May 22

West Michigan Wildlife Tour

With spring in full swing, I had my fair share of wildlife accompanying me on my bike ride today.  And these were just the ones I could snap pictures of.


This guy was off to the side of the path.  When I stopped to take a picture he walked right in front of me,
not bothered at all by my presence.  He had little nubs where his antlers were growing in.


Mom, dad and goslings zipped past me on the Grand River.  Mom and Dad didn’t seem very happy with me snapping a picture and quickly hustled the little guys along.

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  1. Jon

    I think Geese are the most protective bunch of animals. You ever get too close to one and it will hiss at you like a cat?

  2. Maria

    I hate biking near geese…they hiss and chase!!
    Don’t you have pretty things around you…I have roadkill on most of my rides!

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