May 31

Yertle the Turtle

On my bike ride today, I saw a couple of turtles who seemed to be unsatisfied with being on the ground.  In true Yertle the Turtle fashion they sought higher ground to expand their kingdom.  Hopefully, they aren’t settling in because I have a feeling that the sand piles are destined for other use.


Other than the turtles, my ride was pretty uneventful.  I did an hour and half with a half hour at Z4.   It was awfully hot and humid, but I suppose that is good prep work for riding this summer.  I averaged over 19mph for the ride with the Z4 portion at a little over 20mph.  I stayed aero as much as possible, but there was quite a bit of traffic, so I had to stay on the hoods quite a bit.  Both ways, I was very comfortable and am very optimistic for next weekend.

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