May 31

Memorial Day Wrap-up

This weekend was awesome!  We got lots done, had some good workouts and most importantly had a lot of fun.


I got up early on Saturday and biked downtown to meet my dad.  We headed up to the White Pine Trail and out to Sand Lake.  I had never actually made it all the way to Sand Lake (the end of the paved trail).  Last time, I turned around at the 28 mile mark so that I would end up with a 56 mile ride.  Little did I know that Sand Lake was only about 3 or 4 miles beyond that.

The trail was super busy with lots of people enjoying the great weather and holiday weekend.  At times this slowed us down a bit, but this was supposed to be an easy ride for me any way.  I had 2 hour 45 minutes scheduled as my last long ride before my taper began.  We ended doing 60 miles total in 3:46:44 (whoops!) – not super fast, but easy on the legs.

After the bike ride, Jennie and I had lunch and got some work done around the house.  After that, we took the rest of the day to lay around and relax.  I borrowed “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” from the library per Krista’s recommendation.  So far, it is a great book.  It was originally written in Swedish and translated to English, so there are couple of nuisances to work around (like converting Kronors to dollars), but I still recommend it so far.  It is going to help keep me busy during my taper and (hopefully) keep me from going insane.


Sunday started off with a trip to Menards to get supplies for our yard work.  The main purchase was a couple of new fence sections to repair the fence in our backyard.  Whether or not we actually own the fence is still up for debate, but it has become quite evident that our neighbors have no desire to maintain it.  Since it is behind their garage and they never see it, they could care less as to how it looks.  As we have to look at it every time we are in the yard, we decided to just bite the bullet and fix it.

The Neon held up great for transporting the fence sections from the store.
Not as convenient as a pickup truck or a trailer, but I’d like to see a pickup truck get
35 miles to the gallon. 🙂

The “before” picture.  As you can see, plenty of missing pickets and rotted wood.  The
fence nearly came down just by pulling on it.  The section to the right we had previously
replaced when took down some trees.

The “after” picture.  Much better!  It should weather in a year or so
and fit right in with the existing sections.

While I had my tools out, I built a small trellis for our cucumbers to grow up.

Assembling the A-Frame trellis for our cucumbers (ala Lifehacker)


The storms held off until today.  We woke up to the sound of rain falling and light thunder in the distance.  There is something very relaxing about sleeping in the rain.  As the rain started to let up, we got up and I got ready for my bike ride.  Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, it really got humid.  Other than that, the ride was pleasant enough.  After the ride, I went on a quick run with Jennie before we had lunch.

We had hoped to take the kayaks out right after lunch and got them loaded on the car.  However, as we pulled out of the driveway, we heard thunder in the distance.  A quick check of the radar showed another storm rolling in.  So, it was back to reading and relaxing.

Thankfully, the rain eventually cleared and we headed out for a quick loop around Reeds Lake.  After kayaking, we had a great dinner at the Derby Station in Gaslight Village before heading home for some more relaxing.

What a great weekend.  I hope yours was just as fun filled!

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  1. Onelittletrigirl

    Your yard looks great! Sounds like an awesome weekend…I love kayaking!

  2. Maria

    Wow, that was a busy weekend…as most 3 day weekends are. Way to squeeze in your workouts around the housework…the fence looks great!
    Speaking of the neon…how is car shopping?

  3. Jon

    Hows the tapering going with less than a week?

  4. Krista@CommitmentisLiberating

    Sounds like a great weekend! I finished the third book in the series this weekend! It was fantastic – I’m so sad the story is over 🙁

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