be intimidating but large enough to get a good workout in. 

photo 1

We met at the lake at 8:00 AM and there were a few other swimmers getting started and a few others already finishing up.  One woman was just getting started and was wearing a “Eat My Bubbles” swim cap.  There were also a few people launching their kayaks.  The water was very warm, probably low 70’s, but we still opted for wetsuits.  I don’t think I could swim without one, it is like my safety blanket.

Per David’s recommendation, we started with a loop of the perimeter.  David took off like a shot.  I’d like to say that I was letting him go first to lead the way, but that wasn’t the case.  He’s a great swimmer and was flying through the water.  There were good landmarks in the distance to aid in sighting making it easy to figure out where we were headed.  After the first lap, we decided to add on an out and back diagonally across the lake.  My rough estimate of the course put it at 1.4 miles which seemed about right for our time – about 45 minutes not including breaks.  I’ll definitely be going back in the future.  Jennie may even come with sometime and kayak alongside me.


After the swim, it was off to Lowe’s for more building materials.  The bar area is coming together nicely.  Today’s project was building the countertop out of particle board, building the drawer, and cabinet door.  I still have to build the shelves and laminate the countertop and then it is time for painting and final assembly.  That will wait till next Friday probably.

photo 3

Finally, I met a blog follower today.  Rob took me up on my offer for the Speedo Endurance Jammer that was too small that I mentioned yesterday.  He lives in the area and stopped by to pick it up.  He is training for his first triathlon this August.  I hope the suit works for you Rob and keep up the training!  I hope to see you at plenty of future races!

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  1. regina

    That lake looks realy nice. I wish we had lakes close enough her to swim in. Instead we have saltwater rivers and ocean…..not nice ocean like in FL or HI….icky, brown ocean.

    I must know more about this bar…

  2. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me)

    Nice job on the swim! That lake is awesome!

    That bar is looking great! My husband and I are always doing projects. Home Depot is like our second home! Ha ha!

  3. David

    Kevin – Thanks for joining me on the swim! It was a great workout. I hope to be able to see your finished bar project first hand someday – It looks great!!! Have a great weekend and good luck at Reed’s Lake.

  4. Maria

    congrats on your first practice, they really help preparing for the swim. pool workouts can only do so much, but mixing them up with OWS helps alot.

  5. lindsay

    so.. like i mentioned… i need my bathroom renovated mr handyman! 🙂

    nice job on the ows!

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