Jun 24

Product Review: Speedo Endurance Jammer

I have been wanting to write a review for the Speedo Endurance Jammer for some time now and am finally getting around to it.  First off, Speedo is not (yet) paying me for this review, nor have they given me any free products (yet).

Prior to buying the Speedo Endurance Jammer, I had tried a few other swim suits; the lycra Reebok Silver Splice Jammer and Speedo’s lycra Jammer.  While they were both good suits, I found myself wearing them out after about 3-4 months swimming 3 days a week.  When they would wear out, they would get really thing and almost see through.  The deterioration seemed to almost happen overnight with no warning.


You probably shouldn’t be able to see my hand through the swimsuit.  Not a good sign.

After wearing out 3 lycra suits, I did some research and found that I should look into a polyester swimsuit instead.  This led me to the Speedo Endurance Jammer.  I ordered up a size 32 (the same as my previous swimsuits) from SwimOutlet.Com and waited patiently for it to arrive while my lycra suit continued to deteriorate even further..

I tried it on as soon as it came.  It didn’t fit.  Well, it fit, but it was VERY tight.  I checked the size to make sure it was the correct size.  It was.  By this time I was desperate for swim suit as the previous lycra one wasn’t really wearable anymore.  So, I headed up to the pool and squeezed into it.  On the straights, it wasn’t too bad, but I felt like I was going to split the suit on flip turns (thankfully I didn’t).  When I got back home, I ordered up the next size up and waited patiently yet again.

Fast forward to today.  I now have been wearing the Speedo Endurance Jammer for over 3 months and have logged 43 swims for 52 total miles.  And the verdict.  I absolutely love it and won’t go back to lycra.  It is definitely a snugger fit than lycra, even one size up, but think that is just due to the fact that the material isn’t as stretchy.  Because of the snug fit, the suit doesn’t stretch out and get saggy over time.  This makes it feel faster and more streamlined in the water.  Since switching to polyester, I’ve been able to knock out a 1:25 100 yard and a 4:40 300 yard.  However, I’d like to attribute that to raw talent luck than to the suit.


As for a final comparison, above is a picture of the Endurance Jammer (left) and regular lycra jammer (right) at about the same age.  As you can tell, the polyester holds up a lot better in the chlorine.


  • Last a lot longer – easily twice as long at this rate, possibly longer.  Speedo claims 20x, but that seems like a bit of an exaggeration
  • Doesn’t fade in the chlorine
  • Doesn’t get all saggy
  • Feels faster


  • Not as stretchy as lycra
  • Sized differently (more so due to the fact that they aren’t stretchy like the lycra)
  • A bit more expensive than lycra (pays for itself in the end though)

Finally, because of the sizing issue, I have a once used size 32 Speedo Endurance Jammer (navy).  If anyone thinks it would fit them, let me know.  First person I hear from gets it.  Rob got to it first, so the suit is gone!

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  1. Jon

    Polyester all the way! I have had a pair for almost 18 months and they still haven’t fallen apart yet! Totally worth the extra $$$.

  2. Bret

    I, like you, was wearing out the lycra jammers every 2-3 months. The polyester is the only way to go now. I agree though “VERY TIGHT” I may have to order one size up before football season (tailgating isn’t very good to my body).

    One other note and this just happened to me this morning: if your already wet (or sweaty in my case), it makes it 10x harder to slip on. Almost like putting on a wetsuit when you wet.

  3. Annie

    I’ve had my Speedo endurance suit for three years now and it looks good as new. Don’t think of it as tight, think of it as man-spanx.

  4. Jeff

    Yep, I went through a few lycra ones as well and eventually ended up with the speedo poly jammer. It was by accident, it was the only jammer in my size that day so I bought it. Will never wear a lycra jammer again!

  5. Jeff

    oh … and you better hold onto those size 32’s, all this s/b/r training seems to make us all look like skeletons … you never know you might need it one day?

  6. Maria

    I haven’t made the jump yet, I still have some old swim team habits to break like training with drag by wearing multiple suits (usually 2 or 3). So when one suit stretches or fads, it becomes a top suit and a get a new one to go underneath. Not the most efficient, but it works.

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