Jun 19

Weekend Workouts and Fun


Friday’s game plan consisted of a long run, long swim, and some wood work.  I ended up doing 10.5 miles in 1:32 (8:44 pace).  It was hot and humid which really slowed me down.  I am still adjusting to the warmer weather and learning what my hydration needs are, so I weighed myself before and after the run.  Despite drinking 2 full water bottles on the run, I was still 3 pounds lighter when I got home.  Yikes!  I spent the rest of the day with a water bottle at my side to rehydrate.

After the run, I did a 2500 yard swim at the pool.  It was a single set of 2500 yards so no resting.  I did give my legs a break by doing 10 lengths on/off with a pull buoy.  Still, my legs were very tired and started to cramp up around 2000 yards.  I think I am going to try and tweak my schedule so that my long swim and long run aren’t on the same day.  The pool is open every day at lunch for the summer rather than just M, W, F, so I might move my Friday swim to Thursdays instead.

After the swim, it was back to the project from two weeks ago.  I built the second cabinet for our bar area as well as built face frames for both the wine rack and cabinet.  I even got to use my new-ish pocket hole jig for the first time.  It was a huge help and really made the face frames come together nicely.  All that is left now is building the door, drawer, countertop, shelves, painting… Ok, so there is still a lot to go, but it is progressing nicely.


Bike Ride

This morning, I embarked on a long bike ride.  My destination was the Johan Trifest in Hopkins, MI to cheer on a co-worker.  Armed with Google Maps Biking Directions, I headed out shortly after 7:00.  A good portion of the ride was on the Kent Trails.  It was nice to avoid the traffic, but the path was littered with leaves and twigs as a result of a rain storm last night.  There wasn’t too much traffic on the trail – unless you count the wildlife.  In fact, there was one stretch that had so many squirrels and rabbits crossing the road, I thought I was stuck in a game of Oregon Trail*.  The Google Biking Directions were very helpful, although one portion would have had me taking a dirt road.  Instead, I jumped over a half mile and took a paved road instead.


I thought that this was going to be a nice and flat ride.  I was wrong.  Not only did a I have a strong wind to deal with, but I also had a few good climbs.


Finally a downhill.  Unfortunately, there were two downsides to this downhill.  First, there was a stop sign at the bottom which really killed my momentum.  And second, I was going to have to climb back up it on the way home.

I got to the triathlon as the last swimmers were getting out of the water.  The last female out of the water really struggled to finish, but managed to make it back to shore on her own.  As she ran up to the transition area, she proclaimed, “I’m alive! I’m alive!”  She sure received a lot of cheering.

I biked out on part of the bike course and saw David at about the 23 mile mark.  I followed him back to the transition area and watched him head out on the run.


He ended up with a great finish for his first Olympic tri.  It looked like a great race and I’m going to add it to my “future” list.  The swim was calm and clean.  The bike was challenging with rolling hills and even more challenging today with a headwind for half of the course.  And the run was flat with lots of spectators out.

The ride back home was much more pleasant because I now had the wind at my back.  Despite bringing 3 full water bottles, I was running really low at the end.  Had the ride been any further, I would have had to find a place for a refill.  As it was, I cruised in on empty and proceeded to pass out in the driveway.



After the bike ride and lunch, we headed up to the Reeds Lake Art Festival.  Lots of cool photographs, paintings, and sculptures.  My favorites were paintings of the original Tigers Stadium and Wrigley field.  Fun to look at, but all very expensive.

After the art festival, it was finally time to relax.  Jennie and I spent the next few hours laying in the hammock, reading, and napping.  With a bright blue sky above us and a nice breeze blowing, it was the perfect day for lounging.


I even prepared drinks and snacks for the occasion.  A bottle of the finest bubbly (Coke) and a sampling of aged cheeses, both the puffed and cracker varieties (Cheese Puffs and Cheez-Its).


In no time, we were both deeply engrossed in our books.


I seem to have a shocked look on my face.  Perhaps this was during the chase and murder scene.


CSA Update


Why am I holding a fresh turnip over my head?  Two reason.  #1 We got a bunch of fresh turnips in this week’s CSA basket.  #2 There were errant Shyguys and Ninji roaming in our kitchen (ala Super Mario Brothers 2) and as any NES geek knows, the only way to dispatch them is a well placed turnip to the face.  We actually cooked up the turnips for dinner tonight and they were very good.  We grilled a veggie packet with chopped potatoes, turnips, onions and carrots along with a grilled chicken breast for chicken sandwiches – delicious.

On a semi-related note, this is the first picture of my Racing for Recovery T-shirt.  I realized I didn’t mention it in my race report despite it being one of my favorite race shirts ever.  It has a classic rock album** cover-esq design on a “broken in” red shirt; reminds me of the Aerosmith Greatest Hits album.  I’m usually not big on red shirts, but the faded look of this one works.

Bird Watching

While relaxing in the hammock, a baby robin wandered right up to us.  It was fluffy with a spotted red breast and still hadn’t learned to fly so it resorted to hopping around.


We spent the better part of an hour watching it hop around the yard under the watchful eye of Mama (or Papa) from a nearby roof. 


For the most part, the adult robin kept its distance letting the fledging fend for himself only occasionally hopping down to feed him fresh berries.


I even got a chance to use the telephoto lens for our camera to snap a few good pictures from long range.  The little guy managed to hop up a log, but never did figure out the whole flapping its wings to fly.

Overall, it has been a great start to the weekend.  Tomorrow looks to be just as nice.  Hopefully we can get some exercise in and possibly even take the kayaks up to the lake.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well!

*I found an awesome Apple IIe emulator along with a copy of Oregon Trail.  I wasted far too much time playing it.  Unfortunately, I tried to ford the second river and lost 4 oxen and Brad (sorry Brad!)


** An album is like an old school CD***

*** A CD is like an old school MP3

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    Good Grief you were busy! Good ride in, way to support your friends. Awesome downtime with the wife, and I love the old school CD reference. Oregon Trail for life!

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