Jun 10


Like lots of my fellow bloggers (Jon, Frayed Laces, Megan, Regina to name a few), I am recovering from a race weekend.  Jon came up with the idea of “de-tapering” which is essentially the process of coming off of a pre-race taper and getting back into the swing of things.  Because the season is just starting, I can’t just plop down on the couch with a beer, Tigers baseball, reruns of The Office, and grow roots.  There is still plenty of training to do.

This past week was my first week in nearly a year when I didn’t have a set training schedule planned.  Instead, I did a few light workouts to keep me active, but also to stay stress free.  I even kayaked for a workout one day. 

Kayaking 6-8-2010
A half hour, 1.5 mile kayak was a nice change of pace this week.

But, alas, the carefreeness ends on Monday, and it is back to the daily grind.  Last night, I took time to type up a training schedule and loaded it into Google Calendar.  My most recent schedule followed Level 5 from “The Book”, so I decided to step it up to Level 6.  My next big triathlon is July 31st, so I only have a few weeks.  Because I am just coming off of Level 5 training, I am jumping into the middle of Level 6 and hopefully I will swim, not sink.


This week was our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pickup.  My mom is splitting a share of the CSA with us for the season.  Basically, how it works is every week during the growing season, we get a variety of fresh vegetables.  It is still early in the season, so we got mainly an assortment of greens for our first pickup.  Each week, it will change depending on what is in season.

A list of everything we got to pick.  Some of things were an either/or like
1 bunch of Hon Tsai Tai or 1 bunch of chives.  We went with the chives
because we didn’t know what Hon Tsai Tai was.

Jennie showing off our goodies – and this is HALF of a share!  It looks like a giant salad.

The veggies are excellent.  We’ve had a lot of salads and made stir fry tonight to make use of the green onions and bok choy.  With the CSA, our own garden, and the farmer’s market, we probably won’t even need to visit the produce section at the grocery store all summer.

It is going to be a busy weekend before training re-begins.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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  1. Jon

    That IS a ton of greens! Uh, eat some carrots to keep your skin from going all HULK? 😉

    So I have decided to call my foam roller the recovery barometer. Whatcha think? I can’t hit those tender muscles without it and the less tender the muscles are while foam rolling, the more recovered I am?

  2. kc

    just read Jon’s de-tapering and I like it! he needs to coin that word. I wish we had a CSA around here. Not even a decent farmers market. I could live off of fruits and veggies if we could buy them reasonably priced and not picked way before their time. I dislike grocery store produce but in a pinch, sometimes you gotta do it.

  3. lindsay

    i have only heard good things about CSA’s. i so need to find one near me!

  4. Maria

    This sounds like a post for my better half with the kayaking and CSAs…she’s been talking about both of those forever! Enjoy the produce!

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